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Facebook ROI Metrics

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wearedbp.com - Facebook ROI

  1. 1. Facebook ROI
  2. 2. We are Digital Business Partners www.wearedbp.com We help brands, agencies and technology vendors to get better at what they do Digital Marketing & Technology Management Consultants
  3. 3. Facebook ROI
  4. 4. Facebook Opportunity to increase business performance
  5. 5. ROI Success is based on strategy and data mapping
  6. 6. Accountability Performance Opportunity
  7. 7. Accountability Performance Opportunity Understand breath, depth and power of data available
  8. 8. Accountability Performance Facebook Opportunity ROI
  9. 9. Accountability Performance Facebook Opportunity ROI Use metrics to maximize Facebook marketing ROI
  10. 10. Facebook ROI Choose the right metrics Crunch the data
  11. 11. Identify Facebook ROI Attract Talk Develop Manage
  12. 12. Facebook ROI Develop a 360 Facebook Fan program Increase performance visibility
  13. 13. Identify Facebook ROI Attract Talk Develop Manage CLM CAM CRM CVM CCM
  14. 14. CAM CLM CRM CVM CCM Customer Lead Management Customer Acquisition Management Customer Relationship Management Customer Value Management Customer Churn Management ROI Facebook
  15. 15. ROI Facebook Increase data capture
  16. 16. Fan Data Email Name Phone Facebook Social App Lead Database
  17. 17. Lead Database Profiling Segmentation CRM Database Lead Scoring Prospect Database Analysis High Value Medium Value Low Value Data Match Data Enhancement Facebook Data Facebook ROI
  18. 18. ROI Facebook Increase Facebook metric analysis
  19. 19. ROI Facebook Mind Behaviour
  20. 20. Revenue Facebook Share Relative Facebook Share Facebook Campaign Awareness Facebook Top of Mind Facebook Product knowledge Facebook Purchase Intention Facebook Willingness to Recommend Facebook ROI Facebook Sales Revenue as % digital sales revenue Brand Facebook share divided by the largest competitor’s market share % of total Facebook population that is aware of your campaign First brand to consider % of Facebook population with knowledge of product Probability of intention to purchase Facebook fans ratings Measure of digital competiveness Assess comparative Facebook strength Consideration of who has heard of the brand campaign Saliency of brand Extent of familiarity with product beyond name recognition Measures Facebook pre- shopping disposition to purchase Strength of loyalty, potential to impact on others Mind
  21. 21. Buyers Repeat Volume Year on Year Growth Cannibalization Rate Recency Retention Rate Facebook customer profit Facebook ROI Facebook first- time customers as % of the target Facebook population Repeat buyers X nr of products bought in each purchase X nr of times they purchase - period % change from one year to the next % of new product sales taken from existing product lines Facebook length of time since a Facebook fan last purchase The ratio of customers retained to the number at risk The difference between the revenues earned from and CRM during a specified period of time Over time sales – repeat purchasers Measure of Facebook stability Plan Facebook management and budgeting New products often reduce the sales of existing products Track changes in number of active customers Track changes in the ability of your brand to retain customers Identify which Facebook fans are profitable and which are not Behaviour
  22. 22. Customer Lifetime Value Prospect Lifetime Value Average Acquisition Cost Average Retention Cost Redemption Rates Customer Workload Percentage of sales with a coupon Facebook ROI The present value of the future cash flows attributed to the customer relationship Response rate x sum initial margin & the CLV of acquired customer minus the prospecting cost The ratio of acquisition spending to the number of new customers acquired The ratio of retention spending to the number of customers retained Coupons redeemed divided by coupons distributed Hours required to service customers and prospects Sales via coupon, divided by total sales Predict future customer sales Guide Facebook prospecting decisions Track the cost of acquiring a new customer Monitor retention spending Estimate of “coupon” lift after adjusting for sales that would have made without coupons Assess the number of customer support required to service Facebook target audience Brand dependency on promotional sales Behaviour
  23. 23. Interaction Continuity ControlTargeting Towards relationships and transactions
  24. 24. Users Buyers InfluencersDeciders Gatekeepers Towards increased audience insights
  25. 25. Direct Marketing Identifying Best Customers Identifying Best Prospects Targeting Offers Suggest Appropriate Forms of Contact Cross-Sell Response Handling Channel Support Targeted Branding ROI Facebook Data ROI Towards effective Facebook presence
  26. 26. Analysis and Planning Campaign Monitoring Campaign Co- ordination Project Management Facebook Data ROI Towards effective Facebook management
  27. 27. Facebook ROI Strive to obtain new customers via Facebook Do more business with existing customers via Facebook Actively work hard to lose fewer customers Towards effective Facebook ROI
  28. 28. About Us We're Digital Business Consultants
  29. 29. Marketing Technology Measurement Digital ROI Data
  30. 30. Our Thinking Future brands are about what they do, not what they say
  31. 31. Our Services Accelerate Digital Transformation
  32. 32. Our Digital Services
  33. 33. Facebook ROI www.wearedbp.com