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Text # 1

  1. 1. Test 1 English 115 "'""...J _ I Name -l-LlQ1j'a. J.e~a ColeV' Date 5epfem bet' !t 0 If).OOq I. Select the best alternative. Circle the correct answer. (10) 1.The 1vM ;-h'Ont4! bi/= was composed of father, mother, and children. a. Single parent family 'i£ traditional family c. stepfamily 2.There was a tremendous increase of T~o ~<r (Q ••. .forvt~ because women started to work outside too. ~. Two career famtlv b. stepfarnllv c. traditional family 3. Many of these marriages have CorJ..ftd- because husbands don't do their share of cleaning and child care. a. Happiness b. loneliness .1ft conflict 4. With increased divorce the Si~~ ?a(,olvf- ~; ~tarted to grow. * Single parent family b. two career family c. stepfamily 5. Most of these families are headed by ~orle", ~y a. Men ~women c. grandparents 6. Most of these families live under the YO)~y--~ level. ~ Poverty b. rich c. high 7. Because of high rates of divorce and remarriage, :rt..ef>.follih·~ started to grow. a. Two career families ~stepfamilies c. single parent families 8.Stepfathers have conflicts with -.e.t.IJ~~vs a. Smatl children b. their wives ¥=-teenagers 9.They have problems with the c1'.sc·, p)i /lie. of these individuals. j!; discipline b. job c. attitudes 10. A conflict is 0 p'"obttzM a. An attitude )p.a problem c. very difficult
  2. 2. II. Answer with true or false. (12) ~tLL 1. Many couples in the US decided to live together without getting married. ~ ((J.( 2. Cohabitation occurs in all sectors of the Spain society. r--tIc;.( 3. There is a great disapproval of people living together. -:rtU.L 4. Living together is an example of an alternative lifestyle. T..u.-t- 5. There has been a huge raise in the number of people who remain single. 'YbOsc. 6. The social pressure to get married has not dedined. "Fq~ 7. Marriage ls still a path for economic security. . TW~ 8. Communal living refers to people who shar~ the same interests and ___ l objectives and live in the same community. ~ JW.(. 9. The concept of communes have been applied to cohousing projects in USA. 'Fo'><. 10. There is monogamy when the husband has two or three wives. rats<' '11. Poligamy Is legaJin Puerto Rico. tUL 12. A serial monogamist gets married and divorce several times. Ill. Write one related word for each one of the words given in the blank spaces. (10) Ex. sector- section 1. ideal ~ 2. formal~ 3. serial c::gv.'i ~5 ~~ 4. scholar schoo' 5. universal ur.hJ!f[Ci e..- 6. independent ~t'.d 7. sociological S cx:.,fq 8. production . -pro dud- 9. criminality ~r i. M~ 10. romanticism f"OMo.II.U
  3. 3. IV. Write a definition for each one of the underlined words according to their use in the sentence. (6) 1. Criminality has increased significantly in Puerto Rico. Q. 0+ 2. Marriages have many conflicts because of the lack ~ orb ~MS b of communication between the couples. 3. Many children are growing up in households of ~ ~ C'C,tv--c /0/ one parent. / / 4. Most of single parent families live under poverty level. """'"7-¥''O=r:=":"o:;...V"-_-'-- __ 5. Women usually receive the custody of the children. CA~ d co..,~ - 6. Stepfathers usually have problems with the discipline of teenagers. cg:~ ~:> 1 c V. Answer the following question in one paragraph. (lO) 1. Which is the type of family that predominates in Puerto Rico? Why? ~V f>u,e(4- Rc c> ,,'I'~cl.b~'oJ.c..-h:s 0 ~ ~ V0Vt ra~~ -ktlV: l.!;l_ l'+ - h iSo'S i +Ua. -h' O-n -0 C C. LHr s _'-U ~ V C1 ~ Lt.~ rct ~ ~1 /}Y' ... t-.<- 1u. 1M kr a+ d. ,'u 0 nt.< s '''' --"'-< ICA i"" '" cl - 'I I-- i'i> -S!'-'- 0+ ~o.M;~-,v'''~ '" +~ f'0v<,,~ Hcu<. _ Total 48 points My total is Y7 . 91 % __ f . Grade --'---- :-- ,..--( ,/1