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Career Planning and Data Analysis

Career Planning and Data Analysis



Researching salary information for 3 different job positions I'm interested in pursuing.

Researching salary information for 3 different job positions I'm interested in pursuing.



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    Career Planning and Data Analysis Career Planning and Data Analysis Document Transcript

    • Jessica Northey | May 9, 2012In Practicum 1 | Alexia Brehm Excel Data Reporting
    • In Practicum 1 The object of this assignment is to research raw data, analyze, and interpret data,in order to determine the message to be communicated and to obtain the appropriate pointof view. The data being research are finding the salary information of the low to highranges for three different job positions that I am interested in. As a student at Full Sail inthe BS Entertainment Program, I will be talking about my decision-making process inorder to use the data to make the decision of which career track is the most appealing. The geographical location of the opportunities is located in Los Angeles for theAssistant to Producer (AP) position and San Diego, California for the Creative Director(CD) and Marketing Associate (MA) position.The education and years of experiencerequired for each positionall prefer a Bachelors degree, but it is not required for entry-level positions; however, to obtain upper level pay scale it is preferred. In the case of the AP position, there is not a set track of educational requirements.This is a jack-of-all-trades position that skills in script editing, story consulting, projectpitching, and more. Internships are often the entry into this position.(Thomas, 2012)In thecase for the MA’s educational requirements is a minimum of a high school diploma or anAssociate’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree allows for promotions into managementpositions. (“Marketing assistant: Job,” 2012) The years to obtain a certain pay scaleareunpredictable.For a CD position, this is a higher-level position that requires more jobexperience than the others to achieve the upper pay scale. The CD position prefers aBachelor’s degree, but equal and related experience is also acceptable. The years ofexperience required are at least five to seven years in the Advertising industry is 2
    • In Practicum 1preferred. Depending on where the job is located, larger cites have more competition andrequire at least ten years. (Duncan, 2012) The general descriptions of each job opportunity are as follows: The Assistant toProducer works for Producers as administrators throughout the production process. Theinvolvement is from the beginning to the end of the project. A few job requirements areorganization, flexibility, and have the ability to see the entire project as a whole. The day-to-day tasks vary and are set by the Producer. Common tasks include script editing,business writing, phone calls, office management, interviewing, coordinating fundraisingtasks, general duties on and off set, communicating with the post production team onbehalf of the Producer, and public relation tasks. AP’s also assist with copyright,meetings, event planning, and financial responsibilities. On occasion, they are asked fortheir input for strategic thinking on projects during the development process. The higher-level paying AP positions are for those who can influence theproduction in a significant way. Occasionally, an AP can receive an Associate Producercredit on the project. This position can be freelance or an “employee of a productioncompany.” In addition, developed organizational and administrative skills to having“knowledge of the film industry is an advantage.” (“Assistant to producer,” 2012) The CD’s job description is as follows: “Develops basic presentation approaches and directs layout design and copy writing for promotional material, such as books, magazines, newspapers, television, posters, and packaging: reviews 3
    • In Practicum 1 materials and information presented by client and discusses various production factors to determine most desirable presentation concept.” The Creative Director’s core responsibility is to communicate with otherexecutives of the “art, copy writing, and production departments” as head of the creativesector of the business. The CD will lead meetings about the client’s requirements,deadlines, basic details for the presentation’s concept, and coordinate task responsibilitieswithin the creative work. Once this work has been accomplished, the employees bring itto the CD for review and approvals of the “art and copy materials” in order to take thatto the client for approval. (“Creative director,” 2012) The MA assists with “creation and management of long-term marketing plans,including advertising, public relations, promotions, and collateral.” The MA supports andcommunicates advertising campaigns in order to promote their client’s products andservices. There is a wide scope of marketing activities, such as promoting sales,researching, calling prospects as well as managing existing clients, bookingappointments, and networking to build relationships.(“Marketing associate ,” 2012)Thereis an array of possible responsibilities for a Marketing Assistant, which depends on thecompany’s goals. The most appealing position for me personally is the Assistant to Producerposition. The skills required of the position I currently possess are creative thinking andorganizing.My career is in graphic arts and this is why my other two career options Ichose are the ones that I can build upon those skills versus starting new. However, theskills required of the position I am seeking to obtain require the same type of skills aswell. The AP career is more along the lines of my education in the EntertainmentBusiness degree program offers students at Full Sail. This is a career that seeks those with 4
    • In Practicum 1experience, excellent communication skills, and works well under pressure. An internshipis a common entry into this position, as it requires work experience.(Thomas, 2012) The next action steps required to obtain the skill set for the position is to graduateFull Sail with a BS degree, apply for a Federal Work Study position as a PA, and networkwith Career Development to insure an internship after graduation. My plans to obtain these skills areto stay on my current educational track in theBS Entertainment Business program. I will have to create a new resume to reflect thecareer track for an AP position and focus on the assignments from school and volunteerprojects that are related. Ask for assistance with interpreting my graphic arts skills intoskills that are beneficial for an AP to show that I have work experience. And then applyfor a part-time job or volunteer in the community to gain experience while in college. Ialso plan to research more companies in the LA area that have internship programs. Thiswill allow me to be prepared when it is time to start working with the CareerDevelopment department. It is also a great idea to attend as many guest speaker eventsthat are related to this career track. The types of data that could be useful within the industry are static informationabout employment and pay scales. After an Internship, this type of information can helpset an expectationfor negotiations for pay scalefor an entry-level AP. After analyzing the data collected in the Excel file of each position’s salary scalesfrom lower to upper, I have been able to conclude that the AP as a starting position afteran internship has a better pay scale amount without promotions and in less time than 5
    • In Practicum 1compare to a CD or MA position. The AP position also fits my personality better as I amgood at many of the things listed in the job requirements already and enjoy the dailychanges of the job. The MA position offers some creativeness, but not enough to be thepreferred career path. The CD position had been a long withstanding goal from being agraphic designer. However, I am in school now to make the career change to get into theEntertainment business; therefore, AP is the best career choice for me.Reference: 6
    • In Practicum 1Assistant to producer. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.media- match.com/usa/jobtypes/assistant-to-producer-jobs-402678.phpCreative director. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.salaryexpert.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=SalaryCalculatorII.Dsp ReportPage&Job=28260&Zip=&Area=064174&DC=Yes&CityID=208&BPM=0Duncan, A. (2012). Advertising agency creative director career profile. Retrieved from http://advertising.about.com/od/profiles/p/creativedirect.htmMarketing assistant: Job description, duties and requirements. (2012). Retrieved from http://education- portal.com/articles/Marketing_Assistant_Job_Description_Duties_and_Requir ements.htmlMarketing associate . (2012). Retrieved from http://www.salaryexpert.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=SalaryCalculatorII.Dsp ReportPage&Job=3322&Zip=&Area=0&DC=Yes&CityID=208&BPM=0Thomas, D. (2011, September 14). The requirements for an assistant producer. Retrieved from http://www.ehow.com/info_12061434_requirements- assistant-producer.html 7