The Big Apple Trip.

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A story on a trip to New York

A story on a trip to New York

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  • 1. The Big Apple Trip. By Ivonne Corichi.
  • 2. The Big Apple Trip.
    • John and Jane are visiting New York. John is in the city for business and Jane just for fun.
  • 3. The Big Apple Trip.
    • Hey John, once we get to the hotel are you leaving for your first meeting? -I don’t know yet. All I know is that it will take me about 10 minutes to find out. Once we get to the hotel, I want you to join me for a cocktail, then I’ll go to my meeting.
  • 4. The Big Apple Trip.
    • While John was doing business, Jane spent some time sightseeing. She walked around the Financial District, Chinatown, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
  • 5. The Big Apple Trip.
    • She stopped by a grocery store and got herself an orange juice. Right when she finished drinking it, she said… “It is time, I go back to my hotel”
  • 6. The Big Apple Trip.
    • John’s meeting was not over. He was talking about the poverty, and how some companies wanted to benefit their employees. John said that the people are underpaid in the company he works for.
  • 7. The Big Apple Trip.
    • During the meeting, some friends mentioned John some thoughts. John, sometimes people are not paid right because there aren’t enough jobs. -said Nancy.
  • 8. The Big Apple Trip.
    • David mentioned that another problem besides the payroll is that not everyone is treated equally. John decided to end the meeting, everyone had different points of view.
  • 9. The Big Apple Trip.
    • Jane wanted to know everything discussed over John’s meeting. He asked her to go out for dinner. He invited some friends from work.
  • 10. The Big Apple Trip.
    • John had reservations at a nice restaurant. He ordered a bottle of wine and asked the waiter. What is the Chef’s Choice? The waiter answered. “Rib Eye with grilled asparragus”. Jane asked the waiter. Do you have pizza? The waiter suggested a salmon and caviar delicious pizza.
  • 11. The Big Apple Trip.
    • The next morning, John asked Jane to join him on his business meeting. Jane replied “No thanks, I am going to rent a car and go to New Jersey, I’ve heard so much about it”. Well, come back early, we have a plane to catch and finish our trip. Have fun in Jersey!