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  • Qatar has the world's largest per capita production and proven reserves of both oil and natural gas . In 2010, Qatar had the world's highest GDP per capita , while the economy grew by 19.40% - the fastest in the world. Considering that the population of Qatar is only 300,000 people the development of its business environment, leisure, education and sport is very impressive. All improvements which are made in extreme weather conditions are commendable
  • It is amazing how much energy is wasted during the production and consumption of energy! Up to 98% goes nowhere because of the inefficiency of current technology. It seems obvious to invest a lot of effort, time and money into energy saving technology.
  • One of the interesting revelations of the energy module was that coal is still a very competitive source of energy despite its environmental issues.
  • LDV – Light Duty Vehicle

презентация по Energy module презентация по Energy module Presentation Transcript

  • EnergyReflection on the module Ivan Syreyshchikov
  • Content of module• Energy fundamentals• The fundamentals of the Oil markets• The fundamentals of Gas and LNG• The basics of trading and hedging in the energy markets
  • The « netback » approach Household &Gas Market Commercial Industry PowerSegment Generation 45% 30% 25%Competing Gasoil Gasoil LSHFO LSHFO Coalfuels 45% 10% 20% 15% 10%Gas price P = P0 + 55% x (GO-GO0) + 35% x (FO-FO0) + 10% x (C-C0)formula P = P0 x( 55% x (GO/GO0) + 35% x (FO/FO0) + 10% x (C/C0))With for instance: Po = Gas price at signature of the LT supply contract GO = 6-month average of gasoil (excl. VAT) listed in Rotterdam GOo = Gasoil value at signature date Reduce short-term FO = 6-month average of heavy fuel oil (excl. VAT) listed in Rotterdam volatility of indexes FOo = Heavy fuel oil value at signature date C = 6-month average of Coal (excl. VAT) Co = Coal value at signature date 7 - GEN/SMI/EM/MEP