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    Quantifiers Quantifiers Presentation Transcript

    • 1. Some and any. + Some (any) I have some bad news Uncountable and plural. - Any I don’t have any qualifications Uncountable and plural. ? Any + Some Do you have any money? Did she give you some money? Uncountable and plural.
    • ‘Some’ in questions If you anticipate a positive response. Did you get some nice Christmas presents this year? When you are offering something and want to encourage the other person to accept. Would you like some dessert? When you are requesting something for yourself or that you want to be done. Can you get some milk?
    • ‘Any’ in affirmative sentences. + countable nouns. It is not important which one. Press any key. In conditional sentences (some = any). If you need any help, just ask. After ‘negative’ words I forgot to get any bread. There’s hardly any more work now.
    • Complete this sentence: • Do you have __________ bread?
    • 2. ‘Much’ and ‘Many’ Plural countable nouns. Questions and negative sentences. How many brothers do you How much money do you have? have in your purse? I don’t have many CDs. Affirmatives (formal). Uncountable nouns. You don’t have much coffee in your cup. Many families come back There was so much food. to our hotel year after year.
    • Common mistakes • I have much cheese. • I spent much money this afternoon. • I didn’t spend much money = I spent a lot of money.
    • 3. ‘A lot of’, ‘lots of’, ‘plenty of’, ‘a great deal of’ A lot of + uncountable noun + singular verb. A lot of + plural countable noun + plural verb. Plenty of / lots of Informal. A great deal of Formal.
    • Jin has plenty of corn. • Does he have a small quantity or a large quantity? • Does he have lots of corn? • Does he have a great deal of corn? • Does he have more than enough corn? • Can I say ‘he has much corn’? Why not?
    • 4. ‘Few’ and ‘A few’. ‘Little’ and ‘A little’. Positive connotation Negative connotation Formal / Informal Plural countable nouns. A few Few / very few Uncountable nouns. A little Little / very little Exception I have few difficulties.
    • He saw a few policemen. • • • • Did he see some policemen? Did he see a large number of policemen? Did he see only one policeman? How many did he see exactly?
    • He saw few policemen. • • • • • Did he see some policemen? Did he see a large number of policemen? Did he see only one policeman? How many did he see exactly? Did he see as many policemen as he expected?
    • Guess the country Mountains, wildlife, pyramids, skyscrapers, snow, crime, sand, traffic, camels, bicycles, religions, beaches, languages, fresh water, tourism, people, pollution…