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The online search is going through a major haul as part of the Houston Web Design search optimization. As Mobile search, Social search and Location based search gain importance, no two people’s search results are similar for the same keywords. Yes, that’s true!

Google and other search engines are focusing vastly on personalizing search results along with localization. The information shown is based on your browsing history, your interaction on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, your search history, on the click through in various websites and the geographic location of the consumer.

In this presentation learn about different search engine factors for local search ranking and lead generation strategies. Visit our Local Search Marketing page to learn further more: http://www.itvibes.com/web-services/search-engine-optimization/local-search-marketing/

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Houston Web Design Local Search Marketing

  1. 1. itvibes.com itvibes.com/facebookLocal Search Marketing - Presented by Siva Yenneti Local Business Lead generation & Brand Recognition © 2012 ITVibes, Inc. All rights reserved. Material may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without permission.
  2. 2. Marketing 101 “You cant attract today’s customers with yesterdays methods & still be in business tomorrow”2 3/1/2012
  3. 3. Our Value Proposition We specialize in creating integrated and user friendly Websites with high lead generation and conversion rate to increase sales and bottom line. FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE + LOCAL MARKETING = SUCCESS3 3/1/2012
  4. 4. Traffic + Conversion4 3/1/2012
  5. 5. If you build it, will they come? After all, they can’t check out your profile, opt-in to your list, register for your event, contact you, or buy from you if they never5 3/1/2012 get to your website in the first place!
  6. 6. Have you spread the word out?6 3/1/2012
  7. 7. 10 ways to Market 0. Traditional Marketing 1. Networking 2. Local Marketing 3. Content Optimization 4. Social Media Marketing 5. SEO – Link Building 6. Pay Per Click 7. Email Marketing 8. Referral Marketing7 9. 3/1/2012 Partnerships & Affiliations
  8. 8. All Roads Lead to Rome8 3/1/2012
  9. 9. Location, Location, Location Search is • Location based • Mobile based • Social9 3/1/2012
  10. 10. They know what you need Search is personalized • Browsing history • Previous search history • Social interactions • Click-throughs • Geographic location Do you know? People see different search results10 3/1/2012 for the same keywords.
  11. 11. Are you on the map? Geo-tagging is LIVE search • Check-ins • Google places • Site reviews • Local directories11 3/1/2012
  12. 12. Think before you Act Based on your: 1. Business Model 2. Marketing Goals 3. Growth potential 4. Sales Targets Start somewhere12 3/1/2012
  13. 13. Measure & Improve 1. Traffic Sources 2. Impressions 3. Social Reach 4. Active Users 5. Mentions 6. Unique Visitors 7. Page Views 8. Subscribers13 3/1/2012
  14. 14. Local Search Facts • 71% of all online searches are related to local businesses – Google • 84% of local consumers follow up with a call or an email after the search – TMP/Comscore • 67% of users start with online local search than looking in Yellow Pages – Comscore • 58% of users search for local businesses with an intent to buy • 51% of consumers use a location in their search Ex: ‘Chiropractor in Houston’ • Consumer reviews are important for local search ranking – Google • Sites optimized for Mobile have better Search Optimization – Google14 •3/1/2012 spent by users on your website matters for Search Time Optimization – Google
  15. 15. Connect with us facebook.com/itvibes itvibes.com siva@itvibes.com (281) 636 461615 3/1/2012