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  • 2.0 Adoption Council Intro

    1. 1. A Community of Practitioners Fall 2009 Engage. Evangelize. Empower.
    2. 2. Overview The 2009 Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston was a turning point for the Enterprise 2.0 community. For the first time, real “internal evangelists” with real needs and real challenges showed up to discuss their experiences and connect with other subject matter experts in the hope of finding solutions. They were not consultants or analysts or journalists or academics. These were full- time, in-house professionals from all different lines of business who were looking to learn from other Enterprise 2.0 practitioners. The 2.0 Adoption Council was formed to provide a home for that on-going conversation. 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    3. 3. Sample Council Members 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    4. 4. More Sample Members ‣Alcatel-Lucent ‣GDF Suez ‣MetLife ‣Alcoa ‣General Motors ‣NASA/SAIC ‣Allstate ‣General Mills ‣Nokia ‣Alstom Power ‣GlaxoSmithKline ‣Penn State University ‣AMD ‣Hatch Associates ‣Pitney Bowes ‣AREVA ‣Hewlett-Packard ‣PR Newswire ‣Booz Allen Hamilton ‣HSBC ‣Pratt & Whitney ‣CapitalOne ‣Humana Rocketdyne ‣Cardiff University (UK) ‣IBM ‣PricewaterhouseCoopers ‣Chubb ‣Intel Corporation ‣Procter & Gamble ‣Cisco ‣International Paper ‣Raytheon ‣Compagnie de Saint Gobain ‣Johnson and Johnson ‣SAP ‣Compuware ‣Juniper Networks ‣Schlumberger ‣Corning ‣Lockheed Martin ‣Seagate ‣Covidien ‣Lowe's Companies ‣SK Telecom ‣CSC ‣Lyonnaise des Eux/Suez ‣State of Maryland ‣Deloitte Environment ‣Sun Microsystems (Oracle) ‣Disney ‣Massachusetts Institute of ‣Swedish Armed Forces ‣Electronic Arts Technology ‣Texas Instruments ‣Eli Lilly ‣McDonald's ‣The Washington Post ‣EMC Corp ‣McKinsey & Company ‣United Business Media ‣European Central Bank ‣Medtronic, Inc. ‣Wipro ‣European Commission ‣Merck ‣Wells Fargo 4 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    5. 5. Member Qualifications?  Must be actively involved in a 2.0 adoption effort  All levels, titles, departments, LOBs  Strategy and/or deployment  Must work for a large company (10,000+ employees)  Some exceptions for well-known companies (i.e. The Washington Post, Penn State)  Also, European firms can be fewer than 10K.  Never less than 5K  Only 2 Seats per Company 5 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    6. 6. Sample Titles in the Council IT LOB 42% 58% 6 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    7. 7. Discussion Areas: Jive SBS  Discussion/Sharing takes place on the Jive SBS platform  Currently, 100+ members  Majority of the members are either Active or Partially Active  New content everyday  Members required to participate minimum of one hour a week. 7 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    8. 8. Micro-sharing on Yammer Platform  Runs on an AIR desktop app or via web interface  Short, easy questions  Links  Provides a back channel for demos  Push content from social web (blogs, bookmarks)  Also has a mobile interface 8 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    9. 9. What’s the Buzz? Top Tags: 9 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    10. 10. Vendors Represented in the Council  Jive SBS  Drupal  Socialcast  Joomla  Yammer  Blue Kiwi  Lotus Connections  Newsgator  SharePoint  Oracle Weblogic  Traction Teampage  Interwoven Teamsite  Confluence  EMC Documentum  Socialtext  ThoughtFarmer  Telligent  Covisint  XWiki  ...more... 10 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    11. 11. Benefits of Council Membership  Peer-to-peer sharing  State-of-the-Art platforms  Conference Calls  Meetings  Thought Leadership  Conferences  Publicity  Recognition  Access to vendors/gurus  Research  SWAG! :-) 11 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    12. 12. Example: 12 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    13. 13. The External Community The 2.0 Adoption Community is a social site for Enterprise 2.0 evangelists, practitioners and specialists to share their experiences, insights and expertise. The 2.0 Adoption Community site aggregates and publishes blogs, comments, rich media, and provides a forum for discussion at a central location Modeled after the highly successful for all members of the “Social Media Today” site, “The 2.0 Adoption Community” already has 90 Enterprise 2.0 eco-system. bloggers signed up and contributing, including leading e2.0 bloggers. 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    14. 14. How much does it cost? 14 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)
    15. 15. Our Information The 2.0 Adoption Council was founded by SoCo Partners. Susan Scrupski, founder of SoCo Partners, has been tracking Enterprise 2.0 since its inception in 2006. She brings a unique insight into the adoption curve for large enterprises and has firsthand knowledge of the myriad of barriers between desire and full-scale adoption. Prior to embracing the Enterprise 2.0 phenomenon, Ms. Scrupski enjoyed a world renowned reputation as an expert on the multi- billion dollar market in IT services where she kept abreast of trends in IT outsourcing and large-scale systems integration. As a leading blogger, writer, and coach to Fortune 500 clients, Ms. Scrupski is a trusted resource for vendors and customers alike tracking developments in Enterprise 2.0. More information on the Council can be found at http://www.20adoptioncouncil.com @ITSinsider 2.0 Adoption Council, 10/2009 (c)