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Marlboro i am wanted

  1. 1. • Goals, Objectives, TA • I AM [NOW] platform umbrella • New Big Idea: Key Points • I AM [event]: Moscow, Regions • I AM [EXTRA] original production • I AM [COMMUNITY] program • Budget allocation Contents
  2. 2. THE OBJECTIVES Emphasize Marlboro Gold Line progressive and trendy brand image Gives me confidence: supporting me in my social success. Emotional Provide main brand values: style, modernity, and leadership.  Generate trial  Drive conversion from Kent, Kent Nanothek, Winston Rational
  3. 3. I.AM [THE AUDIENCE] Trendsetters Moscow Big cities Clubbers Regional Mainstream Trendsetters Moscow Big cities Clubbers Regional Mainstream
  4. 4. I.AM [CONCEPT] BASICS The unbranded two-component name for expandable platform Powerful “umbrella” statement of the platform’s identity. Hints on the key feature of the platform’s events: an unexpected bang at 1 a.m. Creates consumer’s strong identity with the brand: I AM Brand’s slogan in square brackets Gold Line’s Key Message visualization : New look. Evolution continues. Specified by event-describing extensions
  5. 5. GOAL : to BUILD RECOGNITION via REPETETIVE ELEMENT i.e. What must remain in people’s minds when the event is done? I AM – the NIGHT PRIME TIME Marlboro Gold Line gives to me, so [NOW]we EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED I.AM [CONCEPT] Background
  6. 6. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED = WANT I AM [NOW] WANTED It’s all about EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED at I AM It’s like a conditioned response : • Present the very things the people WANT at 1 a.m. precisely at certain places • Get people WANT the unexpected actions from the brand at I AM night prime time, and • Make them WANT to be there where they can find it. THAT’S HOW THE EVENTS BECOME [NOW] WANTED I AM [CONCEPT] Central Idea
  7. 7. The WANTED people • Detailed TA knowledge • Special treatment before/at/after the events • The most wanted place- and TA-relevant offers I.AM [CONCEPT] Key Message The WANTED place • 3 different top locations • Cover the night prime time spectrum The WANTED action • Strongly recommended by experts and trendsetters • Place- and TA-relevant • WANTED [NOW], not yesterday[ [ [ [ [ What is the project about? I AM WANTED = I AM with MARLBORO GOLD [NOW]
  8. 8. [NOW] EVOLUTION CONTINUES I AM [CONCEPT] From the new unexpected image of the legendary brand… …TO THE MOST EXPECTED, THE MOST DEMANDED PARTIES WANTED [NOW] – AND EVER!
  9. 9. THE FEELING BEHIND THE CONCEPT I am [now] in – in the most wanted places, with the most wanted people, listening to the most wanted music, engaged in the action I always wanted.
  10. 10. I AM [EVENT] Regional EventsRegional EventsMoscow Hub EventsMoscow Hub Events Flagship events executed by the agency specially for the selected Moscow clubs based on I AM [Hub Kit]. Smaller replicas of Moscow Hub events executed by the local field force with I AM [Regional kit].
  11. 11. THREE MOSCOW [WANTED] HUBS Big party rave 2 Event / 6 months Warm-up Bar 1 Event / 1month After Party 1 Event / 1 month
  12. 12. I.AM [NOW] INVITED Contact • Hostesses travel on branded I AM [cars], distribute invitation cards, announce the forthcoming events and a special present for the guests. • Attached to a backside of an invitation card, hostesses deliver a leather lace for “a special Marlboro present to be obtained at the event”. Make people feel they are [wanted] Make people feel they are [wanted]
  13. 13. I.AM [NOW] INVITED Make people feel they are [wanted] Contact • At Gaudi, there is a small fenced-off area outlined by gold ropes. It remains closed until I AM, when the [unexpected] show starts, and invitation holders can step inside to get a special I AM [present] – golden I AM bijou for their chain/lace they got from the hostesses. • At Bonnie and Clyde, I AM [bijou] is distributed at the bar during I AM [unexpected] atcion.
  14. 14. Obligatory modular set of decoration and merchandising that determines the recognizable image of I AM [Hub Events]. Three variants designed and produced specially for each of Moscow contracted clubs: Krysha Mira, Gaudi, Bonny and Clyde. All [wanted] party features in one kit Vary & Unify I AM [NOW] HUB KIT
  15. 15. UNEXPECTED at I AM For each of three Moscow contracted clubs, a special memorable I AM [unexpected] action is prepared to: • provide a distinct brand experience, strong emotional involvement and a long-lasting memory • interlink the platform-based events as a [wanted] repetitive scenario element. I AM [NOW] HUB KIT
  16. 16. I.AM [NOW] Bonnie & Clyde Invite clubbers in pre-party moments Contact I AM [unexpected] for a bar: a Happy Hour. I AM [NOW] WANTED: Barmen show, special I AM [gold] cocktails, special presents for Marlboro Gold LA smokers. I AM-shaped black ice cubes in the bar’s special cocktails. The flexible ice shaper is distributed as a special present in the After party Kit. UNEXPECTED at I AMImpact
  17. 17. I.AM [NOW] Gaudi Invite clubbers in pre-party moments Contact UNEXPECTED at I AMImpact An [unexpected] ambience change is wanted at big club. The location is covered with the static laser net. It gets activated at I a.m., when advanced special effects show starts. DVJ show on large screens at 1 a.m. accompanies live headliner’s set. The most [wanted] trend today and an unprecedented action for the club!
  18. 18. I.AM [NOW] KRYSHA MIRA Unobtrusive yet spectacular action for the most [wanted] club guests. Original video show starts suddenly outside the club at 1 a.m. Three balloons will fly up in the air covered with video mapping for an incredible [unexpected] video performance. At the same time, I AM [gold] Trunk Show starts inside the club: right among the people, models walk in sophisticated dress and huge golden wigs.
  19. 19. With the [wanted] product Interact I.AM [NOW] WANTED ACTIVATION Product’s integration into action is wanted as a recognition builder and one of platform’s repetitive elements. [NOW] wanted : • Easy and simple mechanics relevant to all clubs • Product visibility • Main prize attractive enough to generate WOM
  20. 20. With the [wanted] product Interact Crack the MARLBORO [GOLD] SAFE At the contracted locations, a stylish gold I AM [safe] is installed Inside I AM logo made of pure gold is contained. This [wanted] treasure – along with assembling of the safes – will become yet another news for PR and WOM. I.AM [NOW] WANTED ACTIVATION
  21. 21. With the [wanted] product Interact Crack the MARLBORO [GOLD] SAFE Barmen encourage LA smokers to try and force a safe – guess a 4-digit code. For each attempt a smoker must buy MGE at the bar. I AM [safe] becomes a key point of the stimulation program for bartenders (see below). Bartenders’ efficiency will be controlled by Spy Shoppers and Chief Barman. I.AM [NOW] WANTED ACTIVATION
  22. 22. With the [wanted] product Interact Crack the MARLBORO [GOLD] SAFE Bartenders’ assistants, hostesses with tablet PC collect code versions and participants’ data – to keep within PMI legal regulations. Hostesses also involve LA smokers among the guests in a safe-breaking process. The culmination of the action comes at I AM: the generation of the code, or selection of the winner – depending on the club. All electronic devices are connected to the safe’s matrix via WiFi. If any correct combination of digits is found, at I a.m. safe opens, and the winner gets golden I AM logo in a festive awarding ceremony. I.AM [NOW] WANTED ACTIVATION
  23. 23. I.AM [NOW] WANTED AFTER PARTY KIT with [wanted] little thingsInteract I AM [NOW] WANTED after party kit includes trendy staff [wanted] by the visitors of each of the clubs – as if it appeared on a popular magazine’s MUST HAVE page. I AM [NOW] … Candies GAUDI KIT I AM [NOW] MP3 Pillow / Lamp I AM [NOW] Tired Sleep Mask I AM Ice Forms B&C KIT KRYSHA MIRA KIT I AM [Moleskine]
  24. 24. Giving brand memorabilia Interact I.AM [NOW] WANTED MERCHANDISING
  25. 25. I AM [music identity] VOCAL HOUSE
  26. 26. INDIE I AM [music identity]
  27. 27. MINIMAL I AM [music identity]
  29. 29. I.AM [NOW] WANTED by PR
  30. 30. I.AM [NOW] WANTED – PR for Bonnie & Clyde • The most cost-effective way is VIP Management: invited celebrities (on Client’s approval), photo session against the branded press wall, placement in print media • Traditional PR instruments are relevant: announcements in print and Internet, Post PR reports, releases and photo reports. • Key instrument: photo report placement at the relevant web portals • Interviews with I AM [headliners] • No PR, no information and very limited potential PR coverage, but high level of interest toward the Club. It is a good opportunity to connect the brand with the “happy few” and the exclusive environment. • Interviews with brand-relevant guest artist against a branded press wall, mentioning him as I AM [resident]. for Gaudi for Krysha Mira
  31. 31. I.AM [NOW] WANTED – PR
  32. 32. I.AM [NOW] WANTED – PR ContactSupport Key PR Services for PR Campaign • Organization of I.AM [Now] press-office • Development of all announcing releases and post-materials • Full range of ongoing media-relations with target press on all stages of all PR activities – Initiating of positive coverage – Target media inquiry processing – Regular meetings with top priority media representatives – Proper assistance to the target media representatives • Work with photographers – Brief development – Photographer control during the event – Selection and naming of photo materials for further distribution • Reports – Development of regular press-clipping reports/statuses/final reports, extra info – Preparation of media list and pool of loyal key-journalists
  34. 34. An unique service for the [wanted] Propose with the [wanted] night pros via [wanted] benefits Connect a feeling of belonging to the [wanted] Build BUILD THE I.AM [NOW] WANTED COMMUNITY Professionals Community Service
  35. 35. • The Agency consults with trendsetters, club professionals (reps of major promoters, owners and art directors of night clubs, people of nightlife web resources), to develop a list of loyal DJs (TBA by the client). • The key point is not to cause a clash and reveal the details of our agreements with each DJ. We know that there are certain communities of artists, often with conflicting interests. So the Agency will communicate with each DJ individually, and present them with branded DJ kits privately. This will enable us to have business with different DJ communities at once, without infringing upon anyone’s interests, thus providing the maximum coverage of the DJ community. I.AM [NOW] WANTED DJ MECHANICS
  36. 36. The Agency will negotiate with each DJ upon the terms of his participation in the project and appropriate benefits of the list: • Branded DJ kit (with a DJ name, as an option) • I AM [Concierge] Taxi Service • Official release (to be distributes also at Moscow and regional I AN [NOW] WANTED events) • Organization of guest/participant trip to SWMC/MWMC/Kazantip • Articles in professional and specialized media and web under I AM [NOW] logo (,, Не спать, DJ Mag etc.) • Regular presence at I AM [events] as I AM [VIP] guest. I.AM [NOW] WANTED DJ BENEFITS
  37. 37. In response, the Agency expects the members of loyal DJ community to: • regularly update blogs at the project’s web site • communicate with card holders – online, at the events, as a part of special programs • share media content, e.g., exclusive videos • provide their original tracks for listening before (!) official release – also on the exclusive basis. I.AM [NOW] WANTED DJ RETURN
  38. 38. I.AM [NOW] WANTED DJ I AM [CONCIERGE][CONCIERGE] Special Service • The most wanted DJs who are known to throw several gigs per night acquire a special service by Marlboro • A branded I AM [TAXI] will bring them from I AM [NOW] Wanted party to any Moscow clubs they name via the [wanted] things Connect
  39. 39. via the [wanted] thingsConnect I.AM [NOW] WANTED DJ I AM [NOW] WANTED DJ KIT • Limited I AM edition of DJ set by the [wanted] UDJ brand: wheeled bag, CD holder, CD mates, I AM [EARPLUGS] adjusting the sound level. • I AM [Resident] Album: brand’s support for the release of new original album or compilation.
  40. 40. I AM [WANTED] SAFE The safe intrigue plays an extra role of the key activation point for the bartenders. They must actively involve people into action, stimulate WOM about golden I AM logo inside, initiate MGE pack purchase – in exchange for the crack hints. Bartenders should know the safe-crack mechanics perfectly well and readily share it in details with the visitors. The most efficient bartenders will be defined by Spy Shoppers. Additional control is provided by the Chief Bartender of the certain club. I.AM [NOW] WANTED BAR MECHANICS
  41. 41. I AM [WANTED] BAR BENEFITS Loyal benefits for the barmen include: • Gift certificates of the relevant brands/shops • I AM [EXPERT] articles • Limited edition of coasters (good-looking, in I AM stylistics, club’s logo, recipe of an original cocktails invented by/named after the bartender) for guests to take away • Master classes with the best and unexpected pros and celebrities. Bartenders will be taken to the master class in branded I AM [cars] – for even greater surprise. I.AM [NOW] WANTED BAR MECHANICS
  42. 42. via [wanted] privileges Connect I.AM [NOW] WANTED BARTENDER The mechanic features collection of brand loyalty points and assessment by Mystery Shoppers The best performers get Gift Certificates of Disel, Reply, Respublika or other status- relevant shops.
  43. 43. via [wanted] privilegesConnect I.AM [NOW] WANTED BARTENDER Most prestigious for today: Special column in a popular magazine (“Ne Spat” or smth) – expert opinion on a profile or lifestyle topic: on the coolest places, good cocktails etc Each expert response goes with a photo of a bartender in I AM [NOW] branded outfits.
  44. 44. a feeling of belonging to the [wanted] Build I.AM [NOW] WANTED COMMUNITY CRM Activation Contest / MGM [wanted] Contents VJ’s + Blogs
  45. 45. Prompt registration by proposing [wanted] contents Share I.AM [NOW] WANTED COMMUNITY Blogs of I.AM [NOW] WANTED Headliners Videos of I.AM [NOW] WANTED EVENTS Links to Best VJ’s Work
  46. 46. Give the opportunity to [wanted] people to share and forward contents Share I.AM [NOW] WANTED COMMUNITY DISCOVER NOW WEBSITE DISCOVER NOW WEBSITE Photo sharing Blogging RSS Widgets Chat rooms Podcast s Video sharing Micro Blogging Social networks I.AM [NOW] Event photo gallery I.AM [NOW] Event Reportage I.AM [NOW] Soundtracks I.AM [NOW] Headliners I.AM [NOW] News / Cool tips I.AM [NOW] Countdown for next event
  47. 47. I.AM [NOW] WANTED COMMUNITY Develop unique application for I.AM [NOW] people to connect during night out Build Community Service application could be branded and used both as a locator and as a chat application. I.AM [NOW] LOCATOR Magnifying the feeling of being wanted, you can use a special application to locate you peers of I.AM [NOW] community for the night out.
  49. 49. I.AM [NOW] REGIONAL KIT • An obligatory set of decoration and distribution items provided to the regional clubs to secure I AM [NOW] Wanted platform’s consistency in club’s own parties selected by the brand. • Travels in an I AM [branded van]. Controlled by a specialist travel crew who are in charge for the equipment, and directly communicate with local PMI reps. • Implementation controlled by club management and local PMI reps.
  50. 50. Make up-scale regional events Provide I.AM [NOW] WANTED DECORATION I AM [NOW] Wanted Pool Book: content, design, guidelines DVD set: brand and project video; presets for print production (afishas, invitations etc); detailed instruction and pictures Marlboro Gold registration desk I AM [NOW] Wanted press wall Textile “[]” stripes Bar disposables: coasters, cocktail tubes etc
  51. 51. Create I AM [show] Impress I.AM [NOW] UNEXPECTED SHOW Gold rooftop-shaped confetti to come [unexpected] off the ceiling and smoke guns at 1 am Special audiovisual intro for DJ starting at 1 am I AM [Logo] for DJ Desk I AM [NOW] Gobo
  52. 52. Stationery Bluetooth transmitter Activated at 1 am only at I AM [NOW] Wanted events I AM [wanted] content download: events schedule, music, VJ content, wallpapers, photos. Announced by the hostesses for LA smokers Make a look & feel Visualize I.AM [NOW] WANTED TECHNOLOGY
  53. 53. Promo and dance uniform Staff uniform I AM [Resident] T-shirts for barmen and DJs I AM [NOW] IN Bracelets After Party Kit: I AM [NOW] Revelator Candies and I AM [Resident] CD Make a look & feel Visualize I.AM [NOW] WANTED MERCHANDISING