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  • 1. BARCELONA Capital of Catalunya, by Ivonne Corichi.
  • 2. Why Barcelona?
    • Six years ago, I had to go to Europe on business. Then, I decided to use my vacations and spend one week in a European City. I had a lot of thinking and research to do.
  • 3. Why Barcelona?
    • The top choices on my list were Rome, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. I decided a city that had all of the entertaining, culture, language and food that I desired. And specially, a city I could fall in love to.
  • 4. At the airport.
    • If you arrived from a country not member of the EC, you must go through immigration and show your passport. Don´t get nervous if the officer has been checking your ID for minutes, they usually take their time.
  • 5. At the airport.
    • If you don´t have any products to declare at the customs agents, then head out to the exit and hire a Taxi. The first stop is the hotel, where a warm bath and a smooth bed are waiting for you.
  • 6. Architecture.
    • Barcelona´s architecture is eclectic, from Gothic to Art Nuveau and Modern. One of the city´s architectural icon is Antonio Gaudi. He has four masterpieces in downtown. La pedrera, La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guel and Casa Batllo.
  • 7. Food.
    • Traditional food is a must in Barcelona. Fideuá is a noodle served with alioli, a sauce made from garlic and oil. Is either simple or delicious. I suggest you stopover “Los Caracoles” a great old school restaurant near “Las Ramblas”
  • 8. Entertainment.
    • In daytime, besides sightseeing. You can go to the Monumental Plaza de Toros and watch a bull fight. Some people find it either violent nor artistic. A walk through Las Ramblas is also very entertaining.
  • 9. Nightlife.
    • A great place to land late evening is Buddha Bar, music is great and you can chill out drinking a martini. Late night I suggest you go dancing to Pont Aeri, the place with great DJ´s and nice people. Both places need reservation.
  • 10. Vacations Over.
    • I had the greatest time in Barcelona, a curious thing, I almost missed the plane back home. I arrived 5 minutes before take off. I have to questions after my journey… Will I comeback? Definitively. You ask yourself what you will do on your next vacation? To have fun.