Deepgroove at Amnesia Novi Sad, Serbia


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Deepgroove at Amnesia Novi Sad, Serbia

  1. 1. Line up DEEPGROOVE / LONDON UK Dejan Milidevid/ Belgrade SRB Marko Milosavljevid/ Belgrade SRB
  2. 2. DEEPGROOVE labels
  3. 3. DEEPGROOVE biography Over the course of 2009 a cluster of recordings for some of the most influential labels in the world (Cocoon, Rekids, Klang, Harthouse) has seen Deepgroove establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with amongst the legion hordes of globes techno devotees. Their partnership with legendary techno producer Jamie Anderson has led to a steady stream of innovative club destroying moments whilst they have continued to plow their own path through solo remixes and releases. Unstoppable rolling techno such as ‘Turbo’ for Cocoon Recordings have supplied suitably heavyammunition for DJ’s like Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Dubfire to tackle theirlargest festival sets whilst deeper material like The Clock (for Rekids; with it’s subterranean Ben Clockremix) provide incendiary underground grooves to fire up sweatbox after hours and sleazy night spotsthe world over. The patronage of some of the worlds most respected flag bearers has led to bookingsand a rapidly growing live show which has recently showcased for amongst others Bugged Out andFabric.Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson’s album “13 Machines” is due for legendary German imprint Harthousein late October / early November, (preceded by another firing 12” EP) allowing this white hot productionteam to expand the range of their grooves to cover late night burners, peak time club destroyingmoments and all that lies between.
  4. 4. Dejan Milidevid & Marko Milosavljevid (labels &discography) Discography : Wet Musik Recon Warriors 06 Traffica 03 Orion Music Omegaritam Omega Recordings Adult Relatives Zeabize MayDay compilation U make the Rules Patterns Lactic Decoded Vezotonik Jesus Loved You Abyss Recon Light Shadow Fax Solar Cathedral Recordings
  5. 5. Dejan Milidevid biography Dejan Milicevic is born on 02.07.1979 in Belgrade,Serbia. Started Dj-ing by the begging of the year `95 as a 16 year old in small Belgrade club called "OMEN"…performing together with a wellknown DJ Boza Podunavac,who he consideres to be his musical guru.In January `96 for the first time he participates within a project with his today partner DJ Marko Nastic,thats when the TEENAGE TECHNO PUNKS started.TTP was back2back performing of hard,funky techno tunes with massive bass lines and great mixing skills.By the year `98 TTP was pronounced by Rhythm Of The Heart B92 radio awards to be the best techno duo in the country,and then TTP mania begins.Soon after starts a period of various gigs in all region,as a proof that music isuniversal language thogh bad political situation cought the area.Dejan was performing on lots of different events indifferent countries,and by the end of `99 he reached a number of amaising 250 bookings in just one year,due toperforming in Belgrade and a lot more in the country and abroad.Not to forget the TTP residency in those days number 1club in the very center of capitol INDUSTRIJA where The Duo had almost all well known DJ names as guest stars.Hismusic style is a variation of techno,house,minimal and electro carefully combined and mixed on three turntables.At themoment he is involved in couple of projects such as TTP with Marko Nastic,Teska Mashinerija with Nastic andMilosavljevic, and ofcourse solo as DJ Dejan Milicevic.MUSIC FOR THE BODY AND SOUL is a radio show on the mostpopular B92 radio station in Belgrade hosted by Nastic,Milicevic,Milosavljevic.In August 2005 Dejan joined a project withBELEF(Belgrade Summer Festival)to launch a performace with Dusan Skovran string orchestra and by now did 2concerts playing beats vs classic,having a huge feedback from the crowd and the media.In last couple of years Dejanevolved into producing techno,hardgroove and minimal for various labels that resulted with releases that started in themidst 2005.
  6. 6. Marko Milosavljevid biography When he applied for piano lessons, his parents were thrilled. Later on, they didnt appreciate his interest in electronic or techno sound. Nowadays, even older folks can relic the sound of Marko Milosavljevic. Lets see the basic information about him. Born and raised in Trstenik, Serbia, in 1983. There he got his primary education, and as mentioned, studied and later graduated the piano. As he entered his teens, he got acquainted with the different sound. He was completely fascinated by electronic music, and he still is. Once he started exploring it, he realized he will never be able to stop. But during the whole exploring thing, he started making his own music… In Belgrade he found a place and companions, so he can freely produce by exploring.At the age of sixteen, he had his first bigger experience as a DJ. One thing lead to another, and got invited to perform at a bigevent organized by Teshka Mashinerija. He met Marko Nastic who was and still is an important influence, but also became aclose associate. What is even more important, along with Dejan Milicevic, represents a good friend and a great support.Marko Nastic maybe noticed it sooner, but almost everyone can see now, how dedicated Marko Milosavljevic is. Almost fanaticdedication to music, and the perfect amount of braveness are what distinguish him from other DJs. Helping him sometimesmeans forcing him to take a break. He is continue sly experimenting with different forms of electronic music. Doing that, heneeds no food or sleep.He was resident DJ in every Belgrade club that matters. He performed all over the country, as a headliner, as a co-star withother established Serbian DJs and with almost every relative foreign guests. They applauded him at the EXIT Festival (2005,2006, 2007 - Dance Arena). He was side to side with his idols at the Dis-Patch Festival. He performed at many other bigevents and, such as Summer Gathering, Ovo je Moj Grad, Beerfest, Lake Summer Festival and more. He contributed theopening of the Youth Olympic Games in Belgrade Arena, in 2007. He made a special performance with the National Orchestra.From 2006 Marko is performing not only in his only country.
  7. 7. Marketing & Media plan
  9. 9. Flyer i plakat dizajn Tiraž: Flyer-i 7000 kom, A6 format Plakati 3000 kom, B2 format
  10. 10. TV promotion (gostovanje PR Managera) TV FOX (u svim zabavnim emisijama, kao i u nekim informativnim emisijama, poput FOX VESTI) B-92 (Dizanje, Yellow Cab, Štiklom u vrata, Nedeljno popodne) Pink (City, Jutarnji program) RTS (Jutarnji program, Beogradska hronika) Avala (Jutarnji program) Enter (Ne znam di teram) Studio B (Jos uvek budni, Jutarnji program) Metropolis ( Downtown, Popodnevni program) 1. RTV Vojvodina- Kod tri slamčice 2. Panonija- View 3. Kanal 9 - Biber 4. Delta - Fokus
  11. 11. Radio promotion (džingl, gostovanje PR Managera) B-92 radio TDI radio Sport FM Radio 3 Radio Studio B Radio 202 Radio AS , Novi Sad “Music for body and soul” na Radio IN, Novi Sad radiu B92, svakog petka jedan deo emisije će biti posvećen ovom događaju
  12. 12. Internet promotion (baneri i forum najave)
  13. 13. Dnevne novine i časpopisi Večernje Novosti Blic Press Kurir 24 sata Gradjanski NS Dnevnik NS Urban Bug Trip
  14. 14. Kontakt• Ivan Boškovid060 - 6 777 4