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Referral activity manager

Referral activity manager



Referral activity manager

Referral activity manager



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    Referral activity manager Referral activity manager Document Transcript

    • Referral Activity ManagerReferral Activity ManagerReferral Activity Manager - Click To DownloadFree, Buy, Full Version, Cracked, Free Download, Full Download, Nulled, Review, key, kEygen, Serial No, Serial Number, Serial Code, Patched, Registration Key, Registration Code, Plugin, Plugin, Working Here are the advantages of using RAM online solutions: Discover the key "leverage" activities that work specificallyfor you that are responsible for the highest proportion of your referral business. Not all referral activities are created equal. Leverage isabout spending the least amount of time to get the best result. Improve the quality of referrals received and work with like mindedpeople. Find out how to free up more of your time so that you can intensify your efforts on activities that work for you. Find out howto get your team focused on lead generation activities. Build raving fans of your best relationships that are advocates for yourbusiness. Connect with your business network , work with the highest quality business owners and increase the speed ofcommunication between your business associates. Set and prioritize your schedule on your productive activities. Discover ways toreceive referrals directly from your database of relationships. Find out how to never spill a lead again. Discover your blind spotswith clarity and move to the next level of success. Eliminate activities and relationships that drain your energy. Become the hub ofyour network by electronically connecting other business owners.Its easy, actually. We know that you already perform certain activities that generate referrals.By designing a website that will allow you to track leads, you will be able to put your lead genreation system on autopilot.Now if you do not have a website, let us create one for you. By using lazer targeted keywords that your customers are searching for inthe internet, you we can create a website that will allow you be easily found.For example take a look at http://realestateagentwashingtondc.com/Now once you have your website and generating leads the problem is how to you consistenly stay in contact with your customers.And that is where RAM comes into play.You may be using a multitude of manual and electronic tools to generate and manage your referrals e.g. excel, outlook, little post itnotes, a whiteboard or a book where you document your activities when they are complete. You then update this information in your"deal closing systems" for example, Top Producer, ACT, Goldmine, Salesforce, etc to complete and manage the transaction.Due to the number of manual and electronic tools it is difficult to quantify which activities lead directly to the highest quality referrals,which are your best referral sources and how to shorten the timeline between referrals.Its not your fault as you get caught up with so many tools and systems. You are probably not aware of the options available to increaseyour effectiveness. You may end up duplicating work, wasting time through inefficiency and just capturing information rather than usingthis information smartly to grow your business.RAM eliminates all the multiple manual and electronic tools that generate the referrals so that you are ready to update this directly intoyour deal closing systems to complete the transaction.You end up with fewer tools and the best part is that you have the information to take action to generate your next referral in theshortest time and save on average 8 to 10 hours a month.There is no trial and error on your part. You enter activity once and RAM does the rest for you.Get accurate information in a centralized location so you can take action. This is so easy to use that you will actually enjoy using it.Here is what RAM will do for you: Tracks specific activities and relationships that results in referrals and show you how to use thisto immediately shorten the timeline between referrals. Automatically tracks all activities with specificity. Increase contact pointswith your best clients. Qualify your book of relationships (A+,A,B,C). Records and keeps up with your proactive activities for eachrelationship. Organizes your database into client, business and personal relationships. Manages your referral directory. Tracks areferral all the way to a transaction. Connect with your business relationships directly from RAM online. Enhance speed and ease ofcommunications. Automatically tracks your proactive activities on daily weekly and monthly basis and if you are coached, you cankeep your coach updated on a regular basis. Allows you to schedule your activities into a referral calendar in advance for the week. Value each relationship - RAM measures the number of referrals sent, received and rewarded for each relationship. Keeps yourbusiness associates who have their own RAM account updated on the level of commerce between the two of you. Tracks the 39pieces of essential information that is required to deepen your relationships with your best clients. Provides multiple ways forrelationships to send you referrals and for you to immediately be notified and act on those referrals. Keeps and automatic history ofactivities for each client so that it can be referenced when required. Shows you the activities that are required to generate your nextreferral. Shows you your best referral relationship and the business value they represent. Gives you an immediate snapshot of yourdatabase so you know what activities were performed last and you can take immediate action. Increases your efficiency in your"power hour". You can run a report to determine whom to contact and what action to take next. Dont leave up to guess work.Minimize the amount of manual effort you are spending with your referral activities. Focus your time better. Predict your cash flowcycle with deadly accuracy. Helps you identify unproductive relationships that need to be deleted. You can measure this. Turns yournumbers into specific action steps for you. Becomes your accountability partner. Formats your data in excel so that you can print the
    • envelopes for your mailers.Thats a partial overview of the tool. Theres actually much more than I have room to cover in this letter, but Im sure you get the picture.Here is what is included in the online tool:An electronic version of the FAQ and quick start guide if you like to print this out and read this separately. This guide will be madeavailable to you to get you up and running quickly.Free telephone support to help you import your database into RAM. If you are having trouble importing your data, we will walk throughthis with you and if you like we can do the actual import of the data for you. Companies charge hundreds of dollars for this service. Wewill work with you to make sure that this is painless and easy as possible for you to transition to RAM at no cost.Access to our social network community to exchange tips and best practice ideas with like minded professionals. This is a privateand closed network. The value of ideas and information in this community is worth thousands of dollars itself. What is the value if justone idea is with thousands of dollars to you?I cant put an exact dollar figure on it for you - only you can do that. But I can tell you this: at $24.97 per month, this solution could verypossibly be the best bargain and the best investment youll ever make. So sign up today and get immediate access to RAM.But if THATS not good enough for you, scroll down below....My Additional 100% 60-Day GuaranteeIm about to commit the ultimate sin of sales and marketing, right before your eyes.Here it is:I cant promise that you will close 30 transactions if you join RAM in the first two months.In fact, I cant promise that youll get ANY results at all if you join this online solution. Why would I say such things, especially when Imabout to ask you to invest a lot of your hard-earned money in RAM?The answer is simple: I dont want you to make an "emotional impulse decision" based on excitement and fantasy. I want you to makea rational decision based on facts and analysis. Now, its true that we never make decisions without emotion - and Im not asking youto become a cold, logical, computer right now.But what I do want is for you to be SURE that this online tool intergrated with your website is absolutely right for you and your situation.Before you decide to join.Why cant I promise that youll definitely make money or that youll definitely get big results?Simple. Because, in order to get results and make money, you must PERFORM the right activities consistently, you must Grow andNurture your database, and you must take ACTION consistently.So heres how my guarantee works (and what I ask from YOU as part of it):If youll promise to use the tool consistently each day, follow and track your results and take action, then Ill offer you a "100% CashGuarantee" that will take away even MORE of risk.I cannot imagine a lower-risk or more fair guarantee than that. In fact, if you can imagine one, let me know because I cant think of it.I have a strong reputation for offering MASSIVE value - and for honoring my satisfaction guarantee.Oh, by the way to ensure the safety of your credit card information, we have opted to use an independent payment vendor, Clickbank.This will provide additional security surrounding the privacy of your information.You will notice a charge from Clickbank (Clk*Bank.com) as we will not retain any personal information pertaining to your payment!There you go. RAM offers unbeatable value for the price and available functionality!Its easy to use and backed by an awesome team of very helpful and knowledgeable experts in online solutions.To Your SuccessNeil VenketramenP.S. RAM membership only costs $24.97 monthly...and you will only be charged $24,97 every month thereafter. There are no hiddencosts or termination fees and you can cancel your subscription any time you wish!P.P.S. If you wish to use RAMS online features, there is a $90 monthly fee, which includes RAM and the lead generating tools built intoyour website. You will get access to this tool when you sign in. Still undecided, ask yourself this one question: What is the cost of notgenerating one additional high quality lead a month?
    • Blog Traffic Solution Design - Full RAM IntergrationCode To Track Traffic SourcesDaily Article Traffic ReportsManagementSubscriptionWebsite Intergration ToolsAll You Need To Do Is Send Us An Email And You Will Get Access To These Features Immediatley. Ready To Drive More Traffic ToYour WebsitePlease note all of the options above have a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions please dont hesitate tocontact us at info@referralrecord.com?2008 Referral Record. All rights reserved referralrecord.comAbout : Referral Activity ManagerCLICK HERE To Download - Referral Activity ManagerFree, Buy, Full Version, Cracked, Free Download, Full Download, Nulled, Review, key, kEygen, Serial No, Serial Number, Serial Code, Patched, Registration Key, Registration Code, Plugin, Plugin, WorkingTags : Referral Activity Manager Referral Activity Manager Free, Referral Activity Manager Full Download, Referral Activity Manager Cracked, Referral Activity ManagerNulled,Referral Activity Manager Key, Referral Activity Manager Keygen, Referral Activity Manager Serial No, Referral Activity Manager Serial Number, Referral Activity Manager Serial Code,Referral Activity Manager Patched, Referral Activity Manager Registration Key, Referral Activity Manager Registration Code,Referral Activity Manager Registration Number, Referral ActivityManager Plugin, Referral Activity Manager Working