F5 beyond load balancer (nov 2009)

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  • 1. 1 Market & Partner Update F5 – Beyond Load Balancer Nutapone Apiluktoyanunt Country Manager F5 Networks Inc.
  • 2. 2 Agenda Intro to F5 ADN (Application Delivery Network) F5 Networks Solutions Overview F5 – ADN Use Cases F5 – Applications Integration F5 – Professional Services F5 Web Resources Q&A
  • 3. 3 F5 Application Delivery Network (ADN) ( )
  • 4. 4 IT Challenge g Applications and networks behave independently Many network functions require high degrees of manual intervention Distributed architectures and web services increase complexity Historically, Hi t i ll applications and protocols f li ti d t l for communicating with network devices inflexible at best
  • 5. 5 Application Problems: Finger Pointing 101 Slow responses Bloated Security risks Many servers data Exchange, SharePoint Application Attacks XML, SOAP, ActiveX, JS ? ? *@#! Office workers Network Administrator Application Developer telecommuters
  • 6. 6 A Shift Toward Innovation Securing assets Managing systems Reducing costs Developing new apps, services, SOA Virtualization Enabling interop Maintaining legacy apps Ensuring compliance Driving people productivity Enabling Mobility 80% 20% MAINTENANCE NEW INNOVATION
  • 7. 7 What is ADN? Data Center Users Private Users Application Microsoft From Where: From What: SAP LAN Home PC Laptop Delivery Oracle Home PC IBM Branch / WAN Road / WAN PDA Network BEA Kiosk Mobile HTTP /HTML SIP /HTML, SIP, Public Users RTP, SRTP, RTCP, From Who: From What: PC SMTP, FTP, SFTP, Customers Partners Laptop RTSP, SQL, CIFS, Suppliers Home PC MAPI, IIOP, SOAP, , , , PDA Consultants Kiosk XML etc… Mobile F5 ensures applications running over the network are always secure, fast and available without Code Change
  • 8. 8 Why F5? Data Center Application Layers 4-7 Applications Remote Access Network Layers 1-3 y Rate Shaping Content Acceleration DoS Protection ROUTERS SSL Acceleration Load Balancing WAN Optimization SWITCHES Application Security • iRules Traffic Compression • iControl Caching Connection FIREWALLS Optimization Intelligent Clients
  • 9. 9 Gartner: Application Delivery Networking Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Q109 ADC Market Share Products, 2009 Radware Crescendo 6.6% 2.9% 2 9% Citrix 11.2% Others Cisco 16.5% 26% F5 NETWORKS 36.8% Q109 Advanced Platform ADC Market Share Crescendo 4.2% Cisco Radware 4.2% Citrix 9.3% Others 15.9% 14.3% F5 NETWORKS 52.2% 52 2%
  • 10. 10 ADN provides Application Acceleration p pp BEA Weblogic Outlook Web Access Plumtree IBM Websphere 2X to10X Performance Ecommerce Increase SAP Portal PeopleSoft Siebel SharePoint 2007 Portal 0.00 5.00 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00 30.00 35.00 Seconds Without Acceleration With Asymmetric Acceleration With Symmetric Acceleration
  • 11. 11 ADN provides L7 Web Application Security p pp y Intelligent Client Network Plumbing Application Infrastructure Application Buffer Overflow Cross-Site Scripting SQL/OS Injection Error Messages Cookie Poisoning HTTP/S Traffic Non-compliant Non compliant Content Hidden-Field Manipulation Credit Card / SSN data Application DoS Attacks Server Fingerprints IPS App User Firewall App VPN Firewall IDS-IDP Anti Virus Anti-Virus
  • 12. 12 ADN – Use Cases
  • 13. 13 BIG-IP WebAccelerator Primary Data Center www.web.com Real-time Monitors spo ts eb co sports.web.com BIG-IP LTM + WebAccelerator webpromo com webpromo.com Web Servers Solution Simplified d t Si lifi d and streamlined li d Pre-defined Pre defined Acceleration Fix and accelerate web applications Policies Reduce bandwidth utilization Offload Server processing Mitigate the effects of network latency
  • 14. 14 Improving User Experience App portal Page Load g response time Time Page Delivery Time Page Delivery Time Internet or WAN 75% 75% 70% 60% Client Browser Server Infrastructure Server Offload • Compression • Dynamic Caching • Content Spooling • OneConnect • Rate Shaping • Connection limit • Load balancing
  • 15. 15 Improving User Experience App portal Page Load g response time Time Page Delivery Time Page Delivery Time Internet WAN 60% 40% Client Browser Server Infrastructure Network Acceleration Server Offload • Compression • Compression • Dynamic Caching • Dynamic Caching • TCP Express •C t tS Content Spooling li • OneConnect • Rate Shaping • Connection limit • Load balancing
  • 16. 16 Improving User Experience App portal Page Load g response time Time Page Delivery Time Page Delivery Time Internet WAN 35% 25% Client Browser Server Infrastructure Network Acceleration Server Offload • Compression • Compression • Dynamic Caching • Dynamic Caching • TCP Express •CContent S Spooling li • Differential Compression • OneConnect • QoS • Rate Shaping • Security/authentication • Connection limit • Load balancing
  • 17. 17 Improving User Experience App portal Page Load g response time Time Page Delivery Time Page Delivery Time Internet WAN 10% 10% Client Browser Server Infrastructure Application Acceleration Network Acceleration Server Offload • IBR (Dynamic Content Control) • Compression • Compression • Multi-Connect • Dynamic Caching • Dynamic Caching • Dynamic Linearization • TCP Express • Content Spooling • Dynamic Caching • Differential Compression • OneConnect • Dynamic Compression • QoS • Rate Shaping • SSL Acceleration • Security/authentication • Connection limit • Load balancing
  • 18. 18 DC: Reduce App Cost with pp Application Delivery Controller 95% Fewer 33% Connections Reduction in •HW Servers 114.8 5 •SW Licenses Million Million •Op Mgmt. MSN reduced a tremendous Less Network 1.87 1 87 amount of DC Utilization 66% Terabyte Cost 621 Reduction in Gigabytes Bandwidth Faster End-to-End Page Load Time 200% Faster 3 1 Seconds Seconds
  • 19. 19 iRule allows System Customization without any Application Code Change Challenge 1. Database replication 2. User experience Solution 1. Read from East Coast sent to local app/DB pp 2. Write request sent to remote app/DB 3. iRule checks to see if data is replicated yet Benefits 1. Decrease latency 2. Provide fault tolerance
  • 20. 20 File Virtualization – why is it matter? IT Budget Constraints g Volume of Data Growing g Total Enterprise Disk Storage Systems (Exabytes) Exabytes Shipped IDC: Worldwide Network Controller and Block-Level Storage Virtualization 2008–2012 Forecast: A Key Component in Building the Virtual Datacenter, April 2008 p IT is seeking cost and efficiency improvements
  • 21. 21 The Key to Managing Storage Growth BEFORE User / application access tightly coupled to physical file storage – Inflexible: change is disruptive – Complex: multiple mappings to heterogeneous storage devices – Inefficient: low aggregate utilization
  • 22. 22 The Key to Managing Storage Growth BEFORE AFTER User / application access tightly File access decoupled from coupled to physical file storage physical storage location – Inflexible: change is disruptive – Flexible: change is non- – Complex: multiple mappings to disruptive heterogeneous storage devices – Simple: single mapping to – Inefficient: low aggregate unified storage pool utilization – Efficient: maximize utilization
  • 23. 23 Fixed Telecommunication network P Provider Li t id List China Telecom – 223M Subsc be s 3 Subscribers – 300+ Big-ip, 3DNS, FP – Mobile License in the Near Future – Huge Number Forecast in FY2008 China Netcom – 114.93M Subscribers – 200+ Big-ip , FP – Mobile License in the Near Future – Huge Number Forecast in FY2008
  • 24. 24 Mobile Telecommunication network P Provider Li t id List China Mobile – No.1 Carrier world wide – 325M 325M+ Subscribers – 2000+ F5 boxes – TD-CDMA Start to Deploy China Unicom – 142.36M Subscribers – 100+ Big-ip – Maybe Merged into CTC and CNC
  • 25. 25 Highly Available 24x7 Banking Infrastructure HSBC UK P2G DCs HSBC IT HSBC Paris, Vancouver, BC France HSBC NYC & Chicago SABB HSBC HK Riyadh P2G DC HSBC Mexico City Australia Sydney One of the World’s Largest Bank by Market Capitalization Major Applications: 1. Internet Banking 2. Corporate IT 3. PeopleSoft HR Portal
  • 26. 26 DC: Consolidation by Virtualization Web Server Cell C ll NetApp alization alization App. Server PC - Home Server, Storage, , g , Web Server rtualization n Data Cent & Link Pool Virtua rtualization n Applicatio Server Pool Virtua Network and DC Web Server App. Server EMC Consolidation P P File Storag Pool Vir Web Serve Pool Vir Windows file Remote - WAN Web Server storage App. Server ge ter er Web Server on Windows file PC - LAN storage App. Server Web Server WLAN GTM LTM LTM ARX & LC
  • 27. 27 F5 Network Solutions
  • 28. 28 F5 Networks: Integrated Application Delivery Networking Architecture International Data Center Enterprise Manager / ControlPoint Edge Gateway (EGW) pplications A & torage S sers U WAN  Local  L l Global  Gl b lBIG-IP A App  Access  A BIG-IP Local b Web  W Optimizat Traffic  BIG-IP Traffic  Link Security  Policy Traffic Accelerati BIG-IP ion  ARX Manager  Manager  Global Manager Controller Manager  Manager on  Application FirePass Manager File/Data (LTM)Traffic (GTM) (ASM) (APM) (WA) Security SSL VPN (WOM) Virtualization Manager BIG-IP Web Manager WANJet ARX Accelerator TMOS (iRule and iControl) iControl BIG‐IP Hardware TMOS v10.x v10 x Business Goal: Achieve these objectives in the most operationally efficient manner
  • 29. 29 Platform Performance for LTM BIG-IP G BIG-IP G BIG-IP G BIG-IP G BIG-IP G VIPRION 1600 3600 3900 6900 8900 With 4 blades Max. throughput 1 Gbps 2 Gbps 4 Gbps 6 Gbps 12 Gbps 40 Gbps Layer 4 60,000 115,000 175,000 220,000 400,000 1 Million Connections/sec Layer 7 100,000 135,000 400,000 600,000 1,200,000 3,200,000 Requests/sec (inf-inf) (inf inf) Max. conc. conn. 4 Million 4 Million 8 Million 8 Million 16 Million 32 Million Max. SSL TPS 5,000 10,000 15,000 25,000 58,000 200,000 Max. SSL Bulk 1 Gbps 1.5 Gbps 3.8 Gbps 4 Gbps 9.6 Gbps 36 Gbps Max. SSL conc. 1 Million 1 Million 1 Million 2 Million 4 Million 8 Million conn. Max. compression 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 3.8 Gbps 5 Gbps 8 Gbps 16 Gbps Switch backplane 14 Gbps 24 Gbps 34 Gbps 68 Gbps 112 Gbps 368 Gbps
  • 30. 30 Avoid Growing Pains TMOS + Security + Accel + iRules + iControl VIPRION ACE 16G 3,200,000 Layer 7 Requests/Sec 76,000 L7 RPS = 42 Blades
  • 31. 31 Don t Don’t Take Our Word for It 3rd party functionality report On The GUIs… On th O the configurability fi bilit of Rate Shaping… On the Architecture and toolsets of iRules and iControl… On the configurability of Connection Management…
  • 32. 32 Real-World Testing Real World Goal: Real world, open, honest, and repeatable testing – Markets had too many engineered and isolated “hero statistics” Most extensive testing to date – E Europe’s f ’ foremost independent ti d d t network testing facility – 150 tests completed across all vendors – Ixia and Spirent validated tests and p detailed methodology documentation plus full configurations (126 pages) Results “BIG-IP 6800 emerged comfortably ahead on all tests” Demonstrated 2x–5x better performance across all major functions p j – L4, L7, SSL, compression, DoS protection, and mixed traffic tests
  • 33. 33 F5 – Applications Integration
  • 34. 34 Intergration With Major Applications •AmberPoint Service Level Manager •Microsoft Live Communications Server •BEA Systems WebLogic Server •Microsoft Mobile Information Server •BorderWare MXtreme •Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 •Check Point Software Technologies VPN-1/FireWall •Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 •Citrix Systems MetaFrame •Microsoft Windows Terminal Services •Coradiant TrueSight •Netegrity SiteMinder •CoroSoft Director •Oracle 9iAS •IBM Lotus Domino Web Access (iNotes) IBM •Oracle 10g •IBM WebSphere •Oracle E-Business Suite 11i •Macromedia ColdFusion MX/JRun •Quest SharePlex •Mercury Topaz •RLX Technologies Control Tower •Microsoft Application Center •RSA Security SecurID •Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Mi ft E h S •SAP •Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 •Siebel Systems eBusiness Applications •Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) •Symantec WholeSecurity Confidence Online Server •Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server •Trend Micro InterScan •webMethods Integration Platform webMethods
  • 35. 35 Organizations Worldwide Trust F5 to Keep Their Businesses Running Including 9 out of 10 of the world’s top financial services firms and 60% of the Global 1000 Financial IT Telco/ISP Media Transport Other
  • 36. 36 F5 – Professional Services
  • 37. 37 Professional Services …provides maintenance p support, pp , consulting services and training on F5 technology ensuring technical problems are addressed effectively, implementations executed y p with ease and technical knowledge shared effectively cumulating in greater ROI for our partners and customers by making our services expertise, systems and infrastructure available to those who subscribe to our offerings
  • 38. 38 The Customer & Professional Services Onsite Consulting Services Services F5 Professional P f i l Services Training Maintenance Services Services
  • 39. 39 Maintenance Services Maintenance Toll-Free Supports Support S t Telephone T l h Software and S ft d Contracts Numbers Hardware 7x24 Advisory Support, g Full management Hardware H d Product P d t and Technical replacement and Development Escalation problem resolution
  • 40. 40 Maintenance Support Standard Premium Service Service • 8x5 Monday to Friday • 24x7 • Software Upgrades • Software Upgrades • Major • Major • Minor • Minor • HotFixes • HotFixes • Access to AskF5 • Access to AskF5 • Access to WebSupport • Access to WebSupport • Access to Phone • Access to Phone Support Support • iRules review • iRules Support
  • 41. 41 RAPID-RMA Advance RAPID-RMA RAPID RMA Replacement Sparing Local (included with Warehousing all Maintenance) Service Service Service • Not all models covered • One Outage • One Outage • Often rely on F5 Sales • Identical swap • Identical swap to loan appliances • 21 days to return • Appliance shipped from • Customer has two or ‘broken appliance’ USA, expect 4-10 more outages business days • Next Business Day • 21 days to return • 4hour 24x7 ‘broken appliance’ Available Available • Singapore • All Countries • Thailand • Is included as part of • Malaysia TBD F5 Maintenance
  • 42. 42 Training Services Authorised Onsite customer Training Centres training available t i i il bl across Asia Pacific Training courses Basic and aligned to Advanced F5 technical Portfolio Training P tf li T i i certification
  • 43. 43 Training Courses Application Network Technical Development & Operations Support Teams Support Teams Offerings LTM Offerings • Operating BIG-IP • Essentials • WebAccelerator for • Operating Viprion • Advanced Application Teams • Troubleshooting • Essentials Coming in 2010 • Troubleshooting Other • ASM for Application • GTM • GTM Teams • ASM • WebAccelerator • Architecture Coming in 2010 • Server Virtualisation with BIG-IP
  • 44. 44 Web Resource
  • 45. 45 Self-Serve Resources Self Serve General Information – F5.com Developer Community – – http://www f5 com http://www.f5.com DevCentral D C t l Solutions Self-Serve – Solution – http://devcentral.f5.com Center – SDK – htt // http://www.f5.com/solutions f5 / l ti – Forum/BLOGS – Deployment Guides – Tips/Samples – Solution Guides – FAQ – White Papers – Downloads/Code Share Technical Self-Serve - Ask F5 Support Case Management – – http://tech f5 com http://tech.f5.com WebSupport Portal – Documentation – http://websupport.f5.com – Solutions (FAQ) – Support case creation, pp , – Knowledge Base management, view F5 Resources
  • 46. 46 Summary
  • 47. 47 F5 ADN Summary F5 is the market leader in Application Delivery Networking for the past 7 consecutive years. 9 out of 10 of the world’s top Telco/Financial and Government firms trust F5 solutions F5 ADN architecture is focused on FAST, SECURE & AVAILABLE End-to- End-to-End support (product -> training/certification -> support )