Royal Malta Artillery: Sgt Alfred Aquilina (1940)


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Royal Malta Artillery: Sgt. Alfred Aquilina (1940)

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Royal Malta Artillery: Sgt Alfred Aquilina (1940)

  1. 1. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) Sgt. Alfred Aquilina by Joseph Angileri 12 December 2013 The late Sgt. Alfred Aquilina was my father-in-law; he served in the 3LAA Regiment during the war in the 1940s. I’m sending you these old war-time photos which I hope you will find useful for your 3/11 website. I also have a very interesting notebook written by Sgt. Aquilina in 1940. The notebook is about 40 pages long and is in his handwriting in pencil. The notebook contains instructions on the operation of the Bofors guns and the “Predictor” that was attached to the gun. I’m also sending scans of a few of the original pages from the notebook; I hope you will find these old papers interesting.
  2. 2. Sgt. ALFRED AQUILINA: A rare WWII photo uncovered by Joseph Angilerii, showing the late Sgt. Alfred Aquilia at a Bofors gun emplacement, somewhere in Malta in 1942. Can anyone identify the exact location? The background may yield some clues. Capt. Saviour Portelli, who kindly assisted with the scanning of the pictures, comments that the photo shows Sgt. Aquilina near the Bofors in the pit with a steel helmet on the rubble wall. I feel this gives a very good impression of a typical gun-pit at the time, surrounded by sand bags. It is quite likely they were out somewhere 'in the country' possibly defending some airfield. Godwin Hampton comments: The predictor, hidden beneath its canvas cover, was connected electrically to the gun. Information about the plane (direction, speed and range) were fed into the predictor which worked out the position where the shell should be aimed to meet the plane (the future position). It then sent power to electric/hydraulic motors which traversed and elevated/depressed the barrel aligns it with the future position. The loader, alone on the gun, would fire it.
  3. 3. Godwin Hampton comments: This Bofors L60 is fitted with an early version of the Stiffkey sight. Very interesting. Mario Zammit comments: This emplacement must have been close to one of the airfields: note the rubble filled petrol tins making up the blast protection walls.
  4. 4. from Sgt. Alfred Aquilina’s wartime notebook
  5. 5. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) Updated 8 March 2014 3/11 Regiment Royal Malta Artillery (PDF Library). 1. Royal Malta Artillery 1800-1970.pdf 2. The Birth and Demise of a Regiment(1941).pdf 3. Memories of 11th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment(1951).pdf 4. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) in the Infantry role(1967).pdf 5. Major Victor D'Ugo(1936).pdf 6. Major Louis Radmilli.pdf 7. Last of the Bofors.pdf 8. Sgt Alfred Aquilina(1940).pdf 9. Sgt. Francis Xerri(1940).pdf 10. Ftit Ritratti min Francalanza.pdf 11. Bofors Heritage.pdf 12. 3/11 Regiment at Sports.pdf.