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The Expanding World of Telehealth


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Healthcare delivery continues to evolve and change as new technology and regulations come to light. Telehealth has come to the forefront as the new paradigm for healthcare in many clinical situations. …

Healthcare delivery continues to evolve and change as new technology and regulations come to light. Telehealth has come to the forefront as the new paradigm for healthcare in many clinical situations.

In this session, IVCi and Avizia reveal the:

Best practices for adoption of telemedicine.
Expansion of telemedicine into new service lines & trends of innovation.
Many uses of telemedicine for prevention based applications.​

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  • 1. The Expanding World of Telehealth Greater Access to Greater Care
  • 2. Who is IVCi • 18 years providing collaboration solutions • Video Conferencing • Audio Visual Integration • Cloud Video Services • One of the first Avizia partners • Deploy large scale telehealth solutions across the United States (University of California System) • Based in New York with offices throughout the United States • Visit our website at
  • 3. Agenda • Avizia Introduction • Telemedicine Best Practices • Market demands/opportunity • Innovation • Use Cases • Resources • MC600 Room Control demo (optional)
  • 4. Who is Avizia • Avizia was founded in April 2013, started as a spin out of Cisco’s TelePresence Vertical Products team, a highly successful business unit that created products focused on the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries. • Avizia maintains a strong relationship with Cisco and is proud to exclusively feature Cisco TelePresence Technology in our products. • The Avizia team has been creating telemedicine and distance learning products for over 15 years • Avizia headquarters and demonstration center is based in Reston, Virginia – we welcome customers or partners for in person or virtual demonstrations over video any time. • Visit our website at
  • 5. What Sets Us Apart Our products “get it” With our deep expertise in video and these industries, we deliver products that seem to just “get it” as they deliver an exceptional collaboration experience Seamless integration With strong roots in Cisco Technology, our products are tightly integrated solutions which means ease of use and consistent performance World-class support We know our products are mission critical to our customers, and we provide the support needed to ensure their success Revolutionizing Healthcare, Education, and Defense by taking video conferencing out of the boardroom and into industry applications
  • 6. Source: BusinessWeek: Telemedicine: Doctor Visits via Video Calls Some Telemedicine Humor…
  • 7. Source: BusinessWeek: Telemedicine: Doctor Visits via Video Calls Some Telemedicine Humor…
  • 8. Demand for Telemedicine is Rapidly Growing! The ACA is adding 30M patients into a system… …That by 2020 is estimated to have a shortage of 91,500 doctors Source: Associate of America Medical Colleges Thankfully, Telemedicine is becoming widespread with over 20 states now requiring private insurers to reimburse The industry is growing because clinicians and patients are demanding it, and telemedicine is providing solutions for these challenges.
  • 9. Barriers to Telemedicine • State-by-state regulations (licensure of professionals and malpractice liability variations) • Slow adoption born out of lack of information, fear and cost • Fragmented financing • Lack of aligned incentives between patients, providers and payors (where clinicians might be responsible for implementing health IT and remote monitoring tech's, but payors reap the financial benefits) • Clinical workflow challenges that prevent doctors and nurses from adopting and deeply implementing innovations due to (1) organizational inertia and (2) very real day-to-day work patterns that get ingrained in daily processes.
  • 10. Highly Adopted Service Lines - Telemedicine • Primary care • Telepsychiatry/mental health • Telestroke/neurology • Tele-emergency • Post-op follow-up • Interpreter services • Tele-ICU • Teledermatology • High risk OB • Operating room • Prison health Focus on rural outreach, connecting urban clinicians to remote areas
  • 11.  Primary care physicians  Cardiologists  Neurologists  Psychiatrists  Dermatologists  Rehab therapists  Pediatricians  Hepatologists  Oncologists  Diabetes educators Avizia Clinical Assistant = Gateway to an Ecosystem It isn’t about the cart – but what it enables! Medical devices •AMD •GlobalMed •Firefly •JEDMED •Cardionics •3M Littman Patients and Medical Professional Remote Specialists and Telemedicine Providers
  • 12. Avizia Clinical Assistant Demo
  • 13. The Avizia Clinical Assistant can be equipped with a number of optional accessory modules Scope hooks (CA-ACC-SH) Scope hooks (CA-ACC-SH) Laptop tray (CA-ACC-LT) Storage pod (CA-ACC-SP) Storage pod (CA-ACC-SP) Retractable cord caddy -AC power option (CA-ACC-RPC) -Network cable option (CA-ACC-RNC) Splash cover (CA-ACC-SC) -Locking drawer (CA-ACC-DM) -Locking PC cabinet (CA-ACC-CM) PC shelf (CA-ACC-SM) Wireless mount (CA-ACC-WM) Not Pictured: Dual Display arm (CA-ACC-DDA)
  • 14. Lockable Drawer Shelf Module Clinical Assistant Accessories
  • 15. Clinical Assistant Accessories Laptop Tray Scope Hooks
  • 16. Clinical Assistant Accessories Wireless Module Lockable PC Cabinet Storage Pods
  • 17. Clinical Assistant Overview Mobile Safe Adaptable • Battery powered for over 3 hours of use without needing to plugin • Wireless Internet options available Bringing video collaboration to the patient bed-side or wherever it’s needed • FDA Class I registered device • 5 wheel base is easier and safer to move • Fits your needs with over a dozen accessories • Compatible with nearly any input device with 3 S- video, 3 composite, 3 HDMI and, 2 DVI inputs
  • 18. JedMed HorusScope Overview User Friendly Scope Attachments Adaptable • Still image capture & videos • 3.5” full color LCD display • Rechargeable battery Easy-to-use hand-held video system used for capturing images of the body • General viewing • Otoscope • Dermascope • Fundus Ophthalmoscope • Anterior Chamber Ophthalmoscope • High definition stills (1080p)
  • 19. Avizia Exam Camera Lenses and Sample Pictures Fundus Ophthalmoscope Anterior Chamber Lens Dermascope Otoscope General Exam Endoscopes
  • 20. Cardionics Clinical E-Scope Overview User Friendly Details Adaptable • Intuitive set-up • 1 AAA battery • 2 digital filters • Remote participant can hear ‘real-time’ sounds Electronic Stethoscope that can amplify sounds up to 30 times louder than an acoustic scope. • Standards based • Connects directly to the CA • Analog audio connection • 64 possible volume positions • Control filter for sound frequencies • Control buttons on stethoscope head
  • 21. Best Practices for Implementation & Adoption • Develop service delivery model • Find and grow your champions • Clinical workflow/scheduling/billing • Begin with a small scope…master…expand • Policies, procedures, contingency plans • Regularly monitor, measure and evaluate • Communicate; sites, staff, patients, administration • Report • Celebrate your successes!
  • 22. • Flexible platform of video endpoint solutions • Network of 175+ specialists and healthcare providers • On-call neurologists • 50,000 + telemedicine consults annually • Reduced wait time for patients and drive time for physicians • Goal to provide specialty care to Georgians within 30 miles of their homes Situation Solutions Results • Lack of access to specialists in rural areas • Long drive times for patients & doctors • High emergency room usage for untreated conditions We have doctors who used to drive 2 hours each way to see patients in rural communities. Now physicians can spend that same amount of time to see more patients in more places. Marty Nall, Director of Training & Education Georgia Partnership for Telehealth Comprehensive Network Delivers Care to Underserved Communities
  • 23. Trends for Increase in Adoption & ‘Innovative’ Service Lines • Teledental • Long-term care/assisted living • Teleautism • School based healthcare • Telehepatology (various sub-specialty focus) • Ambulatory care • Telepharmacology • PICU/NICU (population focus) *Increase in urban areas adopting telemedicine, focus on specific populations & sub-specialities
  • 24. • Investment in equipment, infrastructure, and training • E-consults at local clinics with Clinical Assistant telemedicine cart • Mental health • Dermatology • Cardiology • TeleEmergency • TeleHospitalist • Teledietician Situation Solutions Results Essentia Health Connected Care • 51% of their 50,990 miles is rural • 5 of their 14 hospitals and 27 of their 67 clinics are in Health Professional Shortage areas • 42.5% of population lives in these shortage areas Our vision is to improve healthcare delivery in rural areas by helping patients overcome the barriers that stand between them and their optimal health and wellness.
  • 25. Prevention-Based Telemedicine • Chronic disease prevention • Transition care clinics • Patient education • Health ‘coaching’ • Pharmacology – medical management
  • 26. Telemedicine Resources • ATA • Telehealth Resource Centers • Hands on Telehealth Newsletter • MedCity publication
  • 27. Our Products – inspired by Industry, applicable everywhere Clinical Assistant Tactical Extended Height Cart Educator Synch Healthcare providers can scale resources, increase patient access, and work more productively through remote face-to-face collaboration with our mobile video medical cart. A rugged mobile telepresence product designed for military, emergency response, and other field-based industries A mobile solution for the Cisco TelePresence MX200 and MX300 with height control for better viewing in larger audiences Take control of your conferencing rooms with the Educator iPad app and manage video, multiple room displays and input devices with ease from a single device. Merge the power of interactive whiteboards and video conferencing simultaneously on a single touch display.
  • 28. Adam Kaiser 631-707-7428