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5 minutes presentation on mail merge

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  • I hit “browse”, select the already existing file with the table list of the recipient’s information. Microsoft word will read this table and will provide me with dialog window to sort, select and fine tune the list, before becomes available for merging with the main document.
  • In the write and insert fields group, I will select the insert merge field option which will display a window the available fields to pick and place in my main document where I would want them to appear.
  • In step 5 I now have a preview of how my final product will look like and I am ready to press the complete the merge option on the task pane to proceed to the next step.
  • Mail merge process is now completed and as a final step I will press the print option to produce my printed documents
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    1. 1. Using word-processingefficiently! …last session reminder About building blocks How they are used in a Microsoft Word
    2. 2. In this session…  Mail merge concept  Elaborate on features  Walk-through example
    3. 3. Little magic…In this session… Use a Simple document Use a Customer List  Mail merge concept  Elaborate on features  Walk-through example
    4. 4. Little magic…
    5. 5. … and the result:Documents with personalized information…
    6. 6. Three elements Main DataDocument Source OUTPUT Personalized Letters
    7. 7. Mail Merge Features Main Data Mail Merge Document Source OutputDocument to share
    8. 8. Mail Merge. Should or should not? Advantages Disadvantages• Lower cost • Junk mail• Speed • Environment effects• Accuracy • Lack of sensitivity• Efficiency • Maintenance issues
    9. 9. Select the Mailings Select the Start Tab from theMail Merge button Ribbon from the group Select the Step by Step Mail MergeWizard menu option from the list
    10. 10. The Letters option button from the task panel isselected by default Click Next
    11. 11. Click the Nextlink to skip this step
    12. 12. Select Browselink from task panel
    13. 13. Click the Insert Merge Fields button
    14. 14. Click Next to Skip the Document Preview Step
    15. 15. Final step, click the Print Hyperlink to produce the output
    16. 16. In this 5 minute session… Mail merge is a simple process which replaces hours of repetitive and costly work at the press of a button. It should be put into a good use without annoying the recipients and abuse the environment. Use Microsoft Word to mail merge documents with just a few easy guided steps.
    17. 17. Using word-processingefficiently! Work book assignment