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Kosmidis pasxalis

  1. 1. RIO Kosmidis Pashalis B Lyceum class
  2. 2. Rio De Janeiro •Rio de Janeiro commonly referred to simply as Rio, is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil, and the third largest metropolitan area and agglomeration in South America, boasting approximately 6.3 million people within the city proper, making it the 6th largest in the Americas, and 26th in the world. •Rio de Janeiro has become a home of a World Heritage Site named "Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea", as granted by UNESCO 1 July 2012 in the category Cultural Landscape.
  3. 3. History • The city was the capital of Brazil for nearly two centuries, from 1763 to 1815 during the Portuguese colonian era, 1815 to 1821 as the capital of the United Kingdomof Portugal, Brazil andAlngarves, and 1822 to 1960 as an independent nation. Rio is nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa or "Marvelous City".
  4. 4. Christ the Redeemer • Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world. It is 30.1 metres (99 ft) tall, not including its 6 metres (20 ft) pedestal, and 19 metres (62 ft) wide. • It weighs 635 tonnes (625 long,700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) • Corcovado mountain in the Tiiuca Forest National Park overlooking the city. A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1926 and 1931
  5. 5. • This giant fish sculptures that are jumping out in Rio de Janeiro beach are made entirely from discarded soda bottles. • The giant artwork was part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, which was held in Rio between between 19-22 June 2012. The sculptures serve as a reminder for beach-goers to recycle plastic bottles in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans. Giant Fish Sculpture Jumping out of the beach in Rio de Janeiro
  6. 6. • The scales of the epic sculptures were made by lining up hundreds of empty clear plastic bottles, giving the fish a shimmer day and night.
  7. 7. Life in RIO
  8. 8. The biggest and greatest carnival in the world takes place in RIO • A lot of people travel from all over the world to see this huge event • Many people present a show, dressed provocatively, parading • Lots of chariots take part in this parade too
  9. 9. Nightlife Many shows take place every year in RIO • Shoes like matinee, sounds of IBIZA est. • Clubs bars pubs live music shoes and street parties are full of people every night • Lots of artists visit RIO for live events very often