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How to Use Twitter to Make an Impact for Your Business

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Twitter for business

  1. 1. Allow people to share in the story you’re creating. It doesn’t happen overnight. (nothing worthwhile ever does).
  2. 2. Twitter is not just small talk It’s for Meaningful Conversations • Gain new business and make money on social media. • Set up your Twitter strategy. • Track your results to optimize your strategy.
  3. 3. What’s really the point? • Marketing • Sales • Customer service • Customer experience
  4. 4. But… • Do not use twitter at as an overt marketing//sales tool • This traditional approach doesn’t fit the platform. • Screaming “Follow me!” doesn’t always make people want to follow you.
  5. 5. Build Trust First
  6. 6. Social Business Strategy Required A plan of action that helps evolve and transform the thinking of an organization bridging internal and external social initiatives resulting in: – Collaborative connections – A more social organization – Shared value for customers, employees, and partners Source: NewsCred
  7. 7. • A platform for your personal brand. • Carries your voice to millions of people who need (and want!) to hear what you have to say • A place to engage & connect with brilliant people.
  8. 8. How to simplify your social media approach Ask yourself the 3 C’s…
  9. 9. • Where do my customers hang out? • Where am I most comfortable? • What creates clarity for you, your brand, and your business?
  10. 10. • Twitter: 218 million monthly users • Facebook: 1.1 billion • Google+: 500 million monthly registered users
  11. 11. • Your new twitter name will be prefaced with an “@” sign. • Example: I’m @itsjessicann • Add it to your email signature and business cards so people know to follow you on Twitter
  12. 12. New to twitter? Sign up
  13. 13. Optimize Your Profile Step 1: Select the wheel Step 2: click “Settings”
  14. 14. Not your best look • Don’t be an egg! • Upload two (2) different photos: – Background image – Main profile photo
  15. 15. Tips on selecting a username • Avoid same letters back-to-back • Avoid numbers + CAPS – mikethemusician vs. MIKE43251 • Choose a name that’s consistent with: – who you are – what you do – who you’re becoming as a business owner
  16. 16. Find freedom + flexibility in Twitter. Download apps = don’t need desktop: • Twitter Mobile • Echofon • Buffer • Sprout Social
  17. 17. # {hashtag} • Used to GROUP topics so we can easily search for them • Tells Twitter to group your tweet with all others on that topic • Used often for Twitter chats
  18. 18. Real-time search Better than Google for delivering real time news (e.g., citizen journalism)
  19. 19. Twitter lists • Helps organize who you follow (or don’t follow) • Streamlines your approach • Drowns out the noise • Private twitter lists lets you “follow” people without actually following them
  20. 20. Step 1: click Me Step 2: Click “Lists” On the left:
  21. 21. Step 3: Create List. Name Your List. Write description (optional). Set Privacy.
  22. 22. Subscribed to vs. Member of
  23. 23. • A re-posting of someone else’s Tweet. • This feature helps you and others quickly share that tweet. • What it looks like:
  24. 24. 140 characters in each tweet • There’s an art to the concise nature of twitter • Connect with others in a meaningful way. • Create context with each tweet (why are you sharing something?) • Choose each word wisely • Abbreviate – Use w/ vs. with – & vs. and
  25. 25. Social Media Management Tools (most have free trials) • • • • • Sprout Social BundlePost Hootsuite SocialOomph
  26. 26. Sprout Social’s Discovery Tool Cleanup your twitter account
  27. 27. General Twitter Strategy • Find relevant conversations happening within your industry • Listen + Read. Then curate the content that’s relevant. • Subscribe to blogs, follow others on Twitter, or add people to your Twitter lists. • Regularly share helpful, informative, entertaining links to articles that your customers need • Create unique, original content of your own. • Gradually drive traffic to your website and blog
  28. 28. Tweeting 101 • Space is at a premium, so use web URL shorteners (Buffer,, etc.) • Compel people to learn more about not just what you’re tweeting…but the conversations you’re having. • Create messages that are: – real, relevant, engaging, and human.
  29. 29. Recommended Reading The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time -by Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer)
  30. 30. tweet away…
  31. 31. Questions? Visit: Email: jessica {at} jessica ann media dot com Twitter: @itsjessicann Google+: Jessica Ann
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