Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes Feb 23rd


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Creative Coffee Club! meeting -

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Young Professionals Forum.Cz Creative Coffee Club Agenda And Minutes Feb 23rd

  1. 1. Moderated by Ivan Vlasyuk, Freelance Project Manager
  2. 2. Agenda: CCC meeting 23rd Feb, Tuesday, 19-20:30 Coffee tasting - Starbucks stuff - 5 min - fun & informative Round table introductions - Ivan - 10min - team formed Presentation - Andrew Power - 15min - understanding formed Open table discussion - team - 25min - knowledge formed Generating questions for Leaders' Dialogue <> - 5 min Starbucks coffee tastes presented by Katerina and Ales: ● Coffee Latin America – Verona – like lovers on the bridge ● Smell/Sniff – flavour - Italian rose like ● Slurp – flavor – wood like ● Alternative type of coffee could be Columbia Suprima – can try next time Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 2
  3. 3. Minutes taken, slide 1 ● GTD – methodology to increase productivity – making most of what little we have. Be more effective: – G.etting – T.hings – ● David Allen – is a renowned guru on the subject ● Methodology getting things done – Ask yourself first: ● Is it actionable now? ● Can you actually do something with it? – If NO, then: ● Archive ● Put it in folder “Someday” ● Trash Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 3
  4. 4. Minutes taken, slide 2 ● Record ideas – If can't do anything about this idea in less then 2 min, then don't do it. – If can't do it, then – delegate, outsource to freelancer ● Writing upcoming tasks be either specific or general ● Create PROJECT folder – Subfolders – Process the top item first – Process 1 item at a time ● If don't want to Trash the task -> archive it ● Capture folder – write ideas to move it further. Keep this folder always empty ● A combination of tasks better to call Project and list the tasks internally in that folder Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 4
  5. 5. Minutes taken, slide 3 ● Starting new day fresh ● Do the most important first ● GOAL: complete 3 critical biz tasks a day ● “Eat the frog” - get the things that seem most unpleasant in first priority – Procrastination – don't want to do if seems unpleasant, painful, expencive. – If we don't do it now it is likely not necessary now anyway ● For example can plan checking emails – only in the eve of each day ● Can plan doing routine things for late in the eve when don't need mental power ● Review folders/tasks/projects weekly ● Review at a time when no interruptions and can concentrate. ● Look for a GTD buddy... to whom can complain, self motivate via Skype, chat etc. Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 5
  6. 6. Minutes taken, slide 4 ● At the end of the day review to-do list ● Review mid and long-term to-do list every 3 months & 6 months ● Review quarterly who is my progress doing ● Inbox could be as a to do list. – Ideally should always be empty ● Can ask questions, consult regarding GTD – Andrew Power ● In small business need to be more active ● For some people (more often girls) it is difficult to put things into one system ● Seems that this TDG system is more applicable in larger organizations, where there is time to thing about things and set priorities. It is harder to do for one person business Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 6
  7. 7. Minutes taken, slide 5 ● GTD process is what works for each person ● Helps to know your priorities ● When having a schedule of things to be done, then likely to make this schedule work ● Using GTD system is not bound to time, yet to setting priorities ● Can you INBOX email as Project folder ● Never add things to INBOX – Archive it – Add to folder – Next week – Add to folder – Someday ● Once per month look into Someday folder ● Interesting software application on FB – MindManager – can be downloaded for free from Torrents Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 7
  8. 8. Minutes taken, slide 6 ● Overhead of doing GTD prioritization – 20-30min to set priorities ● Software does not seem to work for most of the girls – Girls don prioritize their tasks on logic, rather feelings ● GTD is a good system yet still does not guarantee all to-do list to be done ● Focus on accomplishing 3 critical biz things a day. ● There is a software program that forces you to disconnect you from the internet and reboot your computer each 3 hours, so that you god re-focused. Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 8
  9. 9. Basic Info Name: Young Professionals Forum Category: Organizations - Community Organizations Description: The Young Professionals Forum is devoted to providing young professionals with the skills, contacts, and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the business community. Privacy Type: Open: All content is public Ivan Vlasyuk, Freelance Project Manager Tue, 23 Feb, 2010 Prague, Czech Republic 9