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Eng essay2

  1. 1. It is every girls’ dream to have a prince charming just like Cinderella and also a warrior like Mulan. Walt Disney’s production of fairy tales always brings out fantasy and hope among the young girls. Cinderella is an animation film about a girl who was bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters and fell in love with a prince during a ball but was forced to leave without saying goodbye because of a magic spell. While Mulan is an animation film about a young maiden who was trying to save her father from death in the army, secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroines in the process. Both of these animation movie even though have something in common such as they both have females as lead character, they still have many differences, such as time setting, cultures, characteristics and the moral values. First of all, the settings of both animation films are different. The time setting in “Cinderella” falls at the 17th century whereas the time setting in “Mulan” is in Han Dynasty which is around 180-120 BC. Furthermore, the place setting in “Cinderella” is in France, a western country meanwhile “Mulan” is in Ancient China. These differences are very obvious in both films. We can see that the culture of the characters in these two films are totally different. For example, their dress codes. The characters in “Cinderella” always dressed up formally. The woman shall dress up with long dresses while the men shall dress up and groom themselves in suits. Their dress codes have a bit of fairy tale looking feel with all those sparkling glitter and diamonds on it. Meanwhile, in the film “Mulan”, she always dress up more manly for example she wore pants instead of dress. In the story of Mulan, the characters wear traditional Chinese costume. Besides, their culture in the way the communicate and also the food and beverages that they consume is different. In “Cinderella”, they consume western food like steaks and wine. However in contrast, the characters in “Mulan” consume Chinese food like noodles and rice. The settings in both films brings out the contrast in each film, one in English-Western style meanwhile the other in Ancient-Chinese style.
  2. 2. Other than that, even though both the films have females as the lead character, but the roles that were played by both of the lead characters are big in contrast. In the animation “Cinderella”, the lead character Cinderella was pictured as a soft and kind girl. She was always being bullied by her stepmother and two stepsisters. Even so, she never complained but follow their orders obediently. Besides that, Cinderella is very kind hearted and she loves animals. In this animation, Cinderella has many animal friends which always stood by her and help her out when she needs it. She is also a grateful girl as she never forgets the people who has once helped her such as her animal friends and the Fairy Godmother who helps her in putting her torn dress under a magic spell and send her to the royal ball where she met her love of her life, The Prince Charming. In comparison, the lead character in “Mulan”, Mulan is pictured as more strong and brave. Mulan volunteers herself in place for her sick and old father to go out for war. She is willing to give away everything just to protect her family. As a girl, she is very tough as she went through training for the war just like the other men in their village. After having intense training for days and nights, months and years, Mulan finally headed to the battle field and fought hard for her country. The braveness of Mulan changed all the villagers thoughts about her. Mulan is a warrior in their hearts. Furthermore, in both of these films, there are moral values that are hidden inside the films to motivate and encourage the viewers. However, both the films have different moral values to bring out. First, in “Cinderella”, the moral value in this story is that we all should be kind being able to forgive others. In this animation, the lead character Cinderella was kind enough to everyone. Including her stepmother and also stepsisters even though they treated her badly. In the other hand, in the animation “Mulan”, the moral value inside is that we should all be brave and never give up even though we are facing obstacles. For instance, Mulan was a girl and she braved through all the difficulties in training for the army force to protect her beloved country and also to protect her family. She is indeed a role model in teaching us that nothing is impossible if we want to do so. Both films inspire their viewers to never give up on hope.
  3. 3. Both stories talks about the lives of two wonderful girls that faced ups and downs in their life. Both of these movies are inspiring to all people regarding how old they are. The motivating plot taught us that even when life gives us lemons, we have to bear with it and eventually everything will turn out right. As conclusion,these two animation movies have brought out different time setting, cultures, characteristics and the moral values as well.