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In deze roadmap kunt u de recente updates (maart 2013) van het itslearning leerplatform zien en kunt u lezen op welke onderdelen het ontwikkelteam van itslearning global zich de komende tijd gaat richten.

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itslearning product roadmap

  1. 1. Product Roadmap March 2013
  2. 2. Our Mission and Strategy
  3. 3. Our missionTo help teachers and learnerssupport, improve and transformtheir teaching and learningprocesses
  4. 4. Our Product Strategy • Support teaching processes • Great user experience • Open platform
  5. 5. We focus on the majority
  6. 6. Recent updates
  7. 7. Improved Course Planner • Table view with markup, now available for students too • Enhanced presentation of resources, activities and learning objectives • Easily copy (parts of) the plan to another course • Disable default columns you will not use
  8. 8. Standards and Learning Objectives• New, up-to-date repository of learning objectives• Improved presentation of learning objectives in itslearning• Improved management of learning objectives• Teachers get informed when repository is updated
  9. 9. ILP enhancements• Teacher access from Status and follow-up• Mentor can choose to hide columns for teachers• Improved user experience when creating or editing ILPs
  10. 10. Modules: Your App anywhere in itslearning3rd party apps can now be visible in the:• Top menu• ePortfolio• Administration menu• Status and Follow Menu• Supervisor Menu
  11. 11. Simple Resource Booking• Create and Manage Resources for your organizations and users• Reserve Available Resources through Calendar Events
  12. 12. New Vocabulary Building Tools
  13. 13. Enhanced assessment record • The assessment overview is improved to make it easier to read - Fixed column size - Overall/final grade moved to the 1.column - New informative tooltip - New sorting capabilities - Search function to easily find participants
  14. 14. Enhanced assessment record • Score is introduced as a grading option • Improved display of average - Average information in a separate tab - Course average is introduced on assessments • New improved layout for one student view
  15. 15. Data visualization Standard reports • Assessment trends • Storage distribution Add-on reports • Site statistics
  16. 16. What’s coming next?
  17. 17. Learning objectives assessment• Define achievement levels on which learning objectives can be demonstrated• Add assessment criteria to learning objectives• Assess assignments with assessment rubrics
  18. 18. Further planner improvements• Easily create elements of all types directly from the planner• See all your current plans in an aggregated view• Improved date selection for planner lessons
  19. 19. Course Copy and Templates• Create and share Course Templates - and use these when creating new courses• More options when copying courses, including learning objectives, planner, resources, activities and grade book setup.
  20. 20. New File Uploader• Drag and Drop from your computer!• Progress Bar for Uploads• Support for multi-file upload
  21. 21. Better Options for Content Sharing• More Metadata when Sharing Content• Share Files, Resources and Links in My Library• Search for content based on learning objectives
  22. 22. Organisation APIPut itslearning at the heartof your integrated systemsusing a standards-led API fororganisation-level dataexchange.More options for sharingdata in a secure, safe way.
  23. 23. Roadmap:Where are we going in the next 12- 24 months?
  24. 24. One Web – Responsive Design• We’re working towards a great experience on any screen size and any device• We’re redesigning to make content available in the best possible way• The layout will adapt to changes in the screen size: responsive design
  25. 25. Content Recommendation EngineNew tool for assisting teachers in finding content thatcan be used as remedial work for studentsContent is suggested based on a combination ofstandards-based metadata and student standardmastery
  26. 26. Learning TriggersTeachers can set-up simple “Learning Paths” throughitslearning content through a rule-based systemSupport both remedial and advanced materials to bereleased to learners dependent on their achievementsin previous course assessments
  27. 27. Question BanksThe test tool will be extended with the option oftagging individual questions with learningobjectivesQuestions can be shared and re-used bycolleagues – or other itslearning usersA search will allow teachers to find sharedquestions through keywords or learning objectivesTests can be quickly created from the sharedquestion bank!
  28. 28. Personal APIA personal API to expand your possibilitiesWeb apps Native apps (iOS, Android) Third-party services
  29. 29. SSO ToolkitFully documented itslearning SSO system, whereitslearning can act as both identity provider andservice provider
  30. 30. High contrast theme
  31. 31. Open platform• New and open APIs• New interoperability toolkits• Partner collaboration• App library
  32. 32. App suppliers
  33. 33. Visualisation and clarity of decision making
  34. 34. Springboard to knowledgeFollow itslearning!