Chemical Reaction


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Chemical Reaction

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  2. 2. Chemical Reaction A chemical reaction occurs when one or more chemicals react to become different chemicals. A chemical reaction is characterized by the re- arrangement of atoms from the reactant side of the equation to the product side. -: Example :- Hydrogen gas burns in oxygen to make water. 2H2 + O2 2H2O
  3. 3. Types of Chemical Reaction Decomposition Reactions Combination Reactions Single-Replacement Reactions Double-Replacement Reactions Combustion Reactions
  4. 4. Decomposition ReactionA decomposition reaction is a reaction in whicha single compound decomposes to two or moreother substances. AB A+B Where A and B can be elements or compounds.Most compounds can be broken down into simplersubstances or decomposed.
  5. 5. Decomposition Reaction -: Example :-The industrial preparation of calcium oxide (Lime)involves the decomposition of calcium carbonateby heating it. CaCO3(s) CaO(s) + CO2(g)
  6. 6. Combination ReactionA combination reaction is a reaction in whichtwo substances combine to form a third. A+B AB Where A and B can be elements or compounds.Decomposition and combination reactions canbe considered to be the reverse of each other.
  7. 7. Combination Reaction -: Example :-The reaction of calcium oxide with sulfur dioxideto form calcium sulfite CaO(s) + SO2(g) CaSO3(s)
  8. 8. Single-Replacement ReactionA single-replacement reaction is a reaction inwhich an element reacts with a compound andreplaces another element in the compound. A + BC AB + C Where A and C are elements and BC and AB are compounds.
  9. 9. Single-Replacement Reaction -: Example :-The reaction in which copper displaces silverfrom an aqueous solution of silver nitrateCu(s) + 2AgNO3(aq) Cu(NO3)2(aq) + 2Ag(s)
  10. 10. Double-Replacement ReactionA double-replacement reaction is a reaction inwhich there is an exchange of positive ions betweentwo compounds. These reactions generally takeplace between two ionic compounds in aqueoussolution. AB + CD AD + CB Where A and C are cations and B and D are anions.For a double-replacement reaction to occur, at leastone of the products must be a gas or water, or aprecipitate.
  11. 11. Double-Replacement Reaction -: Example :-Precipitation reactions are one type of double-replacement reaction.AgNO3(aq) + NaCl(aq) AgCl(s) + NaNO3(aq)
  12. 12. Combustion Reaction A combustion reaction is a reaction in which a substance reacts with oxygen, usually with the fast release of heat and the production of a flame. Organic compounds usually burn in the oxygen in air to produce carbon dioxide and if the compound contains hydrogen, another product will be water.  For example butane burns in air as follows.
  13. 13. Combustion Reaction -: Example :-In general: CxHy + O2 CO2 + H2OProducts in combustion are ALWAYS carbon dioxideAnd water.Combustion is used to heat homes and runautomobiles (octane, as in gasoline, is C8H18).
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