How to Turn Your Customers into your sales team - TEC 401


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Customer Exprerience presentation called "How to turn your customers into your sales team' by Iven Frangi - April 09. Contact Iven to speak or coach you in customer experience creation and installation in your business.

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How to Turn Your Customers into your sales team - TEC 401

  1. 1. ‘How to turn your customers into your sales team’ TEC 401 Iven Frangi Dip Mktg, CSP Customer Xperience Management April 30 2009 Tamworth p. 61 2 9908 3333 | m. 0414 553333 | e. |
  2. 2. 3 ring circus
  3. 3. 3 ring business get keep grow customer
  4. 4. customer satisfaction get keep = CS = grow
  5. 5. satisfaction is not enough 62% of all satisfied customers never ‣ repurchase from the same supplier (Harvard Graduate School) 95% of brand awareness advertising does ‣ not work (CEO Chiat Day) 4 out of 5 sales in any category of business ‣ is driven by word of mouth.
  6. 6. today • look at CX in business • how to listen to your customers in real time • how to get your customers to become advocates • the steps to take to install CX in your business • some tools you can use easily and inexpensively • leave with things you can do tomorrow
  7. 7. defining the terms what a customer what a customer = - customer satisfaction perceives they expects get what a what a customer = - customer customer sacrifice wants settles for what a what a customer : company company experience delivers has promised
  8. 8. customer centric business keep get C grow
  9. 9. customer experience market- sales ing cx loyalty
  10. 10. customers to advocates significant high brag what choose customer advocacy values use low not significant product/service commodity differentiated
  11. 11. significance aesthetics utility meaning
  12. 12. engineered experience
  13. 13. the latest guarantee
  14. 14. marketing defined
  15. 15. whose shoes? “stop thinking like an seller - start thinking like a customer”
  16. 16. In a down economy •risk is avoided at all costs •the known supersedes the unknown •management retreats to fail safes.
  17. 17. is CX profitable? Harris Interactive Customer Experience Report 2008
  18. 18. why bother? “Using data from nearly 4,700 consumer surveys, Forrester examined the correlation between the customer experiences delivered by more than 100 US firms and the loyalty of their customers Our analysis shows that good customer experience correlates to consumers' willingness to repurchase, reluctance to switch, and likelihood to recommend firms across all 12 industries we examined.” Forrester Research Feb 09
  19. 19. not all bad
  20. 20. are you on trend?
  21. 21. the international study
  22. 22. Xperience matters ‣ makers or breakers? ‣ hard or soft differentiators ‣ xperience or satisfaction? ‣ xperience or loyalty?
  23. 23. marketing isn’t linear
  24. 24. new technology + old thinking = same old outcome
  25. 25. your CX premise company internal support external marketing ‘enabling ‘setting promises’ promises’ employees customers experience delivery ‘keeping promises’
  26. 26. your challenge
  27. 27. leads prospects CXM presentations pending sales sale hourglass clients mgc mvc BML study to change the customers experience
  28. 28. it’s about knowing • who’s responsible for the VOC management? • what are you/do you want to be famous for? • what experiences will enhance that fame? • is there a published customer recovery plan? • can you hear the VO your C?
  29. 29. the 4D map decide what cx you want to create define what cx will support your decision design the steps and stages of your cx deliver do it, observe, review, re-decide
  30. 30. 4 D process decide define what customer values design deliver feedback loop 35
  31. 31. Consistency with Global Sales Processes The Toyota Internal CXM Path Deliver Decide Define Design Deliver Install Integrate Experience Experience Experience Evaluate Experience CXM Engagement Audit Drivers Pledge Messages Metrics Programs • hard & soft • visit • existing • create ‘Pledge’ • Top Team • staged roll • behaviour dierentiators departments data • evaluate • Managers out as maps/KPI’s • CX Themes • CX programs current • Internal sta decided • NPS observations awareness • Service sta • train • selected CX • Suppliers advocates measures Check Metrics back to Decide Senior/ Department Mgrs • behaviour clues • NPS • behaviour clues • evaluate • NPS awareness
  32. 32. the cxm mantra “Give people an experience they can’t get anywhere else and they won’t go anywhere else” Iven Frangi
  33. 33. measure and manage
  34. 34. plumbers maker brag cleans up pay when choose happy on time follow time up call explains suits completes use account receptionist you job tolerate can’t no follow big bill contact turns up up plumber not late needs extra dislike happy inconvenient equipment leaves a appointment mess hate breaker
  35. 35. VOC - voice of the customer
  36. 36. we can’t hear the customer
  37. 37. mystery shopping cycle
  38. 38. “We will closely match a team of our highly-skilled and rigorously selected Mystery Shoppers with the type of customer that you serve and supply them with a detailed briefing document and questionnaire to ensure that all your key issues are addressed. The research may be undertaken through a single service or, increasingly, across a number of services to ensure that an overall picture emerges.”
  39. 39. Results! Use customer experience feedback to identify  opportunities Actual results of a Mindshare retail client over 3 months 54%  Product  40%  8% Recommen‐ Sales  Product  dations Contribution Recommen‐ Led to dations 3% Sales  Contribution Month 1  Month 3  Month 1 Month 3 “I tried a million different strategies.  It wasn’t until I could “prove” to the staff that they were not  educating the customer that the improvement happened.”          Mindshare Client CONFIDENTIAL COPYRIGHT © 2009 MINDSHARE TECHNOLOGIES – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  40. 40. Results! Set speciGic goals with employees Actual results of a Mindshare retail client over 6 months 11% Growth in  8% Growth  Service  7% Growth  in Top Box  Sales $ “It doesn’t matter  in Customer  Service  what I think; what my  Led to Counts Scores employees think.   What matters is what  the customers think.” Mindshare Client Q1 Q2 CONFIDENTIAL COPYRIGHT © 2009 MINDSHARE TECHNOLOGIES – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  41. 41. Results! Monitor progress toward goals, weekly or monthly Actual results of a Mindshare retail client over 12  $318,000 months, normalized 1,618 stores compared Mindshare stores (n=525) NON­Mindshare stores (n=1,053) $300,000 $300,000 Mindshare stores grew +6% $297,000 BEFORE  AFTER  BEFORE  NON­Mindshare stores declined ­1% Mindshare Mindshare Mindshare N/A Source:  Client Internal Study, Spring, 2007 NON­Mindshare stores Mindshare stores CONFIDENTIAL COPYRIGHT © 2009 MINDSHARE TECHNOLOGIES – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  42. 42. eavesdropping on customers
  43. 43. eavesdropping on customers
  44. 44. hard v soft differentiators Greeting the customer ✓ Courtesy, amiability ✓ Helpfulness and availability of your staff ✓ Staffs attention and eagerness to satisfy the customers needs ✓ Technical knowledge of your staff ✓ Commercial performances and complimentary sales ✓ Respect of decoration, display and equipment standards ✓ Atmosphere and special sales operations in the retail premises ✓ Your business accessibility and business hours ✓ Cleanliness, hygiene and order ✓ Quality of after-sales service ✓ Treatment of complaints and dissatisfaction ✓
  45. 45. outcomes s, ‣ Measuring customer experience (at the unit level) drives loyalty , ‣ Measuring employee performance improves employee satisfaction and productivity for delivering the customer experience ‣ Measurement must be an ongoing, continuous process. (Take a movie, not a snapshot) at ‣ Feedback should be real-time. (Not stale reports, filtered by a third d party) ‣ Customers and staff can be your best source of innovative ideas. ‣ Money spent on CXM reaps 3 - 7 times investment. s. r ‣ Turn your customers into your mystery shoppers f
  46. 46. “the CX steps” • evaluate what’s happening now - observation, CXM Audit, VOC tools • apply the 4D criteria to decide the new culture • map the steps for the culture change including the Customer Pledge and the behaviour templates • install the CX upgrades using the CX Advocate teams and the CX and business metrics • evaluate the 4D criteria and repeat • celebrate with the whole team, the customers and your accountant
  47. 47. “Customers are the best market researchers”
  48. 48. coffee anyone?
  49. 49. coffee anyone?
  50. 50. breaker or maker? z
  51. 51. breaker or maker?
  52. 52. promise vs delivery z
  53. 53. car dealer significant brag Mercedes Express what choose people value sales person or marketing offer brag use style or type of vehicle not significant
  54. 54. “a class beyond first” Singapore Airlines
  55. 55. @ your business significant high brag Why would people brag about us? what advocacy choose people value Why would people choose us? use not significant low Why would people use us product/service commodity differentiated
  56. 56. new jobs Customer Experience Manager Financial Services Newport, UK The Company Our Client, a dynamic financial services organisation are looking for a Customer Experience Manager The Role This role is a Group Function to maximise the Customer Experience across all Group companies to improve customer product penetration and increase profits. This is a new role that requires a self motivated individual that is sales driven to improve the customer experience, across multiple brands, to enable increased sales and ensure requirements of compliance are adhered to. Day to day management of Customer related Operations, to ensure: FSA compliance including Treating the Customer Fairly Effective Reporting of Customer Experience across all departments; Correct utilisation of tools for on off line and customer experience Effective Management of Complaints Quality Monitoring is efficient and effective Development and implementation of above systems to improve the customer experience and Group profitability.
  57. 57. the best one last c an d o d o h ave
  58. 58. Customer Conversation Eavesdrop Customers don’t always give us information where and when we want it they just transmit. Listen in and learn about your business. Live Line - Real Time Customer Feedback Give customers an opportunity to tell think about their experience of your business, when they think it - 24/7. Customer Xperience Audit Quickly and easily see the map of the gap between what your customers want and and what you promise. Processes, procedures, people and profits. Inside - Out Innovation Let the people that do the job improve the job. The 4 D principles applied to your business by your people.
  59. 59. ‘How to turn your customers into your sales team’ TEC 401 Iven Frangi Dip Mktg, CSP Customer Xperience Management April 30 2009 Tamworth p. 61 2 9908 3333 | m. 0414 553333 | e. |