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Ruby activities in the Center for Commercialization at University of Washington

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  • a little bit about me and why I care about this stuff\n\nCartography and GIS background got me into web design at Colgate\nMBA from Univ CO Boulder with a focus on IT Management, Entrepreneurship\n 10 years freelancing and startup experience, including my own startup\nCurrently TA in UW PCE Ruby course, teaching the Rails course winter quarter\n Web developer at C4C\n\n
  • my 6 year old “startup” - still going\nPHP and MySQL hosting and consulting projects\nRuby on Rails consulting projects\n\n
  • and now at c4c as a full time web developer\n
  • C4C Landscape\n
  • Problem! Too many moving parts\nMS, Pwbldr, PHP, Mysql, FileMaker, WordPress, etc.\n
  • Ideal solution, but we are still working on it\n
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  • Overview of ruby activity at c4c\n
  • Overview of ruby activity at c4c\n
  • Overview of ruby activity at c4c\n
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  • “I know it sounds a lot more scary to learn a whole new language rather than just another framework, but it really isn't.”\n Even though it was invented in Japan, Ruby is still written in English\n Ruby on Rails since 2003\n
  • this is how you write a web server in ruby, with the sinatra gem\nthe ruby community is amazing... so many good libraries of code\nwe call them gems\nso in addition to drinking the ruby cool aid\nand putting sinatra in our pipe and smoking it\n\n
  • we’ve been using cucumber\nA BDD tool, for behavior driven developement\nbegin with end in mind\ntest for outcomes\nAslak Hellesøy\n1 million downloads as of oct 5th, 2011\n
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  • value=biz value or value to end user\n
  • multiple language support, including LOLcat\n\n
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  • when you’re done, it’s all green - like a cucumber\nthis is not just for ruby, you can test PHP, Java, even .NET\n
  • our program manager interviewed key stakeholders\nand wrote up the features needed in Gherkin, the cucumber language\nand then I could create automated test\n
  • value=biz value or value to end user\n
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  • does my home page of my site work!?\n
  • mac app\nsafari + automator = fake\n
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  • what are some of the rails apps we are using?\nremember we want rapid dev, low cost\n
  • \n
  • fully tested\ncustomizable, easy to theme\nintegrates with payment gateway\n\n
  • feedback from designers - wordpress is too complicated\nsimple dashboard\nfully tested with cucumber\n
  • HOW are you being served?\n
  • passwords in plain text\n\n
  • SRSLY, cloud on a stick?\nhoney we shrunk the cloud\nand now will support php and python by the next release\n
  • sets up nginx (web server)\nmysql\nredis\n
  • you can be up and running in a morning with a server, but you will\nwant to spend several days playing with it.\n\neven better - vmc update\n\n
  • sets up nginx (web server)\nmysql\nredis\n
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  • and one more thing...\n
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  • and the dashboard is too complicated\n
  • simplicity\n
  • \n
  • works pretty much anywhere\n
  • you will just get so much more done\n
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  • Ruby at UW C4C

    1. 1. For me the purpose of lifeis partly to have joy.Programmers often feeljoy when they canconcentrate on thecreative side ofprogramming,So Ruby is designed tomake programmershappy
    2. 2. Ivan+ design+ biz+ code+ eco
    3. 3. MODERNIZE THE PLATFORM Unified DB,Legacy Upgrades IntegratedSystems Applications
    4. 4. CURRENT STATE Word Power File Press & Google Microsoft Bldr PHP maker Nebula Nebula Apps PHPMSFT MSFT MSFT File SQL SQL MSFT SQL maker Sites & Excel MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL I Drive I Drive DocsServer Server Server Pro Strategi New c FBO Contrac C4C Venture The W IPP Davina t Mgt Midas ELS SAT eROI Thebes Website Initiative Fund s s
    5. 5. PLANNED WordPress & Google Linux Nebula Apps PHP Sites &MySQL Ruby & Rails I Drive Docs Thebes C4C Contract Strategic New (upgrade SpecialWebsite IPP Midas ELS SAT eROI Mgt Initiatives Ventures d to Project Excel)
    6. 6. PLATFORM VISION Technology Stack OS Application DatabaseToday Windows .NET, PHP, SQL Server, MySQLTomorrow Linux Ruby on Rails MySQL
    7. 7. You can• enjoy coding more• be more productive• create better quality• deploy easier• surf the cutting edge• advance your career
    8. 8. mostprogrammerscould get upand runningin Rubyin about thesame timeit would takethem to learnanotherframework intheir currentlanguage anyway.
    9. 9. for stakeholders and coders
    10. 10. for stakeholders and coders
    11. 11. You have a test plan ✓ You just haven’t written it ✓ Write it down ✓ Better yet, automate it
    12. 12. features/addition.feature
    13. 13. Written by a non-coderAutomated by a coder
    14. 14. You have a test plan ✓ You just haven’t written it ✓ Write it down ✓ Better yet, automate it
    15. 15. Simply Cucumber
    16. 16.
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Easy / FastDeploymentto Servers vmc push
    19. 19. Don’t FTP• 40 years old (like me ?!)• Seriously insecure• Not designed for 1000s of files in a modern web app• Error prone• No version control
    20. 20. Honey,we shrunkthe cloud
    21. 21.
    22. 22.
    23. 23. one more thing...
    24. 24. Nice default themeCool pluginsStatic site, no dbmuch more secure
    25. 25. Nice default themeCool pluginsStatic site, no dbmuch more secure
    26. 26. You have 26 updatesand you will get hacked
    27. 27. Markdown
    28. 28. Easy Deploy
    29. 29. Don’t fear the command line
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32.
    33. 33. Copyright Credits• The Ruby Logo is Copyright (c) 2006, Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 agreement Questions? slides will be posted: