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  • 1. ESCOLA BÁSICA INTEGRADA DA QUINTA DO CONDE CURSO DE EDUCAÇÃO E FORMAÇÃO DE ADULTOS - NÍVEL SECUNDÁRIO InglêsUNIDADE DE FORMAÇÃO DE CURTA DURAÇÃO Inglês FORMANDO/GRUPO DE Margarida Canuto e Iuri Pereira TRABALHO 1. A vet is someone who takes care of animals. The vet is giving the dog a shot. 2. A medic is someone who takes care of people. The doctor is listening to the patient’s lungs. 3. A secretary is someone who helps managing the schedule. The secretary is taking notes 4. A housekeeper is someone who cleans the house. The housekeeper is cleaning the dust. 5. A butler is someone who delivers orders. The butler is delivering the food 6. An architect is someone who designs places. The architect is checking the building. 7. A farmer is someone who plants and takes care of the farm. The farmer is riding is truck. 8. A mechanic is someone who fixes our cars. The mechanic is fixing the car. 9. A bus driver is someone who drives a bus around the city. The bus driver is driving the people around town. 10. A mailman is someone who delivers the mail. The mailman is delivering the mail. 11. A barber is someone who cuts and re-styles the men’s hair. The barber is cutting the man’s hair. 12. A chef is someone who cooks for the restaurant. The chef is cooking. 13. A fireman is someone who fights the fire. The fireman is fighting the fire. 14. A hairstyle is someone who cuts and re-styles our hair.
  • 2. ESCOLA BÁSICA INTEGRADA DA QUINTA DO CONDE CURSO DE EDUCAÇÃO E FORMAÇÃO DE ADULTOS - NÍVEL SECUNDÁRIO Inglês The hairstyle is re-styling the woman’s hair.15. A gas pumper is someone who puts gas in our car. The gas pumper is pumping gas on the car.16. A teacher is someone who teaches the students The teacher is teaching the students.17. A business man is someone who makes deals. The business man is going to make a deal.18. A shopkeeper is someone who sells stuff. The shopkeeper is selling stuff to the client.19. A policeman is someone who takes care of our safety. The policeman is taking care of our neighborhood.20. An air hostess is someone who takes care of the passengers on the plane. The air hostess is delivering food and drinks to the passengers.21. A pianist is someone who plays music with a piano. The pianist is playing the piano.22. A civil construction worker is someone who makes houses. The civil construction worker is digging a hole.23. A countryman is someone who takes care of the animals in the farm. The countryman is taking care of the animals on is farm.24. A nurse, is someone who assist the doctor. The nurse is giving a shot to the pacient.25. A photographer is someone who takes pictures. The photographer is taking pictures.