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A presentation to find the best location to shoot a film for a studio in the US going overseas.

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Behind The Scenes

  1. 1. Location Research Report By Jessica Northey, Researcher for A Film Studios 1
  2. 2. Report for Germany 2
  3. 3. Behind the Scenes Recommend filming in Berlin, GermanyFilming n Berli 3
  4. 4. Land & Climate Lowlands in north, uplands in center, Bavarian Alps in south Wet winters andLand Summers; Occasional Warm Mountain wind (1) e C limat 4
  5. 5. Government StructureThe constitution of the FederalRepublic of Germany is called theBasic Law. It deals with a numberof aspects, enumerates basicrights, lays the foundations ofgovernment, and the fundamentalstructural principles of the FederalRepublic of Germany. (9) 5
  6. 6. CurrencyExchange Rate: EURO 6
  7. 7. Germany’s GDP: $3.316 trillion (1, 14) 7
  8. 8. Real GDP Real GDP growth, at an annualized rate of 9.0% 2011 Real GDP – 3.5%Real GDP y Ge rman 8
  9. 9. Per Capita GDP Budget revenues: $1427 trillion Expenditures: $1.535 trillion Taxes and other revenues: 43% of GDP Budget surplus: -3.3% of GDP2011 Per capita GDP Public debt: 83.4% of GDP $35,700 Trillion (1, 15) 9
  10. 10. Society & Mores Population: 81,471,834 Berlin (capital): 3.438 million Language: German (1)The push-and-pull of economics and tradition. “Germany is good at structural reforms, but not at cultural reforms.” Only about 14 percent of German mothers with one child resume full- time work, and only 6 percent of those with two. (26) Three patterns of thinking among male bosses: (aka The Boys Club)1. Those who simply don’t think women are cut out for it;2. those who think they are, but fear their colleagues don’t and worry about cohesion; and3. those who say that in theory gender does not matter but in practice women who make it “overcompensate” and are not “authentic.” 10
  11. 11. Society & Mores It is simple economic interest: “Without these talent sources, Germany can’t survive as a leading knowledge economy.” “We have to break open all our historic taboos,” he said. “Because if we don’t, we willWomen Leadership lose competitiveness.” 11
  12. 12. Wealth DistributionIn 2005, 13% of the German population, or 10.7 millioncitizens, were officially regarded as poor.There is an increase of persons at both the lower and top endof the [income] spectrum,” the draft concludes, with acorresponding shrinkage of the “middle class.”Total assets of all private households at the end of 2002approximated €7.8 trillion.The wealthiest 10% control 56% of this total, while the poorest50% possess just 2%. 12
  13. 13. Details Enemies – None International Disputes: Germany hasGermany issues with United Nations due to Iran’s nuclear program. The U.S. is asking Germany to decrease imports to iran as a repercussion. Labor force – Unemployment rate: 7.1% ran Inflation rate – 1.1% E xports to I 13
  14. 14. Germany has the Worlds Top-Ranked Infrastructure ies 7 ,000 Taxi Compan Germanys extensive infrastructure was singled out for special praise due to its capacity for highly efficient transportation of goods and passengers. (10)Infrastruc ture Map 14
  15. 15. Imports “Import Turnover Tax” of 19%, (2) Motor vehicles, chemical products, machinery, oil and gas and computers Main import partners are Imports European Union countries (France, Netherlands, Italy, UK,oil Belgium), United States and China 15
  16. 16. Exports Leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment (1) Also, weapons and other military equipment. (8) Exports German exports make up some 9.5% of world trade The menacing currency crisis is dominating discussion in the European Union – but the German economy continues to be spared. dsG erman Goo 16
  17. 17. growing export 17
  18. 18. Economic Operations 18
  19. 19. Economic ConditionThe deficit rose sharply to 3.5%of GDP in the first half of 2010Net borrowing came in at €42.8billion ($54.4 billion) USD. (4) 19
  20. 20. Banking Central bank: 1.75% Commercial bank: prime lending rate: 3.77%Euro 20
  21. 21. Business Location Germany Legal Civil law system – Stable and Transparent Legal System German business law is governed by the principle of the freedom of economy, meaning that business activities do not Germany’s Flag generally require a specific permit or license. 21
  22. 22. Production Team NeedsLabor crews –Hire: Camera Crew GermanyTransportation – Airports, suburbantrains, U-Bahn, Underground,Trams (BVG), Busses (BVG), 7,000Taxis, and Deutsche BahnAG.Communication – International:Country code - 49; Internet countrycode: .de Transportation 22
  23. 23. Shelter & FoodShelter: Book with Metis Travel Agency – $55 - $85 per roomFood: Restaurant Directory 23
  24. 24. Electricity 220 volts at 50 cycles, twice the Power Adapter Info voltage of American power systems. It may be way too much for your appliance. Plug Purchase plug adapters and powerAdapter converters (27) 24
  25. 25. Filming in GermanyErnst & Young’s “EuropeanAttractiveness Survey 2011”confirms Germany’s reputationas one of the most attractivebusiness locations in the world.International decision makersranked Germany first withinEurope, and fifth worldwide inthe “most attractive businesslocation” category. (11) Filming in Germany is a Go! 25
  26. 26. Risks & RecommendationRisks to consider –Natural hazard: flooding.Recommendation of city – Berlinbecause the BBFC (a filmcommission in Germany) hasfilm shooting permits readilyavailable. (4) Capital of Germany 26
  27. 27. Meeting script criteriaThe locations that draw internationalattention to Berlin are as plentiful asthey are diverse. This is reflected in itsart, architecture, life style, and variouscultural facilities.Now Bollywood has discovered thebenefits that Berlin offers as a filmlocation! One of the supporting roles inthis gripping thriller also goes to the cityof Berlin. The buzzing German capital Action Scriptprovides the perfect setting for excitingchases and bristling suspense. (6) 27
  28. 28. References1. Shooting permits. (2009). Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from _ 1441.asp4.,1518,713694,00.html5.,1518,800681,00.html8.,1518,773626,00.html9. structure image)10. (euro images) http://www.da http://www.safeha,,3861105,00.html19. 4/us/en.html v _21. http://www.cameracrewgermany.com25. _ limate _ usiness _cience/04_ limateBridge/TCBgeneral/ClimateBridge _ eneral.html _C _B _S _C _g26. =2r27. lectricity.htm _e 28