Certificate Course in Research Methodology (CResM) at IITTM


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Certificate Course in Research Methodology (CResM) at IITTM

  1. 1. IndianInstituteofTourismand TravelManagement 2013 CResM IITTM is a leading tourism school in the country. We have owned responsibility for promoting quality research in tourism and allied sectors. As a first step in this direction Institute has launched a PhD programme jointly with Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. IITTM, receives quite some requests every year from PhD scholars and from young teachers to help them with research methodology and pedagogy. This Certificate in Research Methodology (CResM) programme aims to help those serious researchers who are willing to learn research methods and approach. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management Govindpuri, Gwalior 474011 MP Ph.: 0751.2347303 Fax.: 0751.2344054
  2. 2. TRAINING IN RESEARCH METHODS FOR TEACHERS AND RESEARCHERS TITLE Certificate in Research Methodology (CResM) Programme LOCATION Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior DURATION 1 Semester (Regular course work) SEATS Variable but not more than 12 in any programme BACKGROUND Tourism and hospitality industry in India is in nascent stages of growth. Industry requires scientific inquiry and discussion on issues of contemporary interest. There is a need of more trained researchers in the area who could contribute value to the existing body of knowledge. It is a well accepted fact that increased participation in research would lead to both creation of new knowledge and added quality of classroom deliberations with next generation of learners. Country therefore requires a pool of talented and trained researchers in the field of tourism and hospitality. A number of researchers are getting self enrolled or plan to get enrolled in PhD programmes with different universities across the country. There is need for a rigorous training in research. IITTM has need resources and expertise to help such young researchers. This programme is therefore proposed.
  3. 3. CONCEPT This programme of one-semester duration is open to all individuals who are interested in a rigorous training in research methodology especially in tourism and related fields. Programme shall accept candidates registered in different faculties/ departments- tourism, management, commerce, economics, etc. Programme relies extensively on activity based learning. OPERATIONAL MODEL The Certificate Programme will comprise of three modules: A. Pedagogy- where candidates will be taken through a number of interventions that help them with teaching and research skills like- seminars, group discussion, case writing, book reviews, literature review, Review of articles submitted to journals, referencing , citations, developing teaching plan, writing a technical paper, etc. B. Research methodology- The is a regular class work which will take learners through the academic concepts of statistics and research methodology C. Analytical tools for Research- This is a laboratory work based course. Learners would also be able to use standard software for analysis and would be able to interpret results. Learners would appreciate the importance of tools and situations in which these tools may be used. There will be inputs on MS Excel, SPSS, etc.
  4. 4. FEES Rs. 12,000/- In case candidates especially females would like to avail of hostel facilities, same may be allowed depending upon the availability on payment of a nominal hostel and mess fees as applicable at that time. SALIENT FEATURES a. Would create a pool of serious/ active researchers who can contribute quality research and take up assignments as teachers. b. Programme will run concurrent to the course work for PhD programme jointly offered by PTU and IITTM. c. Attempts will be made to get recognition (equivalence) for the certificate programme as equivalent to Coursework module mandated for PhD at different Universities. SELECTION If required admission to be based on interview LAST DATE OF APPLICATION Monday, August 19, 2013 CERTIFICATION Participants of the programme, on successful completion, shall be entitled to a certificate of participation- Certificate in Research Methodology (CResM). CONTACT Dr. Nimit Chowdhary, Professor Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management Govindpuri Gwalior 474011 MP Email: nimitchowdhary@gmail.com Phone: 0.99774.00881
  5. 5. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior Certificate in Research Methodology (CResM) Application Details of the fees deposited Name of the Bank __________________________________ Date: ________ Amount 12,000/- Rs. Twelve thousand only 1 Name ________________________________________ 2 Father’s name ________________________________________ 3 Mother’s name ________________________________________ Photo 4 Date of Birth ________________________________________ 5 Address (for correspondence) ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Email ________________________________________ Phone (Mobile) ________________________________________ 6 Educational Back ground Year Institution Result Remarks Graduation Post Graduation 7 Details of PhD registration, if applicable Year Institute / University Faculty Title _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 8 Employment details Position Organisation Period Date: ____________ Place: ____________ Signature of the candidate