3 Customer Acquisition Choices Profitable Multi Channel Marketing March 2010

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Customer Acquisition Choices …

Customer Acquisition Choices
With a wide variety of on and offline customer acquisition options, we review their potential effectiveness, how they inter-relate and how you can assess their true ability to generate new customers.

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  • 1. Customer Acquisition Choices www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 2. Choices
    • Online
      • Organic/natural search
      • Paid search
      • Product feeds
      • Comparison sites
      • Display advertising
      • Social media networking
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Email campaigns:
        • In house
        • Rented
      • Viral marketing
      • Online PR
    • Off line
      • Referrals
      • PR
      • Lists – swaps, rentals, pooled databases
      • Media:
        • Inserts
        • Adverts
        • Advertorials
        • Band ons
      • Inserts – parcels, mailings
      • Door drops
      • Store sign ups
      • Joint ventures - mailings, emails, events
      • TV/ Radio
      • Events - fairs
      • Out door advertising – buses, posters
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 3. Choices Website Advertising Catalogue Retail Social Networking Mobile Inserts SEO www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk Affiliates Paid Search Door-drops TV / Radio PR
  • 4. What do you want you marketing investment to achieve?
    • Drive traffic > sales across all channels
    • Drive traffic >sales to website
    • Drive traffic > sales to retail
    • Profit centre to sell products
    • Build brand awareness
    • Build enquirer base / email base
    • Increase distribution of your catalogue
    • All of the above
    • Let’s examine the options and how they interrelate………
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 5. Online Customer Acquisition Choices
    • Online Customer Acquisition Choices
      • Organic/natural search
      • Paid search
      • Product feeds
      • Comparison sites
      • Social media networking
      • Email campaigns
      • Affiliate marketing
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 6. Online Customer Acquisition Choices
    • So, you have a website, but how do customers find it?
    • Print your web address on all materials
    • Customers can visit you directly
    • What about customers who don’t know about you?
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk is the key
  • 7. Search is key to reaching consumers 81% of internet users enter websites via a search engine 2.6 billion searches worldwide per day 29% Look to Search engines as first source of information Source: Forrester Research Inc., “UK Internet User Monitor” , Google Touchpoints Consumer Survey January 2009. Base: 8,675 US respondents. www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 8. How does Online Search work? Search query Paid Search Results Organic/Natural Search Results Editorial – Influenced by SEO Paid Search Results Advertising – PPC, CPC, PfP
  • 9. Organic search traffic
    • Influenced by search engine optimisation (SEO)
      • This is really optimisation of your web site
    • Need to be on the top 3 pages to see any results
    • Organic results are becoming more personalised
    • Organic results are blended with other sources of information
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 10. Organic search traffic
    • On-Page SEO
      • Good descriptive content is key
        • Unique, informative, fresh
      • Technical considerations
        • Page titles, meta tags etc.
    • Off-Page SEO
      • Links from other quality sites
        • Avoid paid links and link farms
      • A compelling message influences behaviour
        • Social media
        • Blogs
    • Good organic rankings and results take time
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 11. Paid search marketing
    • Google is the dominant search engine (80%+ of all searches)
      • Adwords
    • Yahoo search marketing and MSN adcenter
      • Alliance - Microsoft’s Bing will power the Yahoo Search and Ad network
    • Pay-Per-Click advertising service
    • Advertisers specify
      • the words that should trigger their ads (keywords)
      • the maximum they are willing to pay per click
    • Search engines then display the ads as sponsored links
    • The sequence or ranking depends on
      • other advertisers bids
      • the “quality score” of the keywords and adverts
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 12. Paid adverts on the search results pages www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 13. Paid adverts on the content network www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 14. Image adverts on the content network www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 15. You Tube Advertising
    • You Tube is now the second largest search engine
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 16. What can paid search do for you?
    • Quick and easy way to attract relevant traffic
    • Your adverts have the potential to reach a vast audience
    • You can target your audience in many ways
      • Geographically
      • Using keywords relevant to your product/service
      • Selecting relevant sites where your ads can appear
      • Demographically
      • Through the wording of your adverts
    • You only pay when someone clicks on your advert
    • You are in control of the budget
      • Activation fee
      • No minimum spend
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 17. Paid search is continuously evolving
    • Remarketing – allows you to target visitors by their actions
      • Target visitors who added an item to their shopping basket but did not complete their purchase
      • Target visitors who purchased products A with ads for product B
      • Target visitors who purchased 30 days ago
      • Works best with image ads that reinforce the association with the brand
    • Integration with other online sources
      • Products feeds and search adverts
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 18. Google Product Feed www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 19. Adwords Product Plus www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 20. Comparison websites
    • Comparison shopping sites compare prices from many online retailers
    • Multi category sites and niche sites
    • These sites source prices from online retailers and direct visitors to the retailers site for the sale
    • Kelkoo, pricerunner, ciao, my deco, shopzilla
    • Comparison sites generally require a product feed
    • Competitively priced products work best
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 21. Social Media Marketing Your Website Articles N E T W O R K O F F R I E N D S Effective For Paid Campaigns Online News Sites You Tube Facebook PR Web Stumbleupon Twitter MySpace Flickr Bebo DIGG Delicious www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 22. Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Email campaigns are a highly effective way of generating sales
    • Helps you develop a relationship with your customers
    • Your email need to serve a purpose otherwise customers will unsubscribe
      • New products
      • Offer such as Free P&P, % discount
    • Unless you purchase email lists this will generate few new customers
    • Forward to a friend features
    • Obtain email addresses whenever you can
      • Instore
      • Telephone orders
    • Action triggered emails
      • Customer added to basket but did not purchase
      • Reminders about re-ordering a product
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 23.
    • Pay for performance advertising model
      • Revenue sharing
      • Cost per sale
    • Overlaps with other forms of advertising
      • Paid search, email, display advertising
    • Loyalty websites that provide a reward system to the consumer (or a charity) for purchases
    • Coupon websites
    • Keyword rich domains
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk Affiliate Marketing
  • 24.
    • Question how many are new incremental visitors
    • Much affiliate traffic is second hand traffic
    • If a customer has found your product through paid search and then looks for a coupon, who wins/loses?
    • Historically many affiliates have ‘stolen’ traffic heading for a retailer
      • Google implemented one advert per display url rule
      • Amazon associates program no longer allows paid search bidding
    • If you have your own good online marketing program you don’t really need affiliate marketing
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk Affiliate Marketing
  • 25. Off Line Acquisition Choices
    • Off line
      • Referrals
      • PR
      • Lists – swaps, rentals, pooled databases
      • Media:
        • Inserts
        • Adverts
        • Advertorials
        • Band ons
      • Inserts – parcels, mailings
      • Door drops
      • Store sign ups
      • Joint ventures - mailings, emails, events
      • TV/ Radio
      • Events - fairs
      • Out door advertising – buses, posters
    • What are the objectives?
      • Drive traffic > sales across all channels
      • Drive traffic >sales to website
      • Drive traffic > sales to retail
      • Profit centre to sell products
      • Build brand awareness
      • Build enquirer base / email base
      • Increase distribution of your catalogue
      • All of the above
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 26. Off Line - Web Traffic Drivers
    • Media – inserts, page advertising. Builds brand awareness, drives response, drives sales
    • TV – Moon Pig hugely effective in growing the business, not relevant to all market sectors
    • PR – in house, outsourced, builds brand awareness, difficult to track
    • Inserts – parcels, mailings
    • Door drops
    • Radio – event lead > sales
    • Mailings – catalogues / cards to enquirers, external lists
    • Always test, evaluate and roll out
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 27.
    • PR – brand awareness, promote specific events, specific products
    • Media – advertising, inserts, offer driven
    • Door drops – socio demographic targeted areas, offer driven
    • TV – event driven
    • Radio – event driven
    • Out door advertising – buses, posters. Builds brand awareness in relevant geographic areas
    • Shop sign ups – ensures you can stay in touch
    • Joint ventures – in store promotion, exchange of data
    • Mailings – catalogues / cards buyers, retail enquirers
    • Always test, evaluate and roll out
    Off Line – Shop Traffic Drivers www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 28. Offline - Selling Products
    • Off the page advertising – product lead, cost per advert key (use of distressed space)
    • Magazine band on’s -
    • Readers offers- product lead, who has access to the names?
    • Events – point to points, fairs (Joules)
    • Always test, evaluate and roll out
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 29. Increase catalogue distribution – run on costs
    • Lists – benefit > proven, new customers only, strong lifetime value, not relevant to certain target customers
    • Inserts – higher risk, mix of existing and new customers, reaches new customers not currently shopping directly, magazine endorsement, drives traffic across all channels
    • Band–ons – magazine endorsement, mix existing and new customers, drives traffic across all channels
    • Door drops – dependent on targeting effectively and market sector
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 30. Most cost effective and most valuable
    • Referrals
    • ‘ Can you help us grow? We need to find more customers like you and me. It’s not easy. So we thought the people who would be most like you would be your friends.’
    • Use the key relevant opportunities:
      • receipt of their goods
      • Insert with mailings
      • Promoted on your website
    • Promote to encourage – prize draw, sum of money on their account to spend, voucher
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 31. Selling plus recruiting new enquirers
  • 32. New format insert in You > drive new customers online
  • 33. Endorsed insert > effective in Boden’s growth
  • 34. Donald Russell’s Extremely effective insert Telegraph Ad that drives new customers
  • 35. 2 Stage insert
  • 36. Joules mailing to drive customers online / instore
  • 37. How to evaluate effectiveness?
    • Tracking:
      • Different telephone number
      • Different product codes
      • Different url’s
      • Offer codes
      • Online surveys
      • Exit surveys
    • Understanding overlap – new and existing customers
      • Affiliates > up to 80%
      • Insert / Band on > 45% to 55% existing
      • Door drop > up to 75% existing
      • PPC > 50%
      • Off the page advert >35% - 45% existing
    • Track cross channel sales
    • Developing and understanding the data……..to be discussed this afternoon
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk
  • 38. How do you determine what will work for you and how much to spend on each activity?
    • Key issues:
      • Market sector
      • Target customer and shopping behaviour
      • What are your competitors doing
      • Ensure your proposition is strong
      • Ensure your creative supports the brand, sells the proposition and stands out from the crowd
      • Buy media effectively
      • Prioritise linked to your available budget – test, evaluate, roll out
      • Always include a small budget to continue testing
    www.sterlingmarketing.co.uk www.ivantage.co.uk