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H30 imi health ag pro (2)

  1. 1. 1 PROFILE mHealth innovative technology… …enabling wellness management at your fingertips… M obile Health (short form The mHealth solution and protection in this environment is mHealth) is an emerging the concept mandatory and may be provided to and fast-growing sector The formula for the IMI mHealth military standard if required. that brings mobile communications solution is: Integrated mHealth and life sciences together. mHealth The concept of the IMI mHealth Concept + Hardware + Software = inte- can and will support the health sector framework is integrated to build a grated and interactive mHealth service in a way that allocates resources perfect quality control loop that is more efficiently and may potentially Concept open enough to have permanent save the NHS billions of pounds. IMI Based on the principle that wellness upgrades through application Health AG has developed technology and health is individual and that any providers, users and experts from using mobile communications and is influencing factor on the human system must be verifiable in its effect, all over the world (see Fig. 2). a first mover in the area of wellness IMI believes in the power of open, The concept is also integrated in the management conducted in a user- integrated systems. Open for smart holistic idea that the human body is friendly manner and at your fingertips. approaches and applications (apps) a complex system and everything When Dr Lingg, who founded IMI and thus open for improvements people do has an impact whether Health AG, worked at Seva Sangh through the input of users. The they want to lose weight, improve their Samiti Hospital in the Sunderbans, empowerment of people to be able to shape or optimise nutrition. These West Bengal, India, he saw daily lines take conscious decisions about what points are all just single aspects of a of people waiting to obtain medical they should eat, what they could do person living in our so-called ‘highly support some of whom had urgent to improve their wellbeing and who developed’ civilization. But losing needs and others who were perfectly they want to participate is a ‘Health weight could make some people sick healthy. That is when he developed 2.0’ approach according to Lingg. and training too hard could over- the idea of using a mobile device to Hardware burden the heart. This is why the IMI capture and analyse basic vital signs IMI can offer mobiles (see Fig. 1) solution monitors these aspects and thereby permitting the user to monitor or tablet PCs as all-in-one devices, people can function in a balanced the state of their health as well as separate devices as an add-on for way, taking care of their metabolism giving medical professionals the mobiles with Bluetooth connection and cardiovascular requirements. opportunity to achieve fast and or, provide the technology for third The loop: From measurement effective access to relevant data – parties to white label their products. to data capture wherever and whenever. This was the Software To be able to test all different impacts moment when the vision of IMI and IMI owns mobile and server-based on the human system, a measurement Lingg was born – long before anybody software that is secure, patented and point is needed that: used the expression mHealth. able to be connected to most common ■ Can be used instantly and in “We want to monitor people’s health operating systems and browsers. Data any environment; and not treat diseases – that is the job of doctors and other specialists.” With this mission statement Lingg clearly defines the IMI approach that he refers to as ‘salutogenic’, in contrast to the ‘pathogenic’ approach that prevails in the Western world. Prevention is also cheaper than treat- ment as the economic side of this alternative view to health. On the other hand IMI delivers a reliable tool for doctors to supervise patients and Fig. 1 be able to conduct remote checks. Public Service Review: Health and Social Care: issue 30
  2. 2. PROFILE 2 that spot check, advice can be given based and leaves it up to the user, if on optimal nutrition and cardio work- he/she wishes to be the single user in outs. There is also a special sport their account or grant access to the application available that shows an GP, partner or even share the experi- optimal training guide. Well-recog- ences and discoveries in social nised and approved databases like communities. All data is stored on Nutri-Find and WikiFood are used to the server in a way that every user build up a detailed nutritional diary, is identified through a personal ID. containing recipes and other useful Personal data to identify the user and sources of information. The comparison the collected and stored information Fig. 2 of advice given and what actually is retained in two separate databases. happened will enable the software to An assignment is only possible■ Functions for all users in the make an analysis. There are already through the ID and access to personal same way; some precious ‘pearls’ with regard to data is specifically protected.■ Has an immediate response to apps and databases that are available in the mHealth sector, dealing with Summary every impact on the human body. The integrated and interactive specific aspects of wellness andThe cardiovascular and the autonomous health. IMI has developed a string to mHealth service provided by IMInervous systems of the human body Health AG technology facilitates: be able to integrate those develop- ■ Remote monitoring;are sending instant signals about our ments and hence be able to providewellbeing. IMI has found a way to a ‘string of pearls’ together with the ■ Self-empowerment;interpret those signals utilising its loop. Eventually, all the captured and ■ Secure data storage for mediumpatented algorithm. That is why IMI stored data will provide valuable and long-term analysis;developed a device that can be inte- information, both demographically ■ A large range of supportinggrated in every mobile phone using and geographically, on a global basis.four sensors on the back that can be mHealth applications; Appealing graphics and an easilyequally applied from the fingertips or comprehensible menu structure on ■ A range of differing hardwarethe breast. The measurement are of the mobile phone and internet devices;one channel ECG, pulse and blood account makes the IMI Health ■ A built-in and effective controloxygen that calculates and reports product a discrete and viable system.blood pressure, the status of metabo- companion in daily life.lism and the autonomous nervous In a world in which people aresystem with special focus on stress The user area is programmed to living longer, the available medicallevels (see Fig. 3). provide a white label solution and resource, with the inherent cost, is can be branded and adopted for being stretched to breaking point. It isAfter a measurement, that can be many purposes by institutions vital that mobile communications areconducted daily and takes two and companies. used to monitor people remotely. IMIminutes 20 seconds, the result will Health AG has developed technologybe shown immediately on the device Protected private sphere from a vision to make this a reality.and – whenever connectivity to the Data protection is mandatory for theinternet is possible – also in a capture, storage and use of personal Remote monitoring together with thepersonal user area online. Based on health data. The user area is ‘https’- accurate evaluation of the collected data creates wellness management at your fingertips. Leslie Wagstaffe Chief Executive Officer IMI Health AG Felbaweg 10 9494 Schaan Lichtenstein Tel: +423 230 3060 leslie.wagstaffe@imi-health.com www.imi-health.com Fig. 3 Public Service Review: Health and Social Care: issue 30