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ITSMA's 2010 Marketing Leadership Forum - Highlights
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ITSMA's 2010 Marketing Leadership Forum - Highlights


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Highlights from ITSMA's 2010 Marketing Leadership Forum. With topics such as Technology Marketing, Social Media, Thought Leadership, Client Relationship Programs, etc.

Highlights from ITSMA's 2010 Marketing Leadership Forum. With topics such as Technology Marketing, Social Media, Thought Leadership, Client Relationship Programs, etc.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Highlights
  • 2. Technology Marketing in the Era of the Empowered
    Josh Bernoff
    Senior Vice President, Idea Development
    Forrester Research
    (And co-author of Groundswell and soon to be released Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business)
  • 3. Technology Marketingin the Era of the Empowered
    Four steps to build customer influence:
    Identify mass influencers
    Delivery groundswell customer service
    Empower with mobile information
    Amplify your fan activity
    Service marketers, do you know which of your customers are influencing others?
    6.2% of people online account for 80% of influence impressions
    62% of mass influencers for tech purchases use mobile apps
    B2B marketers have to:
    Realize that communities take on a life of their own—you can't control them
    Work with IT departments to use technology that serves customers
  • 4. Avaya Goes Social
    Paul Dunay
    Global Managing Director, Services & Social Marketing
    (And author of Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies and co-author of Facebook Marketing For Dummies)
  • 5. Avaya Goes Social
    What’s the right mix of social media for your company? It depends…
    3 out of 4 consumers use social technology
    Consumers believe companies should be on the social web 
    The thing is, B2B companies need to do more than just be present on social media, they should interact
    How to engage continuously?
    Listen to what customers have to say
    Share your brand personality
    Engage in dialogue
  • 6. Social Media Mandates
    Chris Koch
    Director, Research & Thought Leadership
    Paul Dunay
    Global Managing Director, Services & Social Marketing
  • 7. On thought leadership and social media…
    Twitter or Facebook are good bait for longer thought leadership
    On marketing’s role...
    Must ensure quality in the content
    People want to connect with we need subject matter expert “rock stars”
    Creating a "rock band" or group blog is also effective
    Marketing must actively support the rock stars/band
    On getting started…
    Start a social media council
    Create guidelines
    Develop an editorial calendar
    Have regular meetings with subject matter experts to influence (rather than control) their thinking and content
    Social Media Mandates
  • 8. Thought Leadership as an Outcome, Not an Activity
    Sunder Sarangan
    Associate Vice President
    Infosys Technologies
  • 9. Thought leadership is not just about content creation; it must be actionable
    Marketing must create a plan for matching thought leadership to business outcomes
    How thought leadership can impact business
    Create conversations with new client
    Change conversations with current clients
    Thought leadership doesn’t have to be new, just relevant
    Focusing only on the new focuses on content, not outcomes
    The main influence of thought leadership is on shaping day-to-day client experiences and perceptions
    Thought Leadership as an Outcome, Not an Activity
  • 10. Creating Win-Win Client Relationship Programs That Drive Sustainable and Profitable Growth
    Sean Geehan
    Founder & CEO
    Geehan Group
    (And author of The B2B Executive Playbook )
    Anubhav Saxena
    Global Head of Marketing & Strategy
    HCL America
  • 11. Creating Win-Win Client Relationship Programs
    B2B Executive Playbook
    Create customer advisory council
    Organizational planning
    Executive sponsor
    Leverage customer companies
    Think differently: Marketers can aspire to be a leader of a company, not just of marketing
    If marketers do it the right way, they will be the most significant function head in their organization
    Marketers don't necessarily need to spend more, but they do need to shift or rebalance marketing spend
  • 12. Where Do We Go From Here? Marketing’s Top Leadership Priorities
    Marketing Leader Panel :
    Pauline Weger
    Director, National Consulting Marketing, Deloitte
    Nina Hargus
    Vice President, Global Services Marketing, EMC
    Chris Williams
    Former CMO Capgemini, N.A.,
  • 13. Where do we go from here?
    Marketers must gain greater understanding of the business
    Have marketers listen to earnings calls
    Marketers can help drive business strategy—which will improve all marketing efforts
    Become a partner/consultant to the business units
    Create a joint planning process between corporate marketing and BUs
    Marketing gives recommendations based on the business objectives, prioritizes them, shows where marketing can help with the money they have, then lets BUs decide
    Stop resisting social media
    Use them to support and extend programs that work, such as events and customer councils
  • 14. ITSMA’s definition of social media:
    For more insight on Social Media, visit
    Social MediaA Sampling of ITSMA Articles and Research
    Why Marketing Must Be the Catalyst for Social Media
    Social Media: Marketing’s Need to Lead
    The New Vision for Marketing Explained
    How Do You Compare in Social Media?
    ITSMA Featured Research: It’s Not Only About the Content
    How Xerox Global Services Used Social Media to Enable Sales
    Social Media So Far—and What’s Next
    Xerox Global Services’ Competipedia: Using Social Media to Enable the Sales Force
    Why Marketers Need to Rethink Their Mix, and Ultimately, Their Operations
    Avoiding the Social Media Silo