Name: Jessica Northey                             Event Name: An Evening at the Movies                                  Ti...
combo pack merchandiseJanuary 11,   Send artwork to printer and publication                Hollywood Reporter2013        ...
February 15,     Sound check and dry run                                A/V staff2013                 Establish on-site p...
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Film Premier Timeline


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Event management for film premier timeline

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Film Premier Timeline

  1. 1. Name: Jessica Northey Event Name: An Evening at the Movies Timeline and Date SelectionDate selection: The event is called “An Evening at the Movies” which goes along with atheme of having a date night to see a movie. This concept can coincide with Valentine’sDay as an event after the holiday passes, but people are still in the spirit of celebratinglove and going out on a date. The marketing can also suggest gifts for Valentine’s Day togo the weekend after, as well as Christmas gifts. The event will be held at AERO Theaterin Santa Monica, California. (“Events at the,” )Direct competition: In Santa Monica, California, there are several art house theaters thatwill have movie viewings during the same weekend of this event. The Laemmle Theatreplans their movie viewings up until the end of 2012. (“Coming soon to,” )TIME FRAME TO DO LIST / TASKS DATE  NOTESOctober 8, 2012 Research potential sponsors  Book venue  Aero theater rental Obtain rights to show a movie in public October 15, Create a sponsorship kit 2012 Send RFP to designer October 22, Place calls and start to meet with potential 2012 sponsors RFP deadline to decide on designer October 29, Sponsor follow-up 2012November 2, Deadline for sponsors to confirm 2012November 12, Design marketing materials  Includes:2013 -Poster, window cling, brochures, and print ad Deadline to receive sponsor logos November 26, PR campaign begins  Press releases to media2012 Send RFP to 3 printers December 10, Presale Tickets go live  Online e-tickets2012 Social media updates Possible updates: -Sponsorship info -Trivia about the actors/directors -Ticket info Finalize designs  For poster, window cling, brochures, and print adJanuary 4, 2013 RFP deadline and decide on a printer  Update social media  Possible updates: -Fun filmmaker tips -Movie trailer Receive CD Soundtrack and DVD + Blu-ray  Receive physical units
  2. 2. combo pack merchandiseJanuary 11, Send artwork to printer and publication  Hollywood Reporter2013 publication gets print ad design. Other marketing material to printer. Update social media  Possible updates: -Fun filmmaker tips -Ticket Info Pay all deposits required  Venue, printing invoices, etc. Book photographer  Order step and repeat background with approved  sponsor January 25, Confirm participants (Presale Count)  Early confirmation of2013 ticket sales Finalize order for F&B, contact venue manager  Confirm refreshments with final order Proof poster, brochure, print ad, and window  cling from printer Receive final Soundtrack CD merchandise  Receive final DVD and Blue-ray combo pack  merchandise Order card reader, iPad, and Printer to sell  tickets at the door Obtain event insurance  $5 mil policy for venueFebruary 1, Staff meeting  Review agenda2013 Update social media  Possible updates: -Ticket info -Sponsorship info -Trivia about actors or directors in film Rehearse on-site personnel: Appoint all event  Check list / Agenda review staff, door ticket sales, concession staff, Event Director/Production manager Make calls to those who did not RSVP to confirm  RSVP deadlineFebruary 8, Update social media  Possible updates:2013 -Ticket info Establish Base Camp (Production mgr.)  Mobile Office in theater Sponsorship Recap  Mail Media package Review all confirmations  Food, Actors for Q&A booked, etc. Send guarantee to venue  Only confirmed RSVPs Finalize travel arrangements  Confirm itinerary and reservations with Expedia for: hotel, air, and car package Create lists, signage, and VIP passes  RSVP guest lists and any media to decorate venue (Movie Posters)
  3. 3. February 15, Sound check and dry run  A/V staff2013 Establish on-site presence with security  Production manager Hold pre-conference with faculty  Owners and staff Check to see if all materials have arrived  Double check all inventory. Obtain expendables Make phone calls to all sponsors to confirm the  event details Ship merchandise to venue February 23, Event date – see daily itinerary for details 2013February 28, Send thank you notes  Sponsors, volunteers,2013 specific vendors Pay Gratuities/tips; any other fees March 4, 2013 Mail sponsor recaps  To include: -Explanation of all benefits received -Samples of anything with their logo on it -Formal thank you letter Create Final Report/Summary  Was the event a success? What can be improved for the next event? Review budget  Did event make a profit, break-even, or loss?References:Coming soon to laemmle theatres . (n.d.). Retrieved from at the aero theatre in santa monica. (n.d.). Retrieved from