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Case Study on  Social Media Marketing by ADG Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Case Study on Social Media Marketing by ADG Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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B2C Case Study on Social Media Marketing by ADG Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

B2C Case Study on Social Media Marketing by ADG Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 1. Case Study on Social Media MarketingFor – Belkin IndiaBy - ADG Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. Back in 2010… Belkin, a California based digital and lifestyle accessories brand sprouted in India
  • 3. and their vision… Strong Brand Presence Aggressive Product Selling Remarkable shift from start-up to Market Leader in Wireless Networking Space in India
  • 4. The biggest challenge…Social Media was theonly medium chosen togo ahead consideringits cost, proliferatedoutreach and targetedapproach.
  • 5. yet we stayed ajar… We targeted young buyers, technology enthusiasts and prime purchase decision makers in more than 30 days across India
  • 6. Who are we? Pioneer in Digital Media Marketing and Innovations. Core competency : Lead Gen and Demand Gen Programs, Display Innovations, Social Media, Applications, Mobile and Search Marketing Clientele Genre : B2B and B2C ADGs Motive: To improve your Business, whether it is Brand building or increasing sales Geographic Presence : HQ : Delhi Branch Offices: Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bermingham
  • 7. we chalked out…A five step revolutionary approach,3.Incept4.Invite5.Engage6.Retain7.Listen
  • 8. Synopsis• How Belkin India Leveraged Social Media Platforms• The Level of Innovations taken place on Belkin Facebook• Digital Ecosystem and its roots• What we achieved
  • 9. the brewing vessels… ceb ook Fa You tube T witter L inked In
  • 10. Belkin India Facebookat this minute has1,04,726 Fans!! and 50% of these interact daily
  • 11. how we reached here? Invited Special friends animated and their Creatives, mascot friends Interactive messaging skin integrations, Sales, Like page, customer Sweepstakes, Groups, queries Games communities, testimonials followers
  • 12. Celebrate with Us!!
  • 13. Traction on the Belkin Wall
  • 14. Belkin Social Media Superstar Bahadur Sherpa or Belkin’s social mascot was the first wave of innovation + creativity on Facebook. From going hospitals to witnessing F1, Sherpa has been the Blue-eyed Boy of Belkin India and its social network
  • 15. Belkin App GalleryThis Sweepstakesgave Belkin 500prospectbuyers.
  • 16. Sweepstakes Campaign 704 Original Leads generated by Sweepstakes application
  • 17. Social GamificationFirst ever Facebook Game based on Brand Products
  • 18. e-cart evolution
  • 19. every word counts…
  • 20. Having fun is essential…
  • 21. Oodles of Wall Creativity
  • 22. Belkin YouTube Channel
  • 23. Watch, Publish, Share… Belkin India Channel boasts of an average 80+ Views per week
  • 24. Belkin @ LinkedIn… 32% long to be sconnection es Industry IT Servic
  • 25. Enterprise connect… 2,130 550Professionals Membersare connected participate in to Belkin Belkin’s Group via LinkedIn Discussions
  • 26. Twitter wallpaper…
  • 27. Social Listening…Tweet-a-thonamidst 140 charprecision
  • 28. tweet tree… Score for Belkin India on Twitter claimed 91 most popular brand
  • 29. The entire ecosystem… Social Media pumps the heat in display, search as well as digital PR promotion of brand Belkin
  • 30. but the best is… Belkin remains the sweetheart of its fans
  • 31. Inferences• Well positioned brand against competition (Ranked No. 1 by IDC)• Established a Loyal Community(Fan base of 1,00, 000+ fans)• Increased Awareness on Belkin (Monthly Active Users: 97,038, Post Views ; 1,164,601)• Nominated among best 6 Gadgets by NDTV Gadgets• Impact on Overall Sales and better positioning of post sales support to retain Happy Customers !
  • 32. Contact UsVisit: www.adgonline.in Our Corporate Office:Call: 0129-4107527 ADG Online Solutions PrivateFor Marketing Plans, Contact: Limited LB 2,3Name : Deepa Sayal Charmwood Plaza, CharmwoodDesgn : Director-key Accounts VillageEmail : deepa@adgonline.in Surajkund,Mobile :+ 91-9711134111 Faridabad-121009