Year 11 citizenship exam tips


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Year 11 citizenship exam tips

  1. 1. Exam TipsLearning Objective:• To understand the exam command words• To become familiar with the mark scheme for essay questions• To work out your exam/revision game plan!Starter: How many sectionsis the exam divided into &how long should you spendon each?
  2. 2. Exam StructureSection A• Multiple choice (5x1mark)• Short answer (5x1mark)• Interpreting graphs (2x1mark)• 4 markers (2x4mark)30 mins20 mins10 minsSection B• 2 scenarios (2x 4 marks)• circle correct answer• Explain why• Explain rights or responsibilitiesSection C• Essay (12 marks)
  3. 3. Command WordsWhat do these words mean?• State• Describe• Explain• Evaluate
  4. 4. State = Give a very short definition or example e.g.Q: State one source of legal adviceA: Citizens Advice Bureaun.b. if the question uses the word “state” it:• Will only be worth 1 point• Doesn’t need a sentence
  5. 5. Describe = “Paint a picture with words” using exampleswhere possible.Q: Describe a law that is important to you, your humanrights and your communityA: The Human Rights Act is a law that protects your humanrights. It includes rights for everyone to things such aslegal representation, personal freedom and the right to anidentity.n.b. if the question uses the word “describe” it:• Will usually be worth 2 points within a 4 markquestion in Section A
  6. 6. Explain = Give reasons for something (using the wordbecause) in your answer will help to make sure thatyou give reasons).Q: Explain why people should obey the law in ademocracyA: Because laws are made by elected representativeschosen by the people. In this way, laws represent the viewsof most of the people and so should be obeyed.n.b. if the question uses the word “explain” it:• Will be part of a 4 marker in Section A or• Explaining your reasons for choosing the option in the SectionB scenario or• Explaining the rights or responsibility in Section B
  7. 7. Evaluate = Decide how far you think a viewpoint oropinion is valid or how far something is successful oreffective.Q: Evaluate how far you agree that the UK is a nationwith a wide cultural diversity.A:The UK does have a wide cultural diversity because. Forexample…On the other hand…Overall I would say that …because…If a question has the word “Evaluate” it will:* Probably be a 12 mark essay!
  8. 8. 1) State one subject that you like at school.2) Describe the content of the Citizenshipcourse.3) Explain why the school has entered you forthe Citizenship GCSE.4) Evaluate how far you agree with thestatement “Citizenship is the best subject inthe school.”
  9. 9. Look through the mock paper and find allthe command words.Did you follow the commands in thecorrect way?
  10. 10. Match up the essay with thecomment & grades.