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An Insight Into E- CRM
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An Insight Into E- CRM

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  • 1. An Insight into E-CRM
  • 2. E-CRM/On Line CRM • Online CRM implies an additional means of communication and level of interaction with the customer where there is a real difference in the technology and its architechture,which allows for ease and self service to customers
  • 3. Need to Adopt E-CRM • Optimize the value of inter-active relationships. • Enable business to extend its personalized messaging to the web and E- Mail. • Coordinate Marketing initiatives across all customer channels. • Leverage customer information for more effective e-marketing and e business
  • 4. • Focus Business on improving customer relationships and earning a greater share of each of customers business through consistent measurement, assessment and “actionable” customer contact strategies.
  • 5. Basic requirements of E-CRM • Electronic channels-Web Personalized E- Messaging medium for fast interaction • Enterprise-touch and shape a customers experience across the entire organization • Empowerment-Customer Empowerment • Economics-provides the greatest return customer communication initiatives. • Assessment-Evaluation results • Outside information-use of customer sanctioned external information.
  • 6. Steps in building an E-CRM Solution • Define business objectives • Assess its current sophistication along the E-CRM continuum in terms of process and technology. • Define Business processes and changes needed to support its goals.
  • 7. Steps to implement E-CRM Processes. • Plan and timetable to implement processes. • Erect the necessary data warehouse to attain a consolidated view of the customers • Select implement and integrate the required E-CRM applications.
  • 8. Three Dimensions of E-CRM • Acquisition Getting • Expansion • Retention
  • 9. Key E-CRM Features • Focused on process-reduces the technology gap. • Driven by a Data warehouse • Focused on a multi-channel view of customer actions Across channels. • Based on consistent metrics to asses customer actions across channels. • Built to accommodate the new market dynamics that place the customer in control.
  • 10. • Structured to identify a customers profitability or profit potential and determine effective investment allocation decisions accordingly • Scalable to meet growth and performance needs