Anti-bullying presentation #4


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  • I talk back and fight back if you beat the bully you show that bully that their you are now afraid look what if your sibling was getting beat up and then you see it what would I do beat the crap out ofthe bully.
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Anti-bullying presentation #4

  1. 1. Anti-Bullying Be the change you want to see! By: Kyla Zrymiak
  2. 2. How to get the bully to STOP… Tips for the victims:  Stay calm because bullies like reactions  Don’t fight or talk back just say a comeback and walk away  Stay within the sight of you’re the teachers or a group of people.  Instead of getting mad, get funny!  You need confidence, don’t slouch down instead stand up straight .
  3. 3. Why do bully’s bully? • Make people think that they are cool • Make them look tough • Family problems at home • Make them get attention from friends • Make other people afraid of them • They might be bullied themselves • They might be jealous of the victim
  4. 4. Physical Bullying What is physical bullying?  Physical bullying is when a bully uses his or her physical actions.  It includes: hitting, kicking, slapping, pinching, biting, poking, chocking, and spitting.  It also includes destroying personal belongings
  5. 5. How to stop Physical Bullying? Tell a trusted adult or teacher what is happening. Try to stay with a group of people not just by yourself. Never start a physical fight with the bully. Show that you are confident and won’t be in a fight. Don’t let the bully continue hurting you. Try to avoid the bully!
  6. 6. Cyber Bullying What is cyber bullying? Cyber Bullying is a harassment over the computer. It happens when the bully posts embarrassing pictures, information on the internet. Bully’s also send mean threats. The Bully’s are usually unknown when they send the message to the victim.
  7. 7. How to stop Cyber Bullying? Don’t reply back. Block the person that is sending you mean messages. Don’t delete the messages so a trusted adult could read them. Change your email address or your cell phone number but make sure you tried everything to stop them first!
  8. 8. Verbal Bullying What is verbal bullying? Verbal bully's use words and humiliate a different person Verbal bullying includes: name-calling, talking behind another persons back, and constant teasing. This kind of bullying mostly is with girls There is no physical scares but the victims heart is scarred for life.
  9. 9. How to stop verbal bullying? Ways to stop it…  Ignore it  Don’t listen to the rumors people might spread  Walk away  Speak up and tell a trusted adult how you feel  Stand up for yourself and be strong  Don’t listen to what they are saying because it is probably not true
  10. 10. ANTI-BULLYING ACTOSTIC Avoid the bully Call for help Take a stand
  11. 11. Do you part and make bullying… STOP!!!