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Training Presentation of OWHA ITR process

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  • Welcome to the I T SportsNet Tutorial for Women’s Hockey Association Registrars.This tutorial will show you how to use the online intent to registrar process.
  • Now you are ready to start filling out your Online ITR forms.Back in the List ITR Form you will be able to review the status of all of your ITRs, Select the ITR to fill out And add in New ITRs.
  • In the Edit ITR form screen you are able to change the Division Category of the Team, Add the Team Contact and Team Voter. You can Print the ITR Form to mail to OWHA and Submit your ITR for approval.It is important to remember that you need to both submit your ITR electronically and to email the signed and printed ITR form with your team cheques.
  • Here is where you are able to select a different Division and Category for the ITR and buttons for both the Team Contact and Team Voter.An ITR must have both the Team Contact and Team Voter filled in before they can submitted for approval.
  • If you are familiar with registering players and coaches with I T SportsNet, it is the same process to add Team Contacts and Team Voters. You first Search for the Team Contact. If you find them, you can select them.If you do not find them, then you can add in a new member and add them as the team contact.
  • Once your have filled in the Team and Voter Contact you will see that you can now Submit your ITR for Approval and Print the ITR Form to mail with your cheques.
  • Once the OWHA has reviewed your ITR submission and has received your signed form and checks they will approve your Team. This will create your team for the current season.Once your team is approved and created you will receive an email letting you know and you will immediately be able to start building your rosters.
  • This has been an I T SportsNet online tutorial.

    1. 1. Online ITR Tutorial Ontario Women’s Hockey Association
    2. 2. Introduction This Tutorial takes you through the Intent to Register (ITR) process for the OWHA. You must already have ITSportsNet v2.1 access
    3. 3. Online ITR Forms • Follows the same process 1. Fill out ITR for each team 2. Submit form to OWHA for approval 3. Submit team and provincial bond cheque with payment 4. OWHA approves team
    4. 4. Online ITR Forms • Follows the same process Online 1. Fill out ITR for each team Online 2. Submit form to OWHA for approval Submitted by 3. Submit team and provincial Mail bond cheque with payment After Forms Received Notified 4. OWHA approves team Online
    5. 5. Login to ITSportsNet 1. Choose the new season 2. Select the Setup Menu 2 1
    6. 6. New Process Called Submit ITRs Submit ITRs Process used for: – Cloning ITR from Previous Season – Filling out the ITR Online Form – Submitting ITR for approval – Printing ITR Form to Mail In
    7. 7. Main Submit ITRs Screen 1. List & Edit Current ITRs 2. Add New ITRs 3. Clone ITRs from pervious Season 1 2 3
    8. 8. Clone ITRs 1. Choose Previous Season 2. Click Show Teams 3. Select All or Individual Team 4. Click Clone Selected ITRs 1 2
    9. 9. Clone ITRs 3 4
    10. 10. After your ITRs are Cloned 1. List the Status of ITR 2. Select Team to Fill in ITR Delete ITR 3. Add new ITR 3 1 2
    11. 11. Filling in ITR 1. Change Division – Category 2. Add Team Contact 3. Add Team Voter 4. Print ITR to send in with Cheque 5. Submit ITR for approval
    12. 12. Filling in ITR Division - Category
    13. 13. Add Team Contact 1. Search 2. Select 3. Or Add New 1 2 3
    14. 14. ITR Contacts Selected • Submit for Approval • Print Form to sign and mail in with Cheque(s) 1 2
    15. 15. After Submitted • Once OWHA has reviewed the ITR submission and received your signed form with cheque(s). • OWHA will approve your ITR, your team will be created and you can start building your roster
    16. 16. Thank You