Strategy for coca cola's burn


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Strategy for coca cola's burn

  2. 2. OutlineIndustry OverviewCompetitor AnalysisResearch MethodologyInsights from researchConsumer profilingBurn- A Story UntoldMedia choiceMarketing strategy
  3. 3. Industry Overview• Growing at a CAGR of about 20%, the non-alcoholicbeverages sector is currently worth about Rs. 6,000 crore,according to a study on ‘Opportunities in the Indian Non-Alcoholic Beverages Market´ by the Associated Chambers ofCommerce and Industry of India (Assocham).• “Domestic consumption of non-alcoholic beveragecurrently stands at about 17,200 crore litres and is likely tocross the 34,000 crore litres mark by 2015,” said Assochamsecretary general D S Rawat while releasing the findings ofthe study.• Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Parle Agro Pvt Ltd, Dabur and Godrejare among the leading players in the domestic non-alcoholic beverage circuit, highlights the Assochamstudy.(bmg)
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis-What mind space is occupied by whichbrand
  5. 5. Research – Which story to tell andwhom to narrate it to.Phases Methodology DetailsSamplingStratified Sampling-Convenient Sampling Age (18-30), Location online availableQuantitative Research Online Survey 60 Respondents and counting…
  6. 6. 49.20%52.90%Energy Drink ConsumersYesNoResearch Data FindingsEnergyDrinksRed BullWord AssociationThe difference betweenconsumers and nonconsumers is smallRed Bull is synonymouswith energy drinks inIndia
  7. 7. Research Data Findings0%20%40%60%80%100%120%Brand RecallBrand RecallBurn has a very lowbrand recall comparedto the other brands18%22%15%20%15%10%Use of Energy drinksPlaying SportsExercising orWorkoutQuenching thirstPartyingLeisure activitiesPhysical Activity andpartying emerge as themajor occasions forconsumption
  8. 8. Research Data Findings56%44%Alcohol ConsumptionYesNoMajority of the targetaudience consumesalcohol0.00%50.00%TV Radio Digital NewspaperRetailOutletsStores WordofmouthSourceTV and WOM are wayahead of any media forenergy drinks
  9. 9. Consumer ProfilingMs. Pooja Sharma•Working Woman•Sec A+•Likes hanging outwith friends afterwork•Weekend spot tounwind•Casual meetingswith clients•24x7 internetthrough her smartphoneMr. Amit Mishra•MBA Graduate•Sec A•Hangs out atdifferent places andon a look out forsomething new•Is connected tointernet throughhis BB•Takes his girlfriendout•Sensitive WOMMs. Neha Kapoor•Married a monthback,Sec A+•Sensitive toWOM, Facebookads & promotionaloffers•Prefers classyplaces & visits afterwork with husband•Always willing totry something new.Mr & Mrs Jain•Married with kids•Sec A+•Once a weekpartying•Sensitive toFacebook, WOM•Brand loyal cozthey want todepend onsomething theyhave know.
  10. 10. Communication Strategy• Why repair something which is not broken– Indianize the story– It’s inspiring, feels authentic and is a great watch too• Which emotions should be used in the story– Thrill• The thrill of jumping out of an airplane– Exhilaration• Make (someone) feel very happy, animated, or elated– Amazement• A feeling of great surprise or wonder
  11. 11. Story• When you hit the zone• When you are at the fag end and you still wantto keep going• Everyone tells you to quit or reconsider• But you still go ahead and take the leap• In that moment of loneliness when thatburning desire ignites into flames
  12. 12. That moment of loneliness
  13. 13. Passion is EnergyThe communication Idea
  14. 14. Point of Difference1. The mind space which the brand aims tooccupy is a combination of three emotions.2. Distribution strength of Coca-Cola.3. Strong brand imagery internationally andequally strong digital presence.4. No prior associations in India.
  15. 15. A day in the life of TG
  16. 16. Media Choice• Digital Storytelling is the process of oralstorytelling with multi-media elements.• Digital storytelling has become a widemovement and is gaining more supporters.• Digital storytelling has been shown to helpcreate and build communities.
  17. 17. Budget!PrintAd be placed in Newspapers and general magazines seasonally and in specialmagazines like Femina/GQ with stories of successBudget – 3Crores annually (cost of innovation)TelevisionAds across channels and special programs on success storiesBudget – 1Crore annuallyOnlineAds on popular websites in ‘get ahead’ sectionsBudget – 2Crores annually
  18. 18. Contd..DigitalStory building to happen on Youtube and Facebook/Twitter to be used to furtherenhance the experienceBudget – 50LakhsPromotional EventsBudget – 50LakhsSponsorships and EndorsementSponsoring events such as Brand manager competitions at college level, Staremployee at corporate level and Real life heroes at society levelBudget – 5Crores
  19. 19. Marketing Strategy
  20. 20. Product• Focus on the energyaspectPrice• Current pricing of 75is competitive in thesegment and shouldbe continued.Place• Opening smalloutlets outsidemalls, outsidecollegecampuses, comingup with smaller take-away outlets outsideworkplaces andofficesPromotion• Story telling on thedigital platforms• Using Youtube andFacebook/Twitter
  21. 21. Activation• Brand Manager Competition• Diamond Employee Program• Heroes program• Tipping Point- Flagship event of Burn• CEO Conclave• College Champion• Fest Star
  22. 22. Questions?• Why not change the global positioning?• Why not sports?
  23. 23. Thank you!• Question?