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BA Champs PowerPoint AGM Presentation
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BA Champs PowerPoint AGM Presentation


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Slide Deck done to hand over responsibilities of student interest groups to next generation.

Slide Deck done to hand over responsibilities of student interest groups to next generation.

Published in: Design

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  • 1. AGM 2013 The First Ever
  • 2. Lets look back
  • 3. 2011
  • 4. 2012
  • 5. Pro next Is your IDEA the next BIG thing? . It’s School-Wide! ve it e Prove it. A th IDE S ME D NT QU HIN our IRE BE h 20 13 Is y RN e20 RE 13 It’ TU FOR vat p sS nu ele e 11t vat ch /np Sig ele /np ite ary oo y tes com Is y it.l eva ok. our anu pel l-W ebo w.b 1D FUN0I0G ly/n IDE $EE 0 0 D N fac bit. by J At TOP PRIZE E ww , RIZ ide h Pro e nex Jo PP int Is ly o TO ! rga ! $1 yo v i t nis ide Signeup BIG t S Tu OUCHERS ed SPEUS C t. ur r LV by: ny PITAMAL L PLUS CA hin ou l-W 00 EDPITA ID Pr r id fan g? A , NDOUCH EA ove ea tas For oo FUALL 2013 si DE nto p or bm L WI M 00 the it. ch HOO ENGE SC HAL a b rize e in issi by January 11th 2013 C SC LL tic m HO LE us s! D fo on S V CHA IN ERS ne ine o : w de OL NG e ’s ss yo ww ad W E G It xt ! G u h .f lin Su ID TURN BEHIND ain av ac E BI va e th ebo : 11 FOR REQUIREMENTS G lua e ok Ja ble bes .co nu thi ex t bu m/n ary ! ng pe si pe 20 ide rie ne le 13 e ? nc ss vat Su p e a ide e po W nce and win rte iness! Gain valuable experie nd a? - 0D0NG db Turn your ideas into a bus ol best business idea? wi y: e the fantastic prizes! Do you hav n CHALLEN IDE SCHOOL W For more info: www.face Submission deadline: 11 January 2013 ,0N I S h o Sc 1E0 FU R HE UC s O SCHO LENGE GE It’ CHAL LV $SE D ww AL Sig E ww Sig e 1thv2ta e w. AM nu RIZ PIT w. OL W by bi CA bit p n u leva 013 t.l PP by .ly Ja faceb US y/ / ? Supported by: PL Jan np nu ook.c vates IDE np p TO uar eleva ng Jointly organised by: ar om/n ite bi y1 t y 1 pele fac 1th e2013 0 thi ebo bit. ok. com t 0D ly/n 201 e2 pel /np eva ele it. t BIG in vat 3 0 ,0 N tes dw ite e 13 an dea? ce i ate 10D FU en ss eri ne lev 3 xp busi /npe 201 TU le e t x y R V ab bes com uar TUOR R L RR N B Pro e ne $SEE FO L alu the ook. Jan F MA RN EQU i n v ave ceb : 11 EQ EH E Ga h UIR IN TA fa line PI RIZ ss! ou w. EM D BE IREM ine Do y : ww dead EN CA h HI EN us s! PP TS ve ab e nfo on US At ND TS to priz re i issi PL Join TO It’s s in stic mo ubm tly o ea ta orDE rgan r id fan F S ou ised n y by: Tur by: Sch ed ort Supp Turn IZE ool you P PR r ide antasti r more missio TO $10 as in c pri f SLUS CAPIT -Wid P to a EED AM ME D S Fo NT bus RE N s bu UI HI zes! info: w deadl ines o you h w.faceb e: 11 J oa p 3 e! , DINEGS FUNVOU int ic Sub 000 01 BE s! G as ast D ALL by: ide fant Fo ain ve the nu 11 ate2 ed ur N nis EQ 13 o valu rga p y R yo w rn a n intl RR TU Tu nu 20 Jo able est bu /n CH lev FO Supp R exp b th in pe orte Sig te erie ines d by va y/n : ele nce s np a e an
  • 6.
  • 7. What we want to achieve
  • 10. Moving Forward
  • 11. Learn Share Inspire
  • 12. Handing Over
  • 13. Chair and Vice
  • 14. 23rd January 20136pm-8pm Hoong An Founder,
  • 15. Thank YouTime to eat