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3/11th Royal Malta Artillery (T) pic snaps by Emmanuel Francalanza
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3/11th Royal Malta Artillery (T) pic snaps by Emmanuel Francalanza


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3/11th Royal Malta Artillery (T) pic snaps by Emmanuel Francalanza

3/11th Royal Malta Artillery (T) pic snaps by Emmanuel Francalanza

Published in: Art & Photos

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  • 1. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) FTIT RITRATTI MINN FRANCALANZA by Emmanuel Francalanza Missieri, Sgt. A. Francalanza Godwin Hampton comments: Land Rover Series 1 86". Interesting Stable Belt, with colours different from the RMA Regulars. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Martin Galea comments: The colours are exactly the same as for the Royal Welch. The only difference is that the leather parts on the RMA belt are tan, and with curves, rather than dark brown and squared off.
  • 2. Jiena, Gnr. Emmanuel Francalanza u missieri Sgt. A. Francalanza.
  • 3. Jiena, Emmanuel Francalanza u certu wiehed Balbi Godwin Hampton comments: Exercise at Ta' Qali. Sgt. Saccasan's Gun. Note my ex-3 Para Denison camouflage smock covering the wheel, the same one I wear in my profile picture....
  • 4. Il-grup ta Gunners kollha min Birzebbuga. from left to right: Jiena, Emmanuel Francalanza, Gnr. N. Zammit, Gnr. J. Grech, Gnr. E. Dalli, Gnr. S. Francalanza u Gnr. J. Bonnici Silvio Francalanza: Jekk niftakar tajjeb dak bil-qeda l-ewwel fuq ix-xellug hu Gnr. Dennis Grech. Godwin Hampton: St. Elmo. 2 AEC Matador gun tractors and 2 Land Rovers, a Series 1 and a Series 2.
  • 5. Team tal-Gun detachment. In-nies mhux kollha niftakar isimhom
  • 6. Waqt exercise tas-signals. Godwin Hampton comments: B44 receiver/transmitter and 'satchel,signals' to store all the accessories. 754 Francalanza, jekk m'hinix sejjer zball konna recruti flimkien. Dwar il B44 irnexxieli nakkwista wiehed - irid naqra restawr imma nixtieq inhaddmu xi darba……..."Hello Zero, this is 4 alpha, radio check, over"
  • 7. Gnr. E. Dalli u Gnr. N. Zammit Godwin Hampton comments: 25 pounder Saluting Guns in the background. Annual Camp at Ghajn Tuffieha Barracks.
  • 8. 3/11 Regiment Royal Malta Artillery (PDF Library). 1. Royal Malta Artillery 1800-1970.pdf 2. The Birth and Demise of a Regiment(1941).pdf 3. Memories of 11th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment(1951).pdf 4. 3/11 Regt. RMA(T) in the Infantry role(1967).pdf 5. Major Victor D'Ugo(1936).pdf 6. Major Louis Radmilli.pdf 7. Last of the Bofors.pdf 8. Sgt Alfred Aquilina(1940).pdf 9. Sgt. Francis Xerri(1940).pdf 10. Ftit Ritratti min Francalanza.pdf 11. Bofors Heritage.pdf 12. 3/11 Regiment at Sports.pdf.