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Resources and supplying our energy needs
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Resources and supplying our energy needs


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Resources & Supplying Our Energy Needs By T- 1-855-694-8886 Email-
  • 2. Supplying Our Energy Needs Electricity is made in a power plant. Most power plants burn fossil fuels (natural resources like coal, oil, or natural gas) to produce heat.
  • 3. Supplying Our Energy Needs  Next, this heat is used to boil water.  The steam from the boiling water turns a turbine.  The turbine turns a generator which produces electricity.Copyright reserved. 2012 The E Tutor
  • 4. Electricity from Fossil fuels A nonrenewable resource is not replaced as it is used. Because it takes so long for these resources to form, someday we will not have enough fossil fuels to produce the electricity we need. The three major fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. Coal Oil Natural Gas
  • 5. Electricity from Nuclear energy The main advantage of using nuclear energy to produce electricity is that it doesn’t pollute the air like fossil fuel power plants do. Storage of nuclear waste has always been a major disadvantage of nuclear power plants. Uranium fuel from the reactor stays dangerously radioactive for a long time. Coal Power plant
  • 6. Electricity from Renewable resources A renewable resource can be replaced naturally in a relatively short period of time. The Sun and wind are renewable resources that can be used as energy sources.
  • 7. Electricity from Renewable resources  It is also possible to use:  Moving water (hydroelectric)  Hot spots near Earth’s surface (geothermal)  Fuels made from once-living things like wood or corn (called biomass) or  Tides to produce electricity.Hydroelectric Power plant Geothermal Power Plant Biomass power Plant
  • 8. Transportation & Energy Americans use about 375 million gallons of gasoline every day. The U.S. does not produce enough crude oil to make all of the gasoline used by American motorists.
  • 9. Transportation and energy If a machine is efficient, the machine is able to use most of its energy source to do a job. Only about 20% of the gasoline energy in a car is converted to motion. Almost 80% the energy is lost as unusable heat.
  • 10. Call us for more information: 1-855-694-8886Visit The End