Laptop in Business


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By: Thea May Guevarra and Camel Ann Lizo

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Laptop in Business

  2. 2. LAPTOPLaptop computers are small personal computers designed for using on the move. They usually have all the functions of a desktop computer but are portable space-savers. Today there are more laptops sold in the general PC market than desktop computers so they must have their advantages over traditional PCs. There are many benefits to using a lap top computer LAPTOP
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF LAPTOPIN BUSINESS Over the years, business and technology have worked in tandem to create successful entrepreneurs everywhere. Thus, it is common to see businesspeople carrying a laptop around wherever they go. BENEFITS OF LAPTOP
  4. 4. ● Advertising Tool● With a notebook around, entrepreneurs can tap into the resources of the Internet and engage in Web marketing.● Makes Office Tasks Easier● The good thing about a laptop is that it makes a handful of our basic office tasks easier.● Effective Storage for Vital Business Information● With a laptop around, you can do away with those mountains of paperwork. Thus, you no longer have to forcefully fit everything in a bulky file cabinet in your cubicle.● Allows Easier Communication● From instant messengers to video conferences – indeed, a portable PC has made communication among business associates more convenient.
  5. 5. LAPTOP IN BUSINESS  ADVANTAGES  DISADVANTAGES  Portability More Difficult to   Uses Less Space Repair Less  Memory, SlowerLAPTOP IN BUSINESS
  6. 6. Portability By far, the biggest advantage that laptops have over desktops is their portability. The small size and light weight of a laptop, combined with the complete integration of the components, enables people to take laptops just about anywhere. Whether you are headed to another country for a business trip, want to take your work with you on your subway commute or simply want to surf the web from the comfort of your couch, a laptop fits the bill. ADVANTAGES OF LAPTOP
  7. 7. Uses Less Space Laptops use much less space than a desktop, whichtypically has a somewhat unwieldy tower that is separate fromthe monitor, although desktops are becoming more and morestreamlined as smaller components are introduced. Since alaptop has battery power, it can be used without a cord, whereasa desktop may not. People who live in small spaces frequentlyprefer laptops for this reason, as do individuals who like theirliving area to have a minimalist appearance. ADVANTAGES OF LAPTOP
  8. 8. More Difficult to Repair Once youve purchased a laptop, youd better hope that nothing goes wrong with it. Unlike most desktops, which can be repaired by a local computer technician or even an experienced owner, laptops must often be shipped to the manufacturer for repairs, or the warranty may be invalidated. The result is that many laptop repairs are much more expensive than a similar repair on a desktop. DISADVANTAGES OF LAPTOP
  9. 9. Less Memory, Slower A laptop will typically have less RAM, a slower processor and a smaller hard drive. This is not necessarily a reason to reject a laptop, however. Unless you use the large amounts of memory and processing speed required for such pursuits as gaming and video editing, chances are the specifications that a laptop offers will be sufficient for your needs. DISADVANTAGES OF LAPTOP
  10. 10. BUSINESS REASONS TO HAVELAPTOPS When you are considering the purchase of alaptop computer for your company, you need to knowthe business reasons for having a laptop so you canjustify your purchase. A return on investment forbusiness equipment makes it easier for you to plan apurchase. In order to determine the potential return onthis investment, you need to become familiar with thebenefits a laptop offers.
  11. 11. Depreciation Technology changes constantly, and the swift changes in computer equipment can make certain types of equipment obsolete quickly. This reduces the potential resale value of the equipment and speeds up the rate at which you will lose money on the investment. REASONS TO HAVE LAPTOPS
  12. 12. Presentations Business presentations can be anxious moments for the traveling business professional. If you have a business laptop, you can prepare your entire presentation, including setting it up for display through a projector, and know that there will not be any compatibility issues with using a computer at the meeting site. REASONS TO HAVE LAPTOPS
  13. 13. Storage One of the practical reasons to use a laptop for your business is the space it saves in your office. Desktop space that can be used for important papers that would normally be taken up by a desktop computer would be freed up by a laptop. A laptop also can be safely stored in a secure location to protect your information and make sure that no proprietary company information is compromised by a thief. REASONS TO HAVE LAPTOPS
  14. 14. Accessibility A laptop with a wireless network connection can use any available wireless signal to connect to the Internet. The advantage a business laptop offers over a cell phone or other wireless device is full computing power and availability of your business files. When you bring a laptop with you, all of your important business information is at your fingertips, and you can make permanent changes to documents when necessary. REASONS TO HAVE LAPTOPS
  15. 15. REFERENCES