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Advances in Medical Science

29 February 2012, Central Hall Westminster, London

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  1. 1. IMI mHealth Service Innovative - Integrated - Interactive Measurement Status imi History Report mHealth Loop User Advice Report Action remote monitoring for doctors, mobile and PC interfaces, self-empowerment, statistical data recording, optimal training planning,optimising the allocation of resources in health system, treatment testing, weight controlling, reminder services,stress level monitoring & burnout prevention, user friendly reporting interface, app integrating platform, built in quality control
  2. 2. Who we are and what we do We are a team of specialists, inspired and motivated by the vision of bringing healthcare back to the people. Keeping people healthy is real healthcare and will safe health organi- zations and governments billions of dollars every year and will improve quality of life for millions tremendously. This personal empowerment to take conscious decisions about the personal wellbeing requires personal, basic information about the current state – a device to spot check people’s wellbeing and the facility to store the data and see tendencies, combined with a dairy on nutrition, training and treatments. The possibility to share successful plans and strategies for a better life can be discussed and shared in the leading social communities or with health specialists from any place around this Globus. With our headquarters in the upper Rhein Valley, between Switzerland and Austria, and our branches in Hong Kong and UK (London) we have direct access to all our important partners and providers, beginning from sophisticated software engineering to various production lines in China, ready to fulfill our and our customers’ needs. Health goes mobile, and the responsibility for health goes back to the people – supported by health specialists from all over the world – online and available 24/7.“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”, Sir Victor Hugo 1852 Based on more than 10 years of research and development, we are proud to be the first to be able to deliver a fully integrated mobile health service that • is integrated • is interactive • is secure • is accurate • is scalable • can be branded by every health care provider • opens a wide range of linkages to other platforms (nutrition platforms, health datastorage platforms, training platforms, diet platforms,…) • can be implemented as a new business segment with multi million revenue potential • is compatible with all common operating systems2 • enables MNO’s to offer a interesting range of services as up- and cross selling opportunities.
  3. 3. How it worksThe service loop Measurement Status imi History Report mHealth Loop User Advice Report ActionThe technical background 3
  4. 4. 4 Measurement Calcula-on  &  results Statement  Assessment Op-miza-on Status  A NS Risk  of  burnout  syndrom/risk  of   Non-­‐  Invasive   Heart  rate  variability One  channel  ECG frequency-­‐domain/  -me   heart  aNack/  risk  of  vascular   s-mula-on  of   ECG/Pulswave domain disease autonomic  ac-vity   by  modulated   Stress  level Autonomic  Regula-on  Index magne-c  and  laser   ANS  balance Result-­‐  Trend waves blood  pressure  in  combina-on   Blood  pressure mmHg with  other  vital  factors Fitness  state Cardiovagal  recovery  in  the  post-­‐   Complex  Demodula-on   exercise  period Method The measurements Pulse Pulse  wave  transit  -me metabolic  state Metabolic  state Anabolic/catabolic Nutri-on  advice current  needs  of   carbohydrates,Fats  and  proteins Arterial  s-ffness condi-on  of to  be  interpreted  by  a  doctor  or   Blood  oxygen Oxygen  content  in  blood health  specialist ANS   balancing                                                ⁰ to  be  interpreted  by  a  doctor  or   cardiovagal   Temperature C  /  ⁰F health  specialist recovery Planned:  blood  fat  and  blood  sugar  measurement  (bloodless)
  5. 5. The user interfaceThe user interface – on the mobile device and on the internet – will be the placewhere interaction takes place: • input from the user side (measurements, personal information such as weight and specific problems & diseases , nutrition, training and exercise, blood sugar…) • output concerning advice (stress level diagram, trend analyses concerning all captured information, nutrition, training and exercise, reminder services for medication,…) • plus the opportunity to let the doctor have access to this information or even have a video conference with health specialists on facts and figures visible in the user interface.Screenshot from software (user interface) 5
  6. 6. 6 mHealth nutrition, physical environmental, applications exercises & any other uncontrolable * controlable input inputs existing data bases controlled elimination of and knowledge from advice system factors with negative effects different sources reporting system on reporting system trend spot-check of inherent control mechanism cardiovascular and remote control system autonomous recording services provided by NHS Secure nervous system data remote control system base The integrated system & the system * uncontrolable in the short term Health specialists
  7. 7. The service packagesbasic mHealth service wellness packageadvanced mHealth service wellness & fitness package wellness, fitness & coaching package +premium mHealth service BodyWavepersonal history basic advanced premium bloodpressure √ √ √ pulse √ √ √ stress level diagramm √ √ √ temperature √ √ √diary function exercise √ √ √ nutrition √ √ √ treatment √ √ √nutrition advice traffic light diagramm √ √ √ recipe store √ √ √ linkage to other platforms (e.g. WIKIFood,…) √ √ √training advice age and measurement specific training √ √ √access generator generating access codes for other users √ √ √fitness observer full ANS recording with body sensors √ √ √ √ optimal training planbody wave modulated frequency information acc. to Dr. Dr. Lingg √ √coaching 15 min daily personal service over videocall √recommended sales price in GBP / month 4.90 7.90 19.90optional: connections to mobile apps 7
  8. 8. imi HEALTH TECHNOLOGY IMI Health AG Felbaweg 10 9494 Schaan Liechtenstein IMI Ltd. - Swiss Independent Institute for Medical Innovation 28/F., Tesbury Centre 28 Queen‘s Road East Wanchai, Hong Kong t +423 230 30 60 f +423 230 30 62@ info@imi-health-technology.comw³ 8