Eyeline USSD and SMS center


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Learn about some important features of our USSD center.

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Eyeline USSD and SMS center

  1. 1. Eyeline USSD-SMS Center
  2. 2. Eyeline USSD/SMS center is a gateway between the GSM signaling network (SS7 or SIGTRAN) and service applications. What Is USSD-SMS Center?
  3. 3. Eyeline SMS/USSD Center Eyeline USSD/SMS center supports uni- and bidirectional USSD communication as well as SMS messaging of any length (concatenation support). USSD and SMS messages are supported for any language.
  4. 4. Installations SMS Extra 51 mln 2000 msg/sec USSD Aggregation Platform 51 mln 1000 msg/sec USSD-C, MCA 3.2 mln 240 msg/sec USSD-C 2.7 mln 120 msg/sec USSD-C 7.3 mln 600 msg/sec USSD-C 16.0 mln 260 msg/sec SMS/USSD-C 4.0 mln 280 msg/sec SMS/USSD-C, MCA 5.0 mln 400 msg/sec Solution Subs Performance
  5. 5. Eyeline USSD-SMS Center Meet the Green Eyeline USSD/SMS center is the first Green USSD/SMS Center. It is the most energy and space efficient solution on the market. Not only it has the most efficient code that supports up to 5,000 messages per second but also it employs Sun servers which save you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills. Given its top-notch productivity, the Center occupies only 2U in a standard 42U server rack. USSD-SMS-C 600 msg/sec 7.3 mln subs 2 SunFire V240
  6. 6. USSD-SMS-C Traffic Light: Stop the Spoofing! The Center has built-in anti-spoofing features to prevent outside attackers from using fake IDs. In effect, the Center adheres to the strictest security standards prescribed in the leading security industry guidelines. Be on the Safe side Eyeline USSD/SMS Center provides powerful control of user access to services. Besides administrative monitoring of on-going SMPP traffic, data exchange is also archived. Be in the Know Eyeline USSD/SMS center offers web interface for the ease of its monitoring. However, batch processing or a script language are also available from the console.
  7. 7. Ease the Installation, Integration, or Upgrade Sun architecture allows for easy installation of the Center into the network infrastructure. Integration with external systems (like billing or customer care) is simplified because of the scripting module. In the case you upgrade from existing SMS center, MO SMS forwarding will simplify the upgrade process from it, including special handling of legacy applications.
  8. 8. Service Delivery Platforms on top of USSD centers cannot fix problems which are built in the center. That's why we designed our center ready for VAS. Routing is the backbone of the gateway. We offer intelligent routing. Intelligent routing consists of multi-parameter scheduling and channel-dependent charging. Ready for USSD and SMS Services
  9. 9. I have Eyeline USSD-SMS-C. Now What? Optional Modules: Missed Calls Alerts Email-to-SMS Mass SMS ‏ Advertising Engine Unibalance USSD Portal
  10. 10. Interested? Detailed hardware & software requirements, information on productivity (transactions per second), delivery and support terms can be found in the detailed proposal. Thank you for your attention!