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Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Parts 1-3
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Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Parts 1-3


Group project for Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Parts 1-3 assignment at Full Sail University

Group project for Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Parts 1-3 assignment at Full Sail University

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  • 1. Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Artist Management Jessica Northey, Yannick Powell, and Chris McLean Sections 1-3Merchandiser and Booking Manager: Jessica NortheyEmail: missjessicanorthey@gmail.comCell: (407) 928.0225Artist Manager: Yannick PowellEmail: vazco.muzik@gmail.comCell:(407) 574-0324Social Media and Publicist: Chris McLeanEmail: Chrism1223@fullsail.eduCell: (407) 679-0100
  • 2. Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Section 1About the artist Carly Jo Jackson’s career priorities are to perform live tour throughout Florida anddouble the amount of fans she currently has by increasing the interactivity with her fans. Thiswill assist during the process of negotiating a recording contract with a major label and increasemusic and merchandise sales, which is the ultimate goal. The key to increasing her music sales isto set-up live performances that are opening acts and/or collaborations with other successfulmusicians in the same genera, who already have their own following. She is a musician who canplay the Martin acoustic/electric guitar, the Mitchell acoustic/electric guitar, Ovation 12-stringguitar, banjo, harmonica, a solo/acoustic amp, and the Cajon drum. Her music genre categories are pop, acoustic rock, and pop rock. Carly Jo is currentlyresiding in the state of Florida between Central and South Florida but is originally from Orlando.The 19-year-old singer/songwriter is a college student at the University of Florida Atlantic inBoca Raton, Florida. Carly Jo is majoring in music and is a second year of college student(sophomore). There is nothing more Carly Jo enjoys more than singing, her heart is in her musicand wears her emotion on her sleeves and expresses them through her lyrics. She is steadilybuilding her music career while learning the ins and outs of the music business. Carly Jo is a musician who has a friendly stage presence. She is known in Orlando forperforming through Central Florida at venues like the Hard Rock, The Social, and The Tavern.After her first year of college, in July 2012, Carly Jo had a chance to work and record with ChrisCarrabba on their new single “Wildflower”. In November 2011, Carly Jo wrote her first EP,
  • 3. “World at my Feet” while going through a tough emotional period. The five songs on the EP aregeared towards men, explaining why you should never treat a songwriter wrong; the song will beabout you. Two years before Carly Jo’s first EP (2009), she was given a guitar and since then, somany doors has opened for her as a solo artist, songwriter, and performer. Her passion for musicis shown through her motivation and determination when it came time for Carly Jo to join ThePop Shop in 2005. The Pop Shop is a performing arts school located in Central Florida. She is acreative and talented singer and songwriter. Her stage presence is captivating as she draws youinto her stories; you began to relate to the lyrics. She loves to talk to her audience in between afew songs during her live performances. Her singing style is soft and smooth. Her songwriting isinspired from her personal relationships. Carly Jo’s experience and track record includes studio recording time, live performances,and a variety of awards. She recorded 5-song EP with record label Arch productions. Recordedsingle by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) in return for providing vocals on a project hewas doing. Her awards are as follows: 1st place in high school talent show, 3rd place OrlandosGot Talent, 1st place WMMO Acoustic Showcase, 3rd place Texaco Country Showdown, Shewas an Orlando finalist for Season 2 of The Voice and Memphis finalist for Season 3 in 2012,but did not make final cut so really cant count those as awards. She was a top 5 finalists inDodge Inspired by the You Songwriting contest. Most of her live performance experience and exposure in the Orlando area, but hasperformed in Hilton Head, Nashville, and Memphis. In Florida, she has performed in Orlandoarea, Gainesville, Boca Raton and Panama City. Carly Jo performs mostly in small venues,restaurants, coffee shops, but has also done festivals and larger concert venues, including Hard
  • 4. Rock and The Abbey. She has done charity shows for Camp Boggy Creek (a camp for sick kids),Paws Cares, which takes care of pets for people too sick to care for them and will be doing afundraiser show for Gimme Shelter in Oct. She has also performed at a breast cancer awarenessfundraiser. She joined the Orlando Tunes for Tots but has not been able to do any shows withthem yet. She has been interested in a group called Musicians On Call, which go into hospitalsand perform for patients outside of Orlando. Camp Boggy Creek is closest to her heart becauseshe started singing there. Booking schedule is currently set-up by Carly Jo and her mother, who is her manager.Carly Jo’s niche is being a songwriter with a smooth voice, who plays live instruments and hascommercial appeal. She has experience performing live, has music for sale, and has a network ofsupporters. She has an outgoing and friendly demeanor, a professional website, and is wellconnected with social media. Section 2Strengths The artist has a great stage presence and has a voice that uplifting and commercial ready.She is very friendly and uplifting for the people that she comes into contact with. After herperformances, Carly Jo is great about going out to her audience and speaking with them and ifthey want to take pictures with her or buy CDs she is there ready with a smile. According to herReverbNation.com account, she has a loyal fan base that is willing to buy her music within theUnited States, mostly in Florida and California. She has a strong online presence where you caneasily learn about her, contact her, and buy her music.
  • 5. Weaknesses Internal factors, those are in control of the artist, not knowing how to set-up a soundstagefor performances, little to no additional merchandise, and lacks a strong support team. She is anew name and face in the music industry where it is very competitive.Opportunities To make the artist more competitive, Cary Jo needs to build a stronger brand recognitionmarketing campaign. She already has a t-shirt design and can expand on this by offering buttons,stickers, and hats. This design needs to be on her homepage of her website as well. She has someexperience in collaboration, however; it is recommended to keep moving towards increasing thenumber of successful musicians she can attach her name to. Due to the growth of broadband anddemand for video, there is an opportunity for Carly Jo to connect with her fans through livevideo chat and performances. Google+ Hangouts Studio Mode will allow Carly Jo’s following tosee her perform even if they cannot be there in person. (Constine, 2012) To turn a threat into an opportunity, the international artists that are the same genera asCarly Jo can collaborate during live performances to share their following and increase their fanbase. The possibility of Carly Jo learning a new language is also encouraged. Although there area lot of singers that have a similar look and sound as she does, her fans enjoy her music becausethey feel like they are more than a fan, but also a friend.Threats One external factors that is out of the control of the artist or manager are the internationalartists that know more than one language. International artist are coming to the United States to
  • 6. compete as artists for recording contracts to reach their own niche audiences, but also are singingin English. Another external factor is that there are also many artists who have a similarperforming style, sound, and/or image. As a new artist, this shall be a tough market for Carly Joto break into. On the other hand, Carly Jo is attending college; traveling may cause fatigue. CarlyJo has to decide on whether she wants to travel back and forth from Boca Raton (West PalmBeach County) to Orlando or wherever else to perform, or does she want to focus on schoolmainly and just perform locally in Boca Raton and fight the fatigue factor when performing inOrlando. Also, the option of taking classes online are not available and Carly Jo strikes a gig, shemay have to decline. Section 3Evaluation of the support team: Carly Jo’s support team includes: Jessica Northey as her Artist Manager and Publicist,Chris McLean for Booking, and Yannick Powell in charge of Merchandising and Social Media.Strengths for the support team:. The strengths that we acquire as a support team are that all the members are all educatedand have music and entertainment business degrees one of the highest ranked entertainmentschools in the country. Also, we all have some type of background experience in the music andentertainment industry, whether its artistry/graphics and design, production, performance,songwriting, composing, and engineering. Therefore this gives us the ability to know what isimportant and of our concern when it comes to defining and developing the image, reputationand vision of Carly Jo.
  • 7. From a booking perspective, Carly Jo will not be difficult to shop as a pop artist. She isyoung, beautiful, and her presence capturing; she’s is like an elephant in a small room. As farcontingency planning, Carly Jo is ready come show time. This is what she lives for, what shewants, and continues to dream of. All in all, Carly Jo has a great stage presence and is a naturalborn entertainer.Weaknesses for the support team: According to the course book, Artist Management for Music Business, it states that: “With the passage of time, the strengths will improve and the weaknesses should diminish. However, for the manager who does not keep current with trends in the roles of artist management a candid review of weaknesses will reveal areas of necessary improvement. It will also reveal opportunities for the manager to consider taking short courses or attend brief seminars in management that will sharpen their skills” (Allen, 2007). From a booking perspective, the outcome for the out of state events are something tolooking forward too. Evaluations will be key when preparing for the next performance. Carly Jois a local talent in the state of Florida. Her fan base is not that deep in depth. Because of this,Carly Jo is a “no named artist” outside of the state of Florida but this does not matter we do nothave faith within Carly Jo. Carly Jo has to build an online presence. Technology is booming andmoving rapidly, as well as society. Giving that most of the Carly Jo’s target audience spendsmost of their day online, reaching out to this market will not be easy but should not be difficult.Opportunities for the support team:
  • 8. The Artist Manager is required to stay aware of what is happening in the music industry,particular in Carly Jo’s particular genre. The team’s Publicist can write more press releases abouther new music and upcoming performances in order to have the local press write up articles inthe Entertainment and Lifestyle section of their publications. It is also important to record herperformances and create promos for online video content. Corporate sponsorship opportunitiesfor local businesses that have the same target audience as Carly Jo may be interested in workingwith the team. The team will also work towards submitting her music for television and film. Asher popularity grows, it will be important to book studio time with popular producers in theOrlando area. There are many music conferences that happen across the country every year, and thisyear there are a few that are happening in Orlando. At these conferences, there are showcasingopportunities and one-one-one meetings with producers, record label executives, songwriters,A&Rs and music publishing company reps. Therefore, the team will be aiming on setting upsome one-one-one sessions with these industry professionals to showcase the talent and image ofCarly Jo. The team will also be focusing on opportunities that will help get Carly Jo’s targetaudience more familiar with her and her style by getting her more involved and performing thenational anthem at charitable, state, county and city events that tend to be broadcasting on radioand television. In addition, set up interview times on college radio stations to promote her liveperformance dates and CD sales from her website. It is important for the artist to plan for personal appearances to places such as nightclubsand lounges that require music and allow gambling. An artist-sponsored showcase events can beopened up to invite music industry executives, agents, publishers, and others that can help CarlyJo reach the next level in her career. Large hotel and National club chains may also be interested
  • 9. in Carly Jo’s music style for their entertainment needs. Private parties, college concerts, festivalsand fairs are great opportunities for Carly Jo to gain more publicity (Frascogna& Hetherington,1997). From a booking perspective, Carly Jo has the opportunity to build and gain more event,touring, and performing experience as well as building a reputation and relationship with fans,venue owners, and promoters to establish herself as an artist, which ultimately can help expandher brand and generate the buzz she needs.Threats for the support team: From an Artist Manager’s standpoint, the threats are when Carly Jo is signed to a recordlabel that they will want her to work with a more experienced Artist Manager. From thestandpoint of a Publicist, the threat is a lack of interest of the artist from the public. As hermanagement team we will face many threats that will set us back. These threats are considered aspolitical and can be acts of god. Weather is a major factor that can play a role in cancelling outon important opportunities and may force us to change our agendas and dates on our timelines.This business is about who you know. It is important to implement a plan of action for meetingnew people and continually taking care of current relationships of people in the music business.The way royalties are paid may be changed in the future. Clear Channel is the first to arrangethat “broadcast radio network will pay performers when their music plays on its airwaves, but thedeal also has implications for Internet radio.” (Sydell, 2012)Conflicts of interest:
  • 10. Currently, there are no conflicts of interest, however; it is important to be aware that ifplanning to manage an artist that have similar talents and look to Carly Jo would be a conflict.Other potential conflicts would be if the management team were to become an owner of apublishing company or a recording studio. If this situation should arise, the team member willalert others on the team.
  • 11. References:Allen, P. (2007). Artist management for the music business. (p. 148). Burlington: Focal Press. Retrieved from http://online.vitalsource.com/books/9780240809243Constine, J. (2012, August 13). comment 10 inshare85 google hangouts studio mode lets musicians stream concerts with pristine sound quality. Retrieved fromhttp://techcrunch.com/2012/08/13/google-hangouts-studio-modeFrascogna, X., & Hetherington, H. (1997).This business of artist management. (3rd ed., pp. 171- 177). New York: Watson-Guptill publications.Sydell, L. (2012, June 13). Clear channel will be the first to pay royalties for music on its air. Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2012/06/13/154871444/clear- channel-will-be-the-first-to-pay-royalties-for-music-on-its-air