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Introducing the Support Planner

Introducing the Support Planner



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Support Planner V4 Support Planner V4 Presentation Transcript

  • The Support Planner Informing people working with people © 2008 Ivan Webb Pty Ltd
  • Using this PowerPoint
    • This PowerPoint is based on Version 4
    • The contents provide an overview of
        • how the Planner ‘works’
        • the thinking behind its design
    • Possible uses of the PowerPoint
        • for professional learning (step through it)
        • to review the effectiveness of current support practices
    • Working through it
        • Pause and reflect - discuss the content
        • Check out the website for additional content as required
        • Follow the hyperlinks to associated material
  • Philosophy of the Planner
    • Constructivist change management
    • We construct (and reconstruct) our knowledge , actions and arrangements so that we can
        • know what is happening
        • make sense of what is happening
        • respond to what is happening
    • In our more successful practices: we work with others work on the systems; focus on what works ; and make it is easier for the next person to do well
    • Here & now is the best starting point
    • Success and well-being are the key outcomes
  • Fundamental principles
    • Everything we do with the Planner requires professional judgement
    • The use of the Planner reveals as much about the users as it does about the subjects
    • There are several levels of response
    • While the Planner helps keep records, at its best, it is a communication device
  • Continuous improvement
    • The Planner is designed to support
        • the MAPS continuous improvement cycle
    Monitor activities & experiences Analyse Plan Support
  • The Planner as a tool
    • The Planner is a tool made up of
    • Forms for viewing, entering and editing data
    • Reports for viewing and/or printing information
    • Buttons to navigate around the Planner and to select reports
    • Dialogues boxes to refine your selections and navigation
    • Hyperlinks to email, websites, associated documents
    • Tabs provide access to some sets of data
  • Planner contents - data…
    • Observations
        • about the student
        • about what is happening
        • initial responses to what is happening
    • Actions
        • everyday support for the student ( ISPs )
        • specific actions and interventions
    • Reports – individual, class and whole school
    • Links to key documents – letters, reports, IEPs
  • Observations
    • About the student
      • Basic information: name, class, date of birth….
      • History – personal and educational
      • Performance/needs ratings and Needs
      • Goal
      • Alert
    • About what is happening (together with)
    • Initial responses to what is happening
  • Student Observations
    • About what is happening including
      • Incidents
      • Achievements
      • Contributions
      • Progress
      • Regular monitoring results
      • Questions or concerns
  • Planner - Main Menu
    • This the starting point for all components and activities associated with the Planner, e.g.,
      • Reviewing a student, class…
      • Entering and editing data
      • Maintaining codes, placements, ratings…
      • Accessing reports and printouts
    • Virtually everything in the Planner is only one
    • or maybe two, clicks away from the Main Menu
  • 1. Professional practice is required 2. Links to support & additional information
  • 4. Click here to review all students with a current ISP 3. Click here to review and support a student 5. Click here to review a particular class 6. Click here to manage data on student performance & needs
  • 7. Click here to add and place students : Student ID is critical 8. Click here to edit codes : few codes are hard wired 9. Click here to edit class names ready for new class placements 10. Click here to access to a wide range of reports
  • 11. Click here to quickly add and update support actions 12. Click here to quickly add and update observations
  • 13. The MAPS cycle 14. Link to associated documents 15. Teacher resources
  • Support a Student
    • Click on the Support a Student button
    • Enter the surname (or part thereof)
    • Navigate to the student (if necessary)
    • The upper half of this form contains general, ‘big picture’ information
    • The lower half of the form contains more detailed data in tabs
      • Observations
      • Plans and Actions, and
      • Arrangements & Contacts
  • 3. Support indicators 5. Current goal for this student 4. Performance & needs ratings 1. Personal & educational history of this student 2. Critical information
  • 6. All observations recorded for the past 30 days
  • 7. The results of daily monitoring
  • 8. Incidents only (no other observations)
  • 9. All observations
  • 10. The key things that impact on the student’s capacity to achieve success and well-being
  • 11. The everyday things that are being done to support the student
  • 12. The other actions that are intended to support the student
  • 13. The Agreements form enables ‘contracts’ to be developed and managed
  • 14. The Timetable form enables management of the student’s exceptions to the regular timetable
  • 15. Navigation buttons 18. Reports for this student 16. Pop-up the codes 19. More reports for this student 17. Links to documents
  • Review a Class
    • From the Main Menu click the Review a Class button and select the class
    • All the above information is also available from this view
    • The user can work through a class systematically to
        • update all records
        • bring staff and records up-to-date
        • attend to those students who are not overtly problematic
    • This view is ideal for staff conferencing
        • many schools schedule conference times
  • Review ISPs
    • As for the Class view but for all students with
    • Individual Support Plans
      • Shows records for those students with their ISP box ticked
      • Useful to quickly check how these students ‘are travelling’
  • Click here to find out more about these reports (start with ) Other useful reports are available from the Main Menu and the various student forms