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Mgmt404 week 4 i lab working with calendars
Mgmt404 week 4 i lab working with calendars
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Mgmt404 week 4 i lab working with calendars


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  • 1. MGMT404 Week 4 iLabWorking with Calendars PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREProject Resources and Reducing Duration - iLabiLab 4 of 7: Working with CalendarsGeneral Comments about the Microsoft Project ExercisesCalendars are tools that can be assigned to the project and to individualresources. The calendars can change the length of the workdays and scheduleindividual vacations. To work with the calendars, we will:Change the working and non-working time on Standard Calendar. Change theworking and non-working time on a Resource Calendar. Create new basecalendars. Assign different base calendars to resources.GuidelinesComplete Lesson 4. Print the Project Summary Report. Print the Gantt ChartView. (Include only those columns up to and including the Finish Date columnand the Gantt chart. Print this on two pages wide.) Print the Who Does WhatWhen Report. (Print this on three pages.) Print the TaskUsage Report.DeliverablesAll of the following deliverables are required (in a zip file) in order to receive fullcredit:Completed MyLab4_XXX.mpp Completed Review QuestionsPrintouts/Screenshots contained in Week_4_Printouts_XXX.docxWhen submitting required printouts (if you are not bringing them to class), take ascreenshot (in Windows <ALT><PrtScr>) of the report from the Print Previewpage and paste the screenshot to an MS Word document. Make sure to crop thescreen to show only the report. After cropping, resize the image appropriately. Ifthe printout is on more than one page, paste each page individually.Save the Word document containing printouts as Week_4_Printouts_XXX.docx,and submit this file to the Week 4 iLabDropbox in a zip file along with theMyLab4_XXX.mpp file and the completed Review Questions at the end of Lesson
  • 2. 4. Remember to replace "XXX" in all the file names with your initials, and ensurethat all of your files are clearly labeled.iLAB STEPSSTEP 1: Download iLab InstructionsClick the links below to access this weeks iLab instructions. You also maydownload both lessons from the MS Project Exercises category in Doc Sharing.MS Project Lesson4.docx(Review Questions to be completed and submitted forLesson 4 are located at the end of this document.)STEP 2: Complete the iLab AssignmentComplete the iLab assignment for Week 4 based on the Guidelines section andLesson document above.STEP 3: SubmitiLabDeliverables Create a folder called MGMT404_YourLastName_Lab4