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  1. 1. Podcasts:<br />Level of students: elementary.-<br />Podcast taken from the web (live listening)<br />Post-listening activity<br />862717624593In this activity students are supposed to listen to the recording and complete the following form from an interview between a student who travels to Ireland and the receptionist who inquires the learner to enroll him.-<br />Recorded Podcast (for elementary students)<br />Pre-listening activity<br />Students are asked to talk about the pictures they can see. They have to predict about favourite things (time of day, day of the week, month, season, public holidays, etc. - vocabulary already dealt with in a series of lessons) that are depicted in the picture. They picture is displayed in a power point slide. Possibilities are going to be written on the board to check with the listening afterwards.-<br />Listening activity<br />2921001079500Students have to complete the following chart according to what they listen to on the podcast they have got in their mp3s. They can manipulate the track to rewind the necessary times they need it. But the track can be heard no more than three times (first for a general understanding, second to focus o-n the information required by the incomplete chart and third for checking).-<br />Post-listening activity<br />Students are asked to put sentences in the correct order about the audio track they have just worked with for the performance of the listening activity. In each personal netbook they are ordered to direct themselves to the blog and perform the activity designed in a hot potato format.- <br />SCRIPTS<br />Podcast from the internet<br />Receptionist: Hello! Are you a new student?<br />Mario: Yes, I am.<br />Receptionist: Sit down, then. I’m just going to ask you a few questions.<br />Mario: OK.<br />Receptionist: Right. What’s your first name?<br />Mario: Mario.<br />Receptionist: what’s your surname?<br />Mario: Benedetti.<br />Receptionist: Benedetti. How do you spell it?<br />Mario: B-E-N-E-D-E- double T-I.<br />Receptionist: B-E-N-E-D-E- double T-I. Ok. Where are you from?<br />Mario: I’m from Italy. From Rome.<br />Receptionist: Are you a student?<br />Mario: Yes, I am.<br />Receptionist: And how old are you?<br />Mario: I’m 20.<br />Receptionist: What’s your address?<br />Mario: In Rome?<br />Receptionist: Yes.<br />Mario: It’s Via Foro 25.<br />Receptionist: What’s your postcode?<br />Mario: Sorry?<br />Receptionist: Is there a postcode? You know, a number?<br />Mario: Ah, yes. It’s Rome 00132.<br />Receptionist: 00132. Great. What’s your e-mail address?<br />Mario: It’s mario.benedetti@hotmail.com<br />Receptionist: And what’s your phone number?<br />Mario: My mobile number or my home number in Rome?<br />Receptionist: Both - home and mobile.<br />Mario: My phone number in Rome is 06 840 5517.<br />Receptionist: 06 840 5517.<br />Mario: Yes. And my mobile number is 348 226 7341.<br />Receptionist: 348 226 7341. That’s great, Mario. Thank you. Now come and meet the Director of Studies, we need to give you a test…<br />Recorded Podcast<br />Cristina<br />My favourite time of the day is 10 o’clock at night, because it’s when I finish training and I can start to relax and enjoy the evening. My favourite day of the week is Thursday, because I don’t work on Friday, so for me the weekend begins on Thursday night. My favourite month is July, because it’s the month when I have my holiday. My favourite season is spring. One of my hobbies is gardening and my garden is really beautiful in the spring. My favourite public holiday is Christmas. My family live very far away, and it’s the only time when I can see them.-<br />Udom<br />My favourite time of the day is the morning, because I get up early and feel full of energy. My favourite day of the week is Friday because it’s the end of the week and I can go home for the weekend. My favourite month is December, because here in Thailand it’s when you can see a lot of flowers. My favourite season is winter because in winter it’s a nice temperature and it’s when I feel comfortable. The summer here is very hot. My favourite public holiday is the Thai New Year in April. It’s a water festival, and people throw water to each other and everyone is very happy.-<br /> <br />