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My Life!
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  • 1. MY LIFE
  • 2. My name is IvelisseBarreto Vargas. My friends call me Iveland Ivelsita. I was born on October 9th, 1988. I am 21 years old. I live in Moca, Puerto Rico.
    I am a loving, responsible, and dedicated young woman. I am far from being perfect, and I enjoy the fact that I’m not. I try to be unique and special in my own way.
  • 3. My family
    This is my family. I’m the first daughter and the big sister. I love my family with all my heart. My mom is my Hero, everything that I am, is because of her. She is my best friend and my biggest inspiration. I have a special bond with my little brother and sister. All my life I have tried to make all the correct decisions, so I can give them a great example. I call them my guardian angels.
  • 4. My Friends
    Throughout my whole life I have had many friends. Some had stayed, others have stayed only in my past, and some I have yet met. All those persons have let good and bad memories in my heart, but I don’t regret meeting them because they made me a stronger person and a better friend. These people in my photos, are my best true friends. They have been by my side in good times and in bad times. I am blessed with their presence in my life.
  • 5. My other best friend
    This is my boyfriend, and my other best friend. He is very important to me. I am very fortunate to have met him and to have him in my life. He has taught me to count my blessings, to become a better person, to cherish love, happiness and life, and most of all he has taught me to never give up on the ones you love.
    I love sleeping. Who doesn’t right? I love spending time with my family, and with my boyfriend and his family. I have a passion for writing. I write poems, songs, quotes… You name it! I feel a sort of freedom when I start writing.
    I don’t like getting up early. I don’t like coffee, pancakes, or seafood. I dislike politics/religion/cars topic conversations. I hate waking up in the best part of my dreams. I dislike people who think they are perfect.
  • 7. Favorite Movies
    I also enjoy watching movies. I have a lot of favorites movies. I believe that movies have the power to make you feel and to make you learn. Some movies and their characters has made me cry, smile, identify my self with their stories, and they have made me reflect on life and its different experiences and situations. These movies have made me reflect on family, education, love, and sacrifices.
  • 8. My Education
    Graduated from Elementary School – Escuela de la ComunidadCapáBosques, Moca PR
    -I was the President of the Graduation Class in 6th grade and I graduated with Honors and a 3.71 average.
    Graduated from Intermediate School – Escuela de la ComunidadMarcelino Rodriguez Román, Moca PR
    -I was in the school band, and I graduated with Honors and a 3.92 average
    Graduated from High School – EscuelaVocacional Manuel MéndezLiciaga, San Sebastián PR
    -My concentration was in Accounting and I graduated with Honors and a 3.88 average.
  • 9. My Education
    I am currently a student at the UPR in Aguadilla, better known as CORA.
    This is my 4th year. I was in ADEM in my first year and then I changed to the English Department.
    I am studying to become an
    English teacher in the
    Secondary Level.
  • 10. My Dreams
    I want to graduate College, and become a great dedicated professional English Teacher.
    I want to travel for the first time. I wish I could go to Disneyland, Paris, and Italy.
    I want to get married some day and make my own family.
    Most of all… I want health… so I can LIVE.