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Research into programming for television in San Diego, CA.

Research into programming for television in San Diego, CA.



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Television Business Programming Television Business Programming Document Transcript

  • Assignment 3 1 TVB Assignment 3 New Digital Channel for San Diego Jessica Northey Television Business Carol Wonsavage October 18, 2012
  • Assignment 3 2 I. Preface: Brief Executive Summary The new digital channel reflects the needs of the community in San Diego for local sports fans. The television channel will cover all aspects of local sports from high school, college, and professional sports. In addition, the local station, KFMB, will produce their own content in their studios and around the city of San Diego to include local celebrities such as sports anchor, athletes, and more. The station’s website only provides the broadcast schedule for the games and news articles with photos. The new channel would provide game reports on videos during the game through live streaming on the local channel’s website. The niche channel covers local sports for a target audience of younger people who follow sports and may be active in the local recreational sports themselves. The new channel would have programming such as sports related news in the morning and evenings, as well as recreational sports coverage of local businesses such as fishing and beach volleyball games. Also, would provide sports recruiting shows, about local high school, college, and pro sports coverage. Other programs will cover the past sports season for baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey. More entertainment driven programs such as a NFL video game competition in a game show style, reality television shows of past and present local sports players. The new digital channel will be on sight for all recreational activities to include the Miramar Air Show with the Blue Angels, to other extreme sports video content sent in from local viewers. To also include series of the history of sports in San Diego, past player talk shows, and charity spotlights. For less serious programs, there would be a show of edits during sports coverage and play blunders, how to make it as a cheerleader, and a reality television show of the wives of local sports players. II. Analysis The local TV station in San Diego for the new channel is the CBS Station, KFMB Channel 8, owned by the Midwest Television. Station Background
  • Assignment 3 3 Their website is The station’s ownership is a company called Midwest Television. “KFMB also benefits from being privately held. It's Midwest Television's only station: the misleading company name stems from when it initially owned stations in Illinois.” (Malone, 2010) In 2011, the station adds a classic TV multicast channel Me-TV, website is (“Me-tv me-tv adds,” 2011). “KFMB is a television station in San Diego, CA that serves the San Diego television market. The station runs programming from the CBS network and identifies itself as ‘News 8’. KFMB is a digital full-power television station that operates with 14.87 kilowatts of power and is owned by Midwest Television” (“Television station information,” 2012). The News 8 Team Anchors include Carlo Cecchetto and Barbara-Lee Edwards on weeknights. Dan Cohen and Nichelle Medina reports on weekdays, Phil Blauer and Marcella Lee on weekends, and Matt Baylow and Shawn Styles for weather. For sports news, Kyle Kraska and John Howard are the top anchors. The News 8 Team Reports include Richard Allyn, Alicia Coates, Shannon Handy, Larry Himmel, Angelique Lizarde, Angie Lee, Steve Price, and Jeff Zevely (“News 8 team,” 2012). Section 2 Strengths – High Ratings On January 25, 2010, Broadcasting & Cable newspaper reports an article about KFMB and the affect the economy has had regarding ratings and selling advertising. “The station easily won total day ratings in November, along with primetime, early evening and late news, its 4.6 household rating/10.1 share at 11 beating McGraw-Hill's ABC affiliate KGTV.” (Malone, 2010) “KEMB won the 2008 revenue race, according to BIA/Kelsey, its $47.98 million ahead of KNSD's S45.8 million and KGTVs $42.6 million. KFMB President/General Manager Ed Trimble credits multiple factors in the station's long run of success in San Diego, such as airing a bevy of Chargers games, community service efforts, and consistency in both the newsroom and on the schedule. KFMB airs a 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. news seven days a week, which conditions viewers to tune in at that time for local content regardless of what day it is. “That consistency builds up expectations of what will be on in that time period,” Trimble says. “We treat the weekend like the rest of the week.” (Malone, 2010)
  • Assignment 3 4 Strengths – Community Outreach The local television station, KFMB, is doing so well with their community outreach programs that the station won an award in 1998. It was presented by Electronic Media for outstanding public service at the “Promax and BDA Conference & Exposition in Toronto.” The CBS affiliate station, KFMB, ran a campaign using the “Eight MADD Mobile, a 32-foot recreational vehicle used for “presentations to children age 7 to 16 about the dangers of alcohol” while traveling around Southern California (Spring, 1998). Today, KFMB has several signature community outreach programs. Adopt 8 is a project where Marcella Lee introduces the viewers to local children who need to be adopted. Buddies For Life is a project of the station supporting the battle against breast cancer. The 8’s Cool School are News 8 highlights schools that have been nominated for San Diego’s coolest local schools. To support the green movement locally, a project called Earth 8 providing solutions. Another project the station endorses is to protect children to keep them safe from predators called The Greatest Save, as in the one you safe from anything bad happening in the first place. KFMB is “the best place for kids to be on weekend mornings in News 8 CBS kids” called Morning Kids. Another project the station has is called Speakers’ Bureau where viewers can request to “have a News 8 personality speak or appear at your event.” In addition, there are two other community projects called Volunteer 8 and Weather Wednesdays. Nichelle Medina and Dan Cohen show viewers how they can “take action in their community” and Matt visits “San Diego County schools each Wednesday.” He teaches classes about reporting the weather. (“Community projects,” 2012) Strengths – Media Convergence Media convergence is when a program spans over the three screens, as in the television, mobile phone, and the computer. Not only does the station broadcast over free airwaves through their parent station, CBS television station. The local news does a fantastic job of providing the news over the Internet and mobile phone. The station’s website,, reaches out to their viewers through a variety of social networking links for KFMB as well as providing videos to watch the latest news, RSS feeds, or sign up for specific newsletters through email. The website provides a live feed of the CBS News video (“Cbs news live,” 2012).
  • Assignment 3 5 The page for CBS 8 San Diego News is The newscast and station do a great job of up-to-date tweets about local news in San Diego and includes photos of the news stories reaching about 15,000 followers. The station, CBS 8 – San Diego News has a Facebook page, with over 8,500 Likes, photos, as well as widgets for contests and the ‘Election Center’. A viewer can access San Diego’s local news through an application on their mobile phone through Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Android users, BlackBerry users, mobile web access, a CBS 8 – San Diego News iOS App (designed for the iPhone), and an application for premium applications and video. “News 8 is now as close as your mobile phone. Wherever you go you can receive updated San Diego News, Sports, and your exclusive MicroClimate Forecast. CBS 8 is just one more reason why News 8 is San Diego's number one source for news” (“News 8 to go,” 2012). Weakness – Sports Coverage A weakness KFMB has is with the cable channels that may not air the sports content depending on which side of San Diego their viewers live on. Approximately half of San Diego will not be able to watch their favorite sports programming unless they are at a friend’s home or a sports bar with the right cable network access. The satellite provider battle is limiting places sports fan can watch their teams. “The broadcast rights to the San Diego Padres are owned by Fox Sports Network. That channel is found on Cox Cable (and DirecTV) but not on Time Warner Cable.” However, Time Warner Cable SportsNet has purchased the rights to broadcast of sports games such as the San Diego’s men’s basketball team, the Aztecs. The rights were bought from CBS Sports after the Mountain West contract had ended. “Time Warner SportsNet starts on October 1 and will be on channel 403 in San Diego” (Bob, 2012). The station’s website only provides the broadcast schedule for the games and news articles with photos. However, the station could provide game and report videos during the game to provide a service to those who are Time Warner cable subscribers. Weakness – Background/History Info
  • Assignment 3 6 The KFMB website,, does not have any specific information about the history or background of the local affiliate station of CBS. There is room for improvement for their website to include a timeline from when the station began and to keep it current over time. There is an opportunity to create a documentary about the history of CBS and their affiliates and partner with the History Channel for advertising barter deals. Weakness – Negative Stories about Staff Over the years, there have been several reports about negative stories about various staff members. The drama varies from undercover agents working as camera crew in the station’s history and a neighborhood caught on fire in recent years. In 1968, the Columbia Journalism Review reported an order by Attorney General Ramsey Clark regarding “Carl Gilman, cameraman reporter for KFMB-TV in San Diego, testified to having accepted pay from the FBI for undercover work while ostensibly on duty as newsmen.” The Attorney General states that in order to maintain free access to information sources that are sensitive in nature is compromised of integrity under these conditions and must not be allowed to continue by implementing a law imposing a penalty for any reporter acting as ‘undercover men’ (Reporters as, 1969). In 2007, KFMB San Diego, Reporter Larry Himmel, experienced his home burning from the California wildfires. This particular event was declared in some areas as a major disaster, compared to the disasters of Hurricane Katrina. Many local news anchors reported the story, but none was able to report in the same manner as someone literally experiencing the fire in his own home. Larry was able to produce a video that had been published to YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views. The viewer watched his home literally turn to ashes; his report must have been very emotionally gripping for the reporter and his captive audience. (When the story, 2007) Although this story has a negative storyline, the experienced brought KFMB a unique experience to be able to get an inside story in the moment of the crisis. Larry says that while he was reporting, he was experiencing a range of emotions such as adrenaline and being shell-shocked. He even took the time to walk around his neighborhood giving people hugs. He must have earned loyal viewers in spite of the tragedy that followed him. Opportunity – Contests
  • Assignment 3 7 The station can build more on their promotions and publicity through having a variety of contests. There currently are contests regarding sports and the community; however, the station’s website and Facebook page do not reflect the same contest information. There is an opportunity to reflect the same information on all websites, as well as partner with local businesses in San Diego that would like to offer viewers an opportunity to compete to increase their publicity as well. On the website, Channel 8 Rewards section has the winners list, contest, awards, sports picks, fantasy golf contest, and a community related sweepstakes (“Cbs 8 contests,” 2012). Opportunity – Syndicated Talk Shows A popular syndicated talk show can bring high ratings for a local television show. In 2006, CBS affiliate KFMB landed The Oprah Winfrey Show from KGTV to replace the 4 p.m. news hour. The local station in San Diego, KGTV the station ranked No. 1 in early evening local news.” After Oprah left the station to air on KFMB, the ratings dropped approximately “50% to a 1.9 rating.” Almost immediately, KFMB experienced a rise in their ratings for the 5 p.m. “newscast from third place in May to the top spot in July.” This caused all of the local television shows to begin “experimenting with counter-programming Oprah.” KGTV first tried to replace Oprah with a light-hearted, infotainment show called 10-4 San Diego; however, average ratings caused the show to be replaced with traditional newscast by August. The shift in time and channel of Oprah caused a ripple affect in the market where all of the local television stations begin shifting time slots or adding local newscasts. “San Diego stations took in $288.8 million in gross revenue in 2005, according to BIA Financial. In recent years, the market has been strong and has experienced robust population growth, driving it lo No. 18 in total TV revenue, per BIA.” (Romano, 2006) Currently in 2012, KFMB is no longer airing Oprah, replacing the slow is now a show called Anderson Live. The host of the new daytime talk show is Anderson Cooper, an award- winning journalist returned for his show’s “sophomore season on Monday, September 10th .” The show is a “nationally syndicated, Emmy-nominated, daily, one-hour, live daytime talk show” (“About the show,” 2012). The opportunity for the station is to have a popular talk show that will bring high ratings and serve additional audiences.
  • Assignment 3 8 Opportunity – Internships/Jobs The local station has several internship and high-level career jobs in San Diego. There are a variety of job openings on KFMB-TV News 8 website. The website listed the following jobs: Associate Producer, Creative Services Director, and Reporter. Also listed on the website, 100.7 JACK-FM and 760 KFMB-AM (KFMB Stations) have listed the following jobs: Web Designer, Internship, Promotions Internship, and Interactive Internship (“Jobs at the,” 2012). There is an opportunity to create a community program to help college students connect with their Internships or an online career fair for the executive or reporter positions on their website. Threats – Local News Competition A threat for KFMB is the local news competition of NBC high viewership of their morning news. NBC 7 San Diego News in the Morning reports the sweeps competition of February 2012 ratings ranked #1 during the morning time period Monday through Friday at 5-7 a.m. They have ranked #1 in this market for “19 consecutive sweep periods and annual averages show NBC 7 San Diego News in the Morning as the #1 choice for local viewers for the past 10 years.” The 5 a.m. News averaged a 1.3 rating / 8.0 share HH, 6 a.m. News posted a 2.4 rating / 10.2 HH, both ranking #1 during the morning time period. (“Nbc 7 news,” 2012) Threats – The Recession Starting when the recession began in 2009, television stations had cut backs on key staff positions, such as photographers. KFMB joined a local news-sharing venture with NBC in 2010. The purpose of Local News Sharing (LNS) is to “jointly cover routine happenings so that resources could be freed up for more enterprise reporting.” The threat of the recession has caused the number of staff positions to decrease over the past few years. A partnership can assist with the stations being able to consistently have local news to report on a daily basis. Each station has its own agenda about how they want to tell the story to their viewers; therefore, the content will not be identical news reports. However, KFMB has been able to turn this threat into an opportunity in the past and can continue to free up resources for important news coverage, while the partnership shares the everyday, typical news stories. “NBC has a deal with the CBS affiliate in San Diego, KFMB” (Bednarski, 2010).
  • Assignment 3 9 Threat – Major Network Counter-Programs An opportunity KFMB has is from their network affiliate CBS is to air more programs with high ratings before the news. CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly is dominating the evening news, which grew their viewership by +3% in the 2011-2012 seasons (Ariens, 2012). “The CBS EVENING NEWS WITH SCOTT PELLEY is the only network evening news broadcast to post year-to-year ratings gains among households (+3%, 3.9/08 from 3.8/08) and adults 25-54 (+8%, 1.4/05 from 1.3/05) for the week ending Sept. 7, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings” (Kondolojy, 2012). In comparing the total viewers for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, which is down by -3% and ABC World News with Diane Sawyer is down by -4% (Ariens, 2012). “For the week of September 17, 2012, the final week of the 2011-12 season, ‘ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’ averaged 7.32 million Total Viewers and a 1.5 rating/6 share/1.77 million in Adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research” (Kondolojy, 2012). These ratings reflect the threat that other local stations have the ability to take over ratings at any point with their counter-programming tactics. Section 3 Conclusion Although the recession has subsided since 2009, the economy is still weak. A problem for the television station is continuing to provide rich content on a daily basis while keeping pay roll at the minimum costs. A new channel that highlights the partnerships within the community for content sharing channel niche programming could solve the need for hiring more staff to add more content for news in the community. The cable networks have divided up the city and sports coverage is only seen on the cable networks with the right deal with the sports franchises. A niche channel could include a live feed of the local sports reporters covering the game through creating their own content in the studio, reality televisions shows, and more sports related content. The new audiences the partnership channel would attract males between the ages of 18 to 34 who watch sports as well as many others depending on the nature of the partnerships.
  • Assignment 3 10 III. Recommended Digital Channel Strategy A. KFMB8 SPORTS TV Logo: B. Overview of channel: Includes local sports coverage, news, and highlights. In addition, the channel offers unique programming to cover sports topics and new content for competitions and interviews with local iconic sports celebrities from the past and present. KFMB8 SPORTS TV is a one stop channel for everything local sports for San Diego. Due to the cable network access division in the city, it has created lower viewership for the local sports games. “The broadcast rights to the San Diego Padres are owned by Fox Sports Network. That channel is found on Cox Cable (and DirecTV) but not on Time Warner Cable.” However, Time Warner Cable SportsNet has purchased the rights to broadcast of sports games such as the San Diego’s men’s basketball team, the Aztecs. (Bob, 2012). C. Goal: To bring the local sports to all televisions in San Diego regardless of the cable provider an audience member may or may not use. This will benefit the parent station by increasing the viewer ratings and thereby strengthens the station by increasing the price for advertising sales for commercials. This will potentially attract new audiences that are sports fans of all ages to watch channel 8. D. Target audience segment for the channel: The new audiences the new digital channel would mainly target males between the ages of 18 to 34 who watch sports who may have
  • Assignment 3 11 children who watch cartoons or competitive reality television shows to older audiences during the weekend evenings in order to have something for all sports fans in San Diego. As of 2010, the city of San Diego has an estimated population of 3,095,313 people. (“San diego county,” 2012) According to the website, the population of San Diego as of 2000 was 2,813,833 total people. Of that total, 37% of the population are male 18 years and over. San Diego has a population of 674,313 people who are ages 20 to 34 years old. (“American factfinder,” 2012) This choice for a niche television programming for sports fans is justified by the mass audience appeal to increase the station’s market share, which would up the revenue stream for advertising dollars that covet the demographic target market for males 18 to 34. The target audience’s lifestyle and interests are typical of popular sports local recreational activities in the community. Showing support for local businesses will in turn gain support for the channel from the community. E. Programming strategy: • ‘Original programming: produced by the channel as original production’ 1. Local Sports News • Length: One hour • Reporting on local recreation, high school, and college sports in San Diego (SD) 2. Chargers in the Community • Length: One hour • The SD football team, the Chargers, stories covering the efforts for charity in the community 3. How to Kayak on SD Bay (“Kayak on san,” 2012) • Length: One and half hours • Coverage over kayak lessons in SD 4. SD College Sports Recruiting • Length: One and half hours • An ongoing Documentary series going behind the scenes of the greatest college sports moments over the past ten years 5. KFMB This Morning
  • Assignment 3 12 • Length: 1 hour • News morning show covering local sports related recreational activities for families 6. The Fisherman’s Landing Show ("Fisherman's landing current," 2012) • Length: 1 hour • A live reality television show about teaching novice fishermen how to go fishing and the adventures the day will bring 7. The Kyle Kraska Sports Show (“Kyle kraska,” 2012) • Length: One hour • Kyle is a KFMB sports anchor that will discuss his opinion on sports related news headlines 8. A Touch of Football for CCFA (“A touch of,” 2012) • Length: Ten hours • Sports Games coverage on location (live streaming online) of sixteen teams compete in flag football tournament. 9. Co-Ed Beach Volleyball (“San diego co-ed,” 2012) • Length: Two and half hours • Live coverage of a local recreational volleyball tournament 10. Chargers Cheerleader Highlights • Length: 30 minutes • Past half time games and interviews with cheerleaders about what it is like to be a cheerleader for a pro football team 11. A NFL Video Game Competition Game Show • Length: 30 minutes • Competitive reality TV series 12. San Diego Sports Referees • Length: 1 hour • Behind the scenes reality TV series 13. MCAS Miramar Air Show (“Mcas miramar air,” 2012)
  • Assignment 3 13 • Length: 2 and half hours with 2 hour break to resume for 3 and half more hours • Line up of civilian performers to fly a variety of military fighter jets to include the world famous U.S. Navy Blue Angels 14. SD High School Sports • Length: 1 hour • Behind the scenes reality TV series 15. Sports Party Grilling Show • Length: 1 hour • A cooking show with how to cook on a grill for game day finger and grilling food for sports party hosting 16. Athletic Recruiting • Length: 1 hour • Interviewing coaches for advice for young athletes who want to make it to the college and pro football leagues 17. History of the SD Surf Dawgs (“San diego surf,” 2011) • Length: 30 minutes • Past season highlights for the local baseball team 18. SD Sockers Soccer Highlights • Length: 30 minutes • Past season highlights for soccer 19. SD College Recruiter • Length: 30 min • Reality TV Show about the business of recruiting athletes in San Diego 20. Local Recreational Sports Coverage • Length: 1 and half hours • Recreational sports such as roller derby, fishing, volleyball, and other local community business spotlights 21. SD Retired Football Player Talk Show
  • Assignment 3 14 • Length: 1 hour • Key host of a retired iconic football player of the Chargers to interview other players who have retired to talk about how playing the game affected their lives 22. Chargers Player Interviews • Length: 30 minutes • A special broadcast of the players who will be playing in the game starting next 23. Chargers vs. Broncos Coverage (“Chargers san diego,” 2012) • Length: 2 hours • Live streaming of sports game from the sports news anchor’s perspective for original content live from the game 24. Local Sports Coverage Blunders • Length: 1 hour • Local sports pre-recorded blunders editing together with comedian host with sports branding personality 25. SD Padres Season Highlights • Length: 30 minutes • Past season highlights for pro baseball in SD 26. Chargers vs. the Broncos Game Highlights • Length: 30 minutes • Edited down version of the live stream from the game to show the highlights of the game coverage 27. College Sports Bar Pub Walk • Length: 30 minutes • College sports bar pub walk series of the bars that regularly have sports games on their television sets 28. Insider Sports – Interviews and Headlines • Length: 1 hour
  • Assignment 3 15 • A recap of the weeks sports headlines and interviews with key players involved 29. KFMB Sports for Charity Spotlight • Length: 30 minutes • College Athletes golf for charity games 30. Chargers Game Review Talk Show • Length: 1 hour • A talk show with the players of the current and past Chargers football games to discuss how they keep a balance in life and stay competitive 31. SD College Athletes Golf for Charity Games • Length: 1 hour • Past and present college athletes play golf together to raise awareness and funds for a variety of charities 32. Historic Factoids of Sports in SD • Length: 30 minutes • A timeline story from the beginning of the history of city, to how the sports franchise became what it is today 33. Extreme Sports in California • Length: 1 hour • Coverage of people in the community who are adrenaline junkies and send in their videos of their extreme sports experiences 34. SD State Aztec Player Interviews (“San diego state,” 2012) • Length: 1 hour • Past and present San Diego State football players are interviewed about game highlights and tips for future athletes 35. SD State Aztecs Game (“San diego state,” 2012) • Length: 2 hours • Live coverage from sports anchor at the game for original content and streaming on the website 36. Late Night Weekend SD Sports Highlights
  • Assignment 3 16 • Length: 1 hour • Highlights of the local high school and college football game competitions over the weekend 37. Late Night Weekend Major Sports Game Highlights • Length: 30 minutes • Highlights of the local pro football game competitions over the weekend 38. Sports Wives of San Diego • Length: 30 minutes • A reality TV series interviewing and going behind the scenes of the lives of local college and pro football wives F. Program Schedule Grid for KFMB8 SPORTS TV: Program Schedule Grid Station: CBS, KFMB Channel: 8 City: San Diego Dates: 10/14-20 TIME Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 3:00 Athletic Recruiting -------------- How to Kayak on San Diego Bay (4) Athletic Recruiting -------------- The Fisherman’s Landing Show (3) A Touch of Football for CCFA (8) 3:30 Sports Party Grilling Show -------------- “ Sports Party Grilling Show -------------- -------------- “ 4:00 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 4:30 Local Recreatio nal Sports Coverage “ Local Recreatio nal Sports Coverage -------------- -------------- -------------- “ 5:00 “ Local Sports News “ Local Sports News -------------- -------------- “ 5:30 MCAS Miramar Air Show Coverage Twilight (7) Chargers vs. Broncos Coverage (1) Local Sports Coverage Blunders -------------- -------------- -------------- “ 6:00 “ “ Chargers in the Communit -------------- -------------- -------------- “
  • Assignment 3 17 y (5) 6:30 “ “ KFMB Sports for Charity Spotlight -------------- -------------- -------------- “ 7:00 “ “ SD Padres Season Highlights Co-Ed Beach Volleyball Highlights (2) SD College Recruiter Reality TV Show SD Retired Football Player Talk Show “ 7:30 “ “ Chargers vs. the Broncos Game Highlights “ College Sports Bar Pub Walk SD Sockers Soccer Highlights Insider Sports – Interviews + Headlines 8:00 “ Chargers Player Interviews The Kyle Kraska Sports Show (9) Chargers Cheerleader Highlights The Kyle Kraska Sports Show (9) Chargers Cheerleader Highlights “ 8:30 “ Chargers Game Review Talk Show “ “ “ “ SD College Athletes Golf for Charity Games 9:00 “ “ A NFL Video Game Competiti on Game Show Sports Referees Reality TV A NFL Video Game Competitio n Game Show Sports Referees Reality TV “ 9:30 Extreme Sports in California History of the SD Surf Dawgs (10) SD College Sports Recruiting Extreme Sports in California SD College Sports Recruiting Extreme Sports in California SD State Aztec Player Interviews 10:00 “ Historic Factoids of Sports in San Diego Late Night Weekend SD Major Sports Game Highlights “ Historic Factoids of Sports in San Diego “ “ 10:30 Late Night Weekend SD Sports Highlights How to Make it as a Chargers Cheerleader Reality TV Show SD High School Sports Reality TV series Sports Wives of San Diego Reality TV Show How to Make it as a Chargers Cheerlead er Reality TV Show Sports Wives of San Diego Reality TV Show SD State Aztecs Game (6) 11:00 “ “ “ “ “ “ “
  • Assignment 3 18 G. Sales Strategy: The channel would generate revenue through advertising sales of the products and services that local pro sports players endorse. In addition, businesses with the same target audience, in particular, sports fans who are men ages 18 to 34. IV. Additional Distribution The local TV station in San Diego for the new digital channel would make programming available on the local station’s website for live streaming events, popular social media sites, and stories covering the program topics in local newspapers. In San Diego, an Internet radio station called Pandora, has gained more coverage to reach audiences over all of the local television station websites (Maloney , 2012). KFMB8 SPORTS TV digital channel will also air content on Pandora of a variety of television shows for on air content to reach broader audiences. V. Evaluation The new local digital television station would evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy over time through analysis of data from website traffic, viewership ratings, and revenues and compare before and after the creation of the new local, digital television station.
  • Assignment 3 19 VI. Appendix A touch of football for ccfa. (2012). Retrieved from American factfinder. (2012). Retrieved from san diego. (2012). Retrieved from m=45&f=00&tt=14&bt=0&bts=0&zu= Fisherman's landing current schedule . (2012). Retrieved from Kayak on san diego bay. (2012). Retrieved from gardens/living-coast-discovery-center/events/kayak-on-san-diego-bay.aspx Kyle kraska. (2012). Retrieved from Maloney , P. (2012, October 21). More san diego adults go to pandora than local tv sites,, or groupon. Retrieved from adults-go-pandora-local-tv-sites-msncom-or-groupon Mcas miramar air show – schedule. (2012). Retrieved from San diego county quick facts. (2012, September 18). Retrieved from San diego state aztecs. (2012). Retrieved from football/team/_/id/21/san-diego-state-aztecs San diego co-ed 4v4 beach volleyball in san diego. (2012). Retrieved from 4v4-beach-/E0-001-041946583-5@2012101410San diego surf dawgs. (2011). Retrieved from
  • Assignment 3 20 San diego state aztecs roster - 2012 . (2012). Retrieved from football/team/roster/_/id/21/san-diego-state-aztecs VII. References About the show. (2012). Retrieved from Ariens, C. (2012, September 25). Evening news ratings: 2011-2012 season. Retrieved from Bednarski, P. J. (2010, April 21). Philly stations like share and share alike. Retrieved from alike?ref=search Bob, C. (2012, September 20). Fans scramble to watch favorite sports teams. Retrieved from Teams-170430146.html Cbs 8 contests. (2012). Retrieved from Cbs news live feed. (2012). Retrieved from feed Community projects. (2012). Retrieved from Jobs at the kfmb stations. (2012). Retrieved from the-kfmb-stations Kondolojy, A. (2012, September). ‘abc world news with diane sawyer’ closes viewing gaps with 'nbc nightly news' week-to-week and year-to-year . Retrieved from viewing-gaps-with-nbc-nightly-news-week-to-week-and-year-to-year/150174 Kondolojy, A. (2012, September 11). ‘cbs evening news with scott pelley’ is the only network evening news broadcast to post year-to-year ratings gains. Retrieved from only-network-evening-news-broadcast-to-post-year-to-year-ratings-gains/148210 Malone, M. (2010). Sunnier Times Ahead. Broadcasting & Cable, 140(4), 18.
  • Assignment 3 21 Me-tv me-tv adds markets; ups clearances to 60%. (2011, September 6). Retrieved from 60?ref=search Nbc 7 news in the morning dominates february sweep source: Nbc 7 news in the morning dominates february sweep | nbc 7 san diego. (2012, March 01). Retrieved from February-Sweep-141081533.html News 8 team. (2012). Retrieved from News 8 to go. (2012). Retrieved from Reporters as undercover men. (1969). Columbia Journalism Review, 8(4), 4. Romano, A. (2006). Everything's Political. Broadcasting & Cable, 136(40), 23. Spring, G. (1998). EM honors KFMB-TV. Electronic Media, 17(27), 43. Television station information. (2012). Retrieved from When the Story Hits Home. (2007). Broadcasting & Cable, 137(43), 3-42.