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Film Distribution Presentation for an independent film in Orlando, Florida.

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Film Distribution Presentation

  1. 1. Metis Creativity, LLC. A Production Company 1The name of my production company is Metis Creativity, a Limited Liability company. They provide the casting for directors and actors for our client’s film projects. We provide the organizationof funding and setting up the budget for films, as well as helping to facilitate the making of, and distributing films.
  2. 2. (Langova) Presents The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde 2Presents The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Ms. HydePremise: This movie is a romantic comedy with a twisted love affair. A career woman, workaholic, as a chemist known as Dr. Jekyll, stars in a movie about a woman who has splitpersonalities triggered by PMS. Once a month she turns into Miss Hyde, a moody and focused only on romantic notions, who also doesn’t remember the weeklong switches.Miss Hyde has been having a romantic relationship with one of her fellow Scientists who is clueless as she is. A clumsy Scientist falls in love with a crazy and hormonal Miss Hyde. Only hecan discover her other side, as he discovers his manliness and adoration for her beauty and brains and she finds balance between work and her love life for her split personalities into oneagain.
  3. 3. Logline (Miloserdoff) USP Hook 3Logline: A modern version of Austin Powers meets Dr. Jekyll and Hyde.USP: The funniest movie of the summer, guaranteed to make you laugh so hard you split in two.Hook: She can do splits, just not the kind you’re thinking of.
  4. 4. Target Audience(Kratochvil) 4The target market, or audience, are couples that live in the United States, they are between 20 – 29 years old, and enjoys watching rated R movies. They are women who like romanticcomedies. Their boyfriends or husbands will watch chick flicks with them and enjoys movies with crude humor, sci-fi parody, steamy love scenes, and nudity.
  5. 5. (Sullivan) Plan A 5II. Plan A: Finding a large Distributor or Publisher (Plan A)! Find a large Distributor or Publisher is using the traditional marketing and distribution plan.Tier 1 film festivals for worldwide distribution deal, attend the American Film Market (AFM), and build fan base of core market.Tier 1 film festivals: Toronto, Sundance, Cannes, Berlin, Los Angeles, SXSW, and Tribeca.The budget information is set. The personal budget amount allotted is a $50,000 budget for distributing and marketing. And the production was completed using a budget of $20,000.
  6. 6. Plan B (“Fait - movie,” 2007) 6III. The Self–Distribution and Marketing Plan (Plan B)This is a description of a hybrid distribution strategy. We will split the distribution rights, but retain direct sales rights. We will hire a distribution team consisting of a producer, public relationsspecialist, sales agent, web designer, and an intern part-time. We will partner with non-profit and online communities to grow and nurture audiences. The long-term goals are to maximizedirect revenues and obtain a negative pick up deal or a sliding scale deal.
  7. 7. (“Enzian theater rental,” ) Theatrical Release 7TheatricalThe Theatrical strategy is four walling to show movie as special engagement at a small, local art-house theater at Enzian Theater ( for the premiere. The show time during datenight times only which are after 6pm on the weekend and provide five hard drives needed to deliver digital film for a platform release. The markets are in Winter Park, Orlando, Kissimmee,Lakeland, and Jacksonville.
  8. 8. Bricks & Mortar Outlets (Quinteros, 2009) 8Bricks and Mortar OutletsThe products will be in retail stores such as Forever 21, local airports and on airplanes for the in-flight entertainment, card shops, and hotel chains such as The Aloft hotel chain, which iscoming to Orlando soon. For hotel chains that have high-class with affordability
  9. 9. (Kratochvil)Product’s Website Websites 9The Internet website plans are to have the product’s website URL to be We will have a trailer available in different viewing options for a variety ofbrowsing options such as broadband and mobile. The payment collected through a third party processor called Intuit MerchantOther WebsiteOutside of the film’s website, the distribber, which is owned by Indiegogo, will be used to get the film on websites, and “get merit-based promotion around the world”. (“Learn more,” 2012) Inorder to use the services of Indiegogo, there is a fee on any money raised. It works out to four percent if the goal of $50,000 is met in time or nine percent if that amount of money is notraised by the deadline.
  10. 10. Sales Projections Projected Net Price Projected Units Revenue Theatrical $5.00 500 $2,500 Retail:Combo Pack $39.99 275 $10,997 VOD $4.99 3,000 $14,970Download $12.99 300 $3,897 10
  11. 11. Wholesale Sales Projected Net Price Projected Units RevenueWholesale:Combo Pack $15.99 500 $7,995 VOD $2.99 5,000 $14,950Download $7.99 2,000 $15,980 Total: $71,289 11
  12. 12. Pre Release (Sullivan) 12Pre-Release (January through March 2013) Strategy.The strategy is to market/advertise in the local area three months prior to the movie premier for a platform release party at a local arthouse theater.Tactics.1.! Jan 5 - Run ads and submit press releases in local newspapers and blogs2.! Jan 19 - Guerilla marketing to core target market3.! Feb 2 - Radio spot air for one week on a local and college radio stations with the same target market4.! Feb 9 - Street team to promote movie trailer on website and in community5.! Mar 2 - Book actors on local radio stations for interviews, using a promo code with Nimit to win 2 movie tickets (“The power of,” 2011)6.! Mar 23 - Offer exclusive promo giveaways from our sponsors in exchange for email list on website
  13. 13. Theatrical Release (Hodan) 13Release (April - August) Strategy.Have the premier at an art-house theater in Orlando, as well as extending to offbeat locations, such as bars, nightclubs, and coffee houses. The strategy is to release the film to VOD andmarket to hotels/motels. Also to promote exclusivity, giving away combo packs before they are available to purchase in stores or online.Tactics.1.! Apr 6 - Premier viewing at Enzian Theater2.! Apr 12 - Host Q&A session3.! Apr 20 - Branch out to coffee houses in surrounding areas of Orlando, Florida4.! Apr 27 - Start showing movie at bars and nightclubs in Lakeland, Winter Park, and Orlando areas5.! May 4 - Engage in social media street team promotions and e-mail blasts about VOD and date of release for sales of combo pack and ask questions6.! July 6 – Release movie for VOD in local hotels/motels by cold calling from the yellow pages of upscale hotels that are affordable to luxury motels7.! July 13 – Release a homemade “behind-the-scenes” video on the movie’s YouTube channel and embed on film’s website8.! July 27 - Promote contest on radio station to win free copy of a combo pack during interview with the Director, using a promo code with Nimbit (“The power of,” 2011)9.! Aug 10 – “Give and get business cards. Add everyone to your database, MySpace and Facebook” (Spellman, 2000)10.! Aug 17 – Host a party in a hotel lobby in downtown Orlando
  14. 14. Post Release(Kratochvil) 14Post Release (September through December)Strategy.The marketing campaign will be to announce the release of the DVD/BLU-Ray rentals and sales for online sales and retail stores for the combo pack at exclusive retail stores. The marketingcampaign is concentrated on the release for digital download.Tactics.1.! Sept 7 - Sell combo pack in local retail stores like convenience stores and airports, and airplanes online entertainment film2.! Sept 21 - Rental through Amazon, Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster and iTunes3.! Sept 28 – “Stay in touch with your audience (posting a Flickr set of photos, a blog post, audio or video from a Q&A session, or an early look at character sketches)” (Kirsner, 2009)4.! Oct 5 - Email fan distribution list a survey for feedback on where they hang out and offer discount on purchasing the combo pack with a promo discount code from website (Kirsner,2009)5.! Oct 19 – Attend trade shows and conventions (Spellman, 2000)6.! Nov 2 - Provide digital download through Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes only7.! Nov 9 – Website promotion to showcase online one winner online to win a copy of the combo pack of the extended directors cut, for whoever can submit a video of why they love thefilm and their peers vote on the best video8.! Nov 16 – Ask for reviews or ratings by sending advance copies to mentors, influential bloggers, and people whose opinions are respected in Florida (Kirsner, 2009)9.! Dec 7 – Host webinar through film’s website about how self-distribution works to build audience10.! Dec 14 – Roll out ancillary products to purchase on website11.! Dec 21 – Add a blog about publications related to events that couples enjoy and reviews of local events for future date nights (Spellman, 2000)
  15. 15. Ancillary(Langova) Products 15Ancillary products are also very important for brand extensions. There are a few creative products that will be produced upon success of a theatrical release. The products are bridal showerparty favor line to include a game and gifts, gag “PMS” gifts in novelty stores, movie posters sold online and at special events, autographed photos of actors sold on website, offer anextended, director’s cut (not yet rated) for super fans, and movie soundtrack sold on Amazon and iTunes.
  16. 16. Are You Ready to Invest? Any Questions? 16
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